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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 03, 2009 - Author: NUR DIE RUHE - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
Comparison between R-Rated and Unrated. The R-Rated version was shown in theatres in the USA. There are no advantages for the R-Rated Version compared to the Unrated Version.

Explanation x | y: Pictures left (x) are taken from the R-Rated Version, on the right side (y) from the Unrated.

3:47 - 3:53 | 3:47 - 4:00
Alternative Footage
In the R-Rated Version Alex already stands by the car grabbing his clothbag and talking to Josh. The Unrated shows additionally the walk to the room´s door while Josh and Alex are still talking. With regard to the same contents alternative footage was taken afterwards.

7 Sek.


6:07 - 6:13 | 6:13 - 6:28
Alternative Footage
There are different shots from the "Looking on the watch" and the "Standing up". The Unrated continues after that with a shot at Dantes back. Meanwhile they´re talking about Dantes suit.

Dante: "You sure, you don't wanna borrow my birthday suit?"

Alex: "Thanks anyway, but brown's not my color."
(Alex leaves and Dante talks to himself)
Dante: "This isn't brown, I'm bronzed."
9 Sek.


60:19 - 60:25 | 60:34 - 60:50
Alternative Footage
The Unrated ist longer at the beginning: Dante talks with Dr. Shakulu about the lion and gives him the flowers from the bong. The R-Rated starts immediately with Barrys Comment, but in an alternative Shot.
10 Sek.


63:00 | 63:25 - 63:34
Extended cene
After Barry sucked on the breast of the "Milk Maid", the Unrated also shows how amused the other Kids are.("Yeah, suck those jugs, kid!"), plus a second time, as Barry has sunk between the breats and mumbles "They're so good."
9 Sek.

73:53 | 74:29 - 74:37
Extended Scene
The R-Rated ends as J.P. leaving the room while making robot noises. The Unrated additionally shows an acclamation by Jeff: "So, who wants to hear about my S.T.D. (Sexually transmitted disease) from the silent film era? Yeah, hands up. This chick's pussy smelled like the Great Depression."
8 Sek.