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original title: Ru jing cha


  • BBFC 15
  • French DVD
Release: Mar 06, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
An old and not very good film that has Jackie Chan in a minor part has been re-released with the title "Rumble in Hong Kong". The British DVD of the movie sells pretty well because of its low price but besides its horrible quality it is cut, as well.
This is a comparison to the French DVD.
For most of the happenings I have to let the screenshots do the talking since I do not speak French.
Jackie hits the woman several times. The boss says a few words, then she is brought back to the room and thrown on the bed. The other woman who is locked in with her takes care of her a little. By her she is being told why she was locked in. The woman used to be in cahoots with the others: The boss talks to his minions a little while. A little later in an adjoining room the boss gets a little importunate to a woman and closes the drapes after a while. A little later the same woman is forced to drink something because she took pictures of one of the gang's actions that were published in a newspaper. The woman wanted to help her but was exposed.
Now the woman is done with her story and a moment later the British DVD sets in, again.
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