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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 30, 2008 - Author: Slayer - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
This comparison is between the Rated-R-Version and the Unrated Version.
11 different scenes make the Unrated Version 10,5s longer.

The R-Rated Version only shows Vickyīs smiling face as Kevin ejaculates into the cup. In the Unrated Version she is shown straightening her top while Kevin is in the background ejaculating into the cup.

Unrated 1 frame longer
Unrated / R-Rated

Jim and the apple pie

While Jimīs father is still going to the front door, we see Jim and the apple pie. In the Unrated Version he is lying on top of it, in the Rated Version he is standing there with the apple pie, leaning on the counter.

Unrated 1 frame longer
Unrated / R-Rated

Different shots show Jimīs father entering the room through the door: in the Unrated Version he sees Jim on the table, in the Rated Version on the right hand side at the counter. Then alternately Dad and Jim with the apple pie are shown.

Unrated 2 frames longer
Unrated / R-Rated

Sex Bible

In two different sequences of scenes Kevin is shown thumbing through the Sex Bible. In the Unrated Version he first learns that his enemy is the Vibrator; then he sees some drawings of sex positions.
In the R-Rated Version the vibrator is shown first, too (different shot), but then briefly Kevin and finally a drawing of the "healing Love".

No time difference
Unrated / R-Rated

Vickys Orgasm

In two different shots Kevin checks the "Tongue Tornado".

Unrated 0,5s longer
Unrated / R-Rated

After Kevin was shown grinning a full frame longer in the Rated-R-Version, alternative shots show Vickyīs orgasm.

Unrated 2,5s longer
Unrated / R-Rated

Nadja in Jimīs room

The Unrated Version includes an additional shot where we see on the monitor that Nadja has put one hand unter her slip; which is followed by a close-up.


Now the Unrated Version shows for 2 seconds a shot of the 3 guys which comes briefly later in the Rated-R-Version, together with the second part of the shot.

Again, Nadja can be seen on the monitor with her hand under her slip.

In exchange the R-Rated Version now shows a close-up of Nadja. A different one than the above-mentioned shot.

Alternative shot of the monitor: in the Unrated Version Nadja has her hand under her slip, in the R-Rated Version she hasnīt.
Unrated 2s longer
Unrated / R-Rated

No time difference