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Police Story 3 - Supercop

original title: Jing cha gu shi III Chao ji jing cha


  • US Version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Aug 18, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US Version and the uncut HK Theatrical Version

- US DVD (Dimension): 91:05 min with ending credits in NTSC
- HK DVD (IVL): 95:45 min with ending credits in NTSC

(the latter is identical to the German FSK16-DVD, which has a running time of 91:08 min in PAL)

- 23 cuts (different ending credits are not counted)

- Total cut length: 490,8 sec (= 8:11 min)

Supercop, released in 1992, is the second sequel to Jackie Chan's genre classic Police Story. It is the only of the three movies that was not directed by Chan himself but by Stanley Tong. Jackie also got a new female sidekick play by Michelle Yeoh, who is most famous for her part in the Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies.

Perhaps this combination plus Jackies heightened polularity after Rumble in the Bronxwas the reason that led to the movie being re-released in 1996 in a redone version without obvious connection to the first two movies.

Unfortunately, this movie sufffered the same fate like other Asian films when its score was changed to suit a western audience. For example, Jackie's song during the ending credits is missing and now a lot more Hip Hop can be heard, probably because it usually is very popular with the young people. The involved artists include Warren G, 2Pac and Tha Dogg.
Another questionable difference are the changed credits, which are also shown in the censorship report.

But the main reason for this comparison is, of course, the fact that many cuts were made. The US version of the movie is about 8 minutes shorter, but the extended credits there actually reduce the difference.
The cuts soften the movie quite a bit because they mostly remove scenes which included drug trafficking and abuse. Some comedy scenes were removed as well.

By the way, Jackie and Michelle have dubbed themselves for the US version.
This version was released in the states by Dimension/Buena Vista.

Unfortunately, the otherwise well-equipped 2-disc reissue by Dragon Dynasty that was released in 2009 did contain the cut version but features the original soundtrack. Other movie releases by this label often were the first uncut versions in the US for the first time or at least contained an uncut, but not fully dubbed version (as happened with the Tony Jaa action flick Revenge Of The Warrior - Tom Yum Goong).

Running time designations refer to the cut version
Logos / Credits

The US version features special credits that have been made looking cool and are quite hectical. The credits are flying to the picture to trendy music and fight sounds, sometimes interrupted by cartoons or short an distorted scenes from the movie.

The uncut version on the HK DVD features the additional Golden Harvest and Golden Way logos and then a short and calm intro.

US 47,3 sec longer


The first cut: In the US version, the meeting in which Bill and inspector Chen are being briefed and someone asks for a supercop is missing.

The camera pans down from the crown.
A man: "Nowadays, drug traffickers use every conceivable method to ship drugs. They put the drugs into condoms, then into the stomach, anus, even corpses. Including babies' corpses. Last year alone, there were over 150 deaths by poison when broken condoms leak drugs into the internal organs. But drug traffickers who die this way are in the minority. Most pass through customs successfully."
Inspector Chen: "Fighting narcotics has always been a very important mission to us at the Royal Hong Kong Police. We know this data well."
Bill: "Can you get to the point?"
The man continues: "Most of the drugs coming through South-east Asia come from a drug lord named Chaibat. If we arrest him, the drugs on the market would be reduced by half."
One of Bill and Chen's superiors: "In what aspect can the Royal Hong Kong Police help you?"
Another man from the drug commission: "What we need is a super cop!"
The superior: "Well, let me think about it. I'll let you know tomorrow."
The meeting disassembles and the superior adds something to Chen: "Fix it for me, tell me tomorrow."
When they are alone, Bill says to Chen: "That's a senior officer for you, delegate, then disappear..."
Chen learns fast and delegates himself: "How true. Fix it for me."
Unnerved, Bill goes to the next policewoman in reach and asks for Jackie: "Call Ka-kui for me!"
When she obeys ("Yes, sir!"), he is glad he could order someone around, too.

94,6 sec


The chat in Chen'S office as shortened.

