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1.24 The beginning and the end, or knockin' on heaven's door

original title: Shin seiki evangelion


  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 14, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Because of the huge success of this series in Japanese TV, the idea of the plot had also to achieve the jump to the cinema screen. Both cinematics ‘Death and Rebirth’ and ‘End of Evangelion’ are directly tied to the story. To adjust the story of the movies for the DVD release, the episodes 21-24 were extended with new plot scenes.

However, one thing beforehand: The extended four episodes were edited again in plenty scenes. Sometimes with good, sometimes with a bad result. There are only minor changes, for example an opened hand at the image border in the normal version turned into a clenched fist in the DC version. The mimics were also partly edited and the hair was sometimes drawn new. These changes are that minimal and can only be figured out with close observation. At the first view one could say both version are identical, except for the new image material. For this reason the various ‘changes’ are not considered in this comparison.

Compared is now the normal version of the German OVA Films DVD box and the Director’s Cut of the HK DVD box.

The Dir. Cut episodes partly offer different image material so it becomes difficult to name the exact cut length. Disregarding the different material the Dir. Cut of Episode 24 runs 128,5 Sec. = 2 Min 8,5 Sec. longer.
A short sequence in Katsuragi’s home has been added to the DC. A table can be seen and some cups. Asuka and Shinji yell at each other. Shinji annoyed says that Kaji is not here anymore. Afterwards one can see Asuka who sadly says “No…”.
10 Sec.

Here it is extremely obvious that the TV show does not want to show excessive nudity. Asuka is laying in a bathtub, the normal version makes her nearly invisible because she is covered by a black image frame. The DC shows the tub completely. Nevertheless, the most prominent female features are still missing (nipples, pubic area).
no time difference
to the left DC, to the right normal version

Shinji gets introduced to the 5th children (Nagasi)0.04.18
Just before Shinji, lost in thoughts, can be seen at the beacht he DC offers another drawing of the Telefone pole.
2,5 Sec.

Short conversation between Rei and Nagisa
The conversation got extended in the DC. Nagisa says that both of them have chosen the same from of Lilim (human form) to live on earth.
7 Sec.

Ikari talks to EVA 01
The DC offers a take of Ikaris hand out of which something has build.
1 Sec.

Nagisa talks to the ‚Soul’ chiefs
At the end of the scene the DC offers a new plot sequence. Order: The scene follows after nagisa was laying beside Shinji on the bed and said to him that she believes to be born to meet him. Procedure is the following:

At first a short take of the demolished city appears, then fade to the mast-like pole. Nagisa is set in the landscape together with the ‘Soul’ chiefs (the black tombstone-like boards).

Nagisa can be heard. He says that people are not able to create something out of nothing – they need something to start with because they are no gods. One of the ‘Soul’ staff says that there are people who are still trying to be god and open Pandora’s box just to close it right afterwards before hope starts existing.
Nagisa questions this argument about hope and receives as response that there are plenty ways of hope, same way as humans.
The teaching continues. Finally he asks himself if he is like Shinji’s father – the ‘Soul’ symbols disappear.
Nagisa continues talking to himself and says that he now knows why he is here.

Lets have a look at some pictures, description follows:

From a far perspective Katsuragi observes young Nagisa. She She says to her herself that she can’t read his lips from this distance. She seems to be irritated that someone is up this early and walking along the beach just to have a self-conversation. She adds that it might be time for psychiatric help.
All of a sudden Nagisa turns around and looks right to her binoculars. Astonished she takes it away and asks herself if he could have seen her but because between him and her the distance is about miles she says it is impossible. Again Nagisa can be seen. He turns around with a smile and says that everything works fine for the Lilim’s plans.
105 Sec.

Nagisa steals EVA 02
An alternative computerdisplay.
Order: After EVA 02’s head has opened up.
To the left DC, the the right normal version:
no time difference

Nagisa reached Adam
As before, Adam’s appearance has been changed in the DC.
no time difference
to the left DC, to the right normal version

After Nagisa’s death
The telephone pole which was to be seen in the beginning was added adain, this time he remains in the darkness.
3 Sec.