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original title: Dàng Ḳu Tān


  • US DVD
  • German Version
Release: Oct 23, 2010 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: sexpanther - external link: IMDB
Many thanks to spannick, without whom this cut-report would never have been realized!

Sadly, the film was only brought out in cinemas in Germany and has yet to be released on home video. There exists a US DVD, courtesy of Crash Cinema, unfortunately based on a cut master from Hong Kong, which was apparently distributed everywhere BUT Germany.
The German cinema version contains scenes which are missing from the US DVD, the old HK video from Ocean Shores, as well as the English version, also distributed by Ocean Shores.

Alas, the film was not spared by German censors, therefore, one can only speculate what is missing from the scene mentioned last. This article only mentions what is mission in the US DVD.
The US DVD was compared to the German cinema version

3 cut scenes: 45 seconds
1:57 A lousy Jump cut in the US version, made noticeable by the music and the subsequent mistake: The 'victim' slides down the car window, bleeding. 4 sec

45:13 The scene of dialogue just stops in the US version, whereas in the German version, the shot of the girl makes sense, because the scene continues: She wants to live in peace, while he wants to fight his fears. 34 sec

67:26 Obviously cut in the German version too, but here, the scene ends with a pull focus of the shot to the bloody corpse, the music softly fading out, while the US version ends abruptly, as soon as the guy falls to the ground! The missing scene here is clearly the fallen guy standing up and being beaten to death - the result of which can only be seen in the German version! 7 sec

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