Chen: "Don't worry. China's Public Security Department will give its full support."
Bill: "Then I'd worry more..."
Chen: "Uncle Bill, say something nice!"
Bill: "The best thing to say is "Good luck" with this mission. The Royal Hong Kong Police releases Ka-kui like a kite. The thread may break in the wind."
Chen: "Don't make these dangerous metaphors..."
Jackie(smirkingly): "Don't worry. If the thread breaks, I'll fly back."

25,3 sec


Jacky says goodbye and they say some more wods to him.

Jackie: "Uncle Bill, I must go."
Bill: "Then, really "good luck"."
Chen holds BIll back: "Yes, sir Ka-kui. Stop nagging, will you? In an emergency, call this number. Remember this number. Tear up the paper afterwards."
Jackie(grinning): "I remember it..." and Bill takes the note.
They both give him a thumbs up and Jackie goes away.
Chen talks himself out of it at once; "I'm making phone calls, don't disturb me."
Bill looks at the note and shakes his head: "My phone number again. Great, I'll let the world know."
He pins the note to the door.

39,1 sec


Jackie looks longer upwards and the sign can be seen.

2,6 sec


Jackie and Yang (Michelle Yeoh) walk across the yard, Jackie learns some slang expressions.

He repeats: "Film is "Plastic Roll", Walkman is "Ready Music". Soda can is "Easy-pull can". Police is "No. 2", militia is "No. 1". Gun is "Fire Cannon"."
Some soldiers salute to Yang.
Jackie asks: "Are they all your subordinates?"
Yang: "Grandpa's."
Jackie: "What does that mean?"
Yang: "The country's, but under my command."
She then tests him again by calling him by his real name: "Chan Ka-kui, yes?"
Jackie nods and she gets angry: "You're dead! You're Lin Fu-seng."
Jackie: "You trapped me; you're evil."

36,8 sec


Yang and Wang approach, Jackie (still in the tree) says: "Next time, you must say I'm world champion in somersault."

4,7 sec


After Yang said that the mission had started and he should stop playing games, Jackie can be seen again.
He says: "Do I look like I'm playing?" and falls to the ground.

2,8 sec


A man notifies the guards of the fact that the prisoners are fighting.

3 sec


Jackie and Panther (Yuen Wah) go away longer, they talk.

Panther: "How did you know Hung?"
Jackie: "I follow whoever has money."
Panther: "Where are you from?"
Jackie: "Foshan."

9,3 sec


The two go through the rooms longer, Jackie makes a grimace because of the smell.
Panther: "Don't you raise pigs in your hometown?"
Jackie: "Our pigs eat vegetables. These pigs eat feed, so they stink."

20,4 sec


The traitor shot by Panther can be seen longer in a longshot before he falls into a puddle. Maybe this is just a mastering mistake.

0,8 sec


Jackie looks around and then sees the sign, he turns to Panther and the other bad guys, they follow him.

11,6 sec


Tracking shot over the market, then Panther talks to Yang (about the animals that can be bought there) and Jackie gets angry about this.

Panther: "This place is famous for wild game. Whether it's endangered or can eat it here. Hua-nui, eat what you like."
Panther goes to his colleagues, Jackie to Yang: "It's so cruel; your police don't care?"

44 sec


Probably a mastering mistake: BEfore Jackie goes down, the guy with the taser can be seen a tiny bit longer.

0,6 sec


Panther greets a former colleague in Chaibats house and one can see that he supplies the girls sitting there with heroine.

Panther: "Pierre!"
Pierre: "Pao, you're finally here. It's been a long time. How are you? About the same. That's good."
Panther: "Where is Boss?"
Pierre: "Waiting for you."
Panther: "I'll go see him."
Jackie and Yang follow Panther, they see Pierre going to the girls and giving them heroine.
"Hi, sweethearts; can I join you girls? I have some new stuff for you. Who wants to try it first? Come on, give me your hand. Relax, you will have a wonderful time. Close your eyes; you'll enjoy."
Jackie is being told again to follow Panther and they go upstairs. In the background, we can already see the boss sitting in front of the gaming console.

54,2 sec


Chaibat talks longer to Jackie and Yang, Pierre also comes to them and receives some instructions. This cut is pretty stupid because the scene explains why Yang is in Chaibat's company with the alleged security vest later.

Panther(from the off): "Thank the Boss!" They comply.
Pierre comes upstairs: "Boss, that woman died after her shot!"
Chaibat: "That's fine. Johnny is an expert in putting drugs into corpses. See if he'll find it useful. Reuse and recycle. What is your name?"
Yang: "I'm Hua-nui."
Chaibat to Pierre: "Have her try on the bullet-proof vest."
Pierre says "Sure, follow me" and Yang goes with him.
Chaibat laughs towards Panther: "Tomorrow, Hua-nui will go with me. Let me break the record now."
Jackie asks Panther: "Pao. What are we doing tomorrow that requires a bullet-proof vest?"
Panther diverts: "I'll tell you tomorrow. Come, watch Boss play his video game."
When the boss sits down in front of the gaming console, another gangster approaches. He reports: "Boss, Qiang betrayed Kunchat. Shall we have him dive?"
Chaibat: "Do the usual."
And yet another one comes: "Boss. Lawyer Chan is calling long distance. He needs to speak to you."
Chaibat follows him and Jackie is left behind.
The following shot is missing as well. We can see Panther and the last gangster going to the balcony and looking down to the pool.

75,4 sec


Jackie looks around and sees the dead heroine consumer being carried to a helicopter. The following shot of Jackie starts earlier, too.

7,6 sec


May (Maggie Cheung) knees down longer and sings Jackie's name.

3,4 sec


After the cut to Yang the following shot of her is starting earlier.

1,2 sec


Some more dialog concerning the drinks.

Jackie: "We don't know what to order because we don't know English."
Panther: "I'll order; what do you want?"
Yang: "Paris Water."
Panther: "What?"
Yang to Jackie: "Do you want one?"
Jackie(baffled): "I'll have Paris Water as well."
Panther: "I'll teach you later." He looks around.

14,4 sec


Before May meets Yang, the drinks are mentioned again.
Panther: "Be brave, tell the waiter: "Two Perriers", okay?"

7,8 sec

Probably a mastering mistake again: The hotel employees can be seen longer after May passed them.
0,6 sec


May talks to her friend, then there is some more dialog between Panther, Pierre and Jackie.

She asks: "What's going on?"
May: "Nothing, I'll tell you later. Let's go, hurry up."

Pierre to Jackie: "First things first; can you drive a truck?"
Jackie: "Yes."
Pierre: "Excellent."
Panther: "Why don't you call from the room?"
Pierre: "A public phone is better."
Panther zu Jackie: "I told you to get my key."
Jackie: "I forgot; I'll go get it now."
They go away.

30,6 sec


In the HK version, the credis start with the beginning of the outtakes.
However, they do not start in the US version before 87:11.

The outtakes also received a new score. In the US version, Tom Jones is singing a questionable cover of "Kung Fu Fighting", the original version features a song sung by Jackie instead.



Then, the US credis are rolling much longer in front of black background. This explains the remeining running time difference (but was not counted into the cut length.

Some anotations:

Only the US version features some overlays stating the location.

Of course, some phrases are lost during the translation, this is especially true with KH movies. The protagonist's name is a good example for this. He is called Chan Ka-kui in the original, Kevin Chan in the US version, and, funny enough, Jackie Chan in the German version.

I only want to point out a single scene in Supercop. When the bosses talk about the dividing of the business, a sentence was translated very differently. In the US version, this scene can be seen in the 48th minute.

HK version (english subtitles): "Do you set the rules now? You think you're Bush?"
US version (english language version): "Just who are you to dictate? You think you're Fidel Castro?"

Picture comparison

German DVD