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  • US Theatrical Cut
  • German Version
Release: Aug 26, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the German Version and the US Theatrical Cut, both included on the German DVD released by Motion Picture.

- Additional footage of the US Theatrical Cut: 134.2 sec (= 2:14 min)
- Additional footage of the German Version: 93.8 sec (= 1:34 min)

There are several small framecuts shorter than 0.5 seconds that were not regarded for the report and thus the overall difference in time.

This is a pretty stupid 70's Sci-Fi trash flick with horrible Special effects and a very confusing plot revolving around a fusion bomb. Trash fans will have a lot of fun with this one, everyone else should probably just stay away.

A few years ago, a great US DVD was released that - besides the main movie - also included a variant of the movie with Videocomments by trash icon Elvira. In 2014, the German label Motion Picture also released a DVD. The latter includes two versions: the main movie is the "US Theatrical Cut". In the Bonus features you can find another variant: the "German Version". The difference in time is marginal, however, BOTH versions lack footage that the other one includes. It is not clear whether or not any of this footage was cut out intentionally (apart from the final battle between Ben and Katie which Looks like typical German censorship). The reason is rather that there did not exist a complete copy of the movie anywhere in the world.

The German Version originates from an old VHS tape and there are even more jumpcuts than in the US version. Several scenes on the German audio track are not complete, often words are missing in the middle of a sentence.

Thanks to who were so kind to provide us with the German DVD!

Runtimes are listed as follows:
German DVD [PAL] / US DVD [PAL]

Both versions immediately start with the movie title. However, it is different for both versions. The US Theatrical Cut also includes two notes.

US Theatrical Cut 9.1 sec longer

German VersionUS Theatrical Cut

In order to show the difference between the aspect ratio, here is a comparison of a later scene.
The US Theatrical Cut was zoomed for the DVD, thus it appears to be a little redundant to praise the US Theatrical Cut as "in widescreen for the first time". Apart from that, the “widescreen” variant does still look more appealing.

German VersionUS Theatrical Cut

01:05 / 01:14-01:36

A few credits are missing due to a jumpcut.

21.3 sec

German Version longer
01:13-01:20 / 01:44

Subsequently, the US Theatrical Version has a short jumpcut, which is why only the German Version has a short insert.

+ 7.2 sec

01:30 / 01:54-01:55

Another jumpcut in the German Version.

1 sec

German Version longer
06:30-06:31 / 06:55

At this point, the German Version is slightly longer during a scene transition.

+ 0.7 sec

German Version longer
08:08-08:22 / 08:32

The shot of the ground control base starts a little earlier in the German Version. As a result there are a few (rather unimportant) more announcements during the conversation.
+ 13.9 sec

09:24 / 09:34-09:35

Just before an announcer continues the countdown, there is a jumpcut in the German Version.

1 sec

10:08 / 10:19

Before Colonel Price concentrates himself on the solar system, a few frames of the shot are lost.

0.5 sec

German Version longer
13:56-13:57 / 14:08

The German Version is slightly longer in between two shots.
+ 1.2 sec

15:40 / 15:51-15:52

A bad jumpcut (including a chopped-up sentence) during the conversation.

0.8 sec

15:50 / 16:02-16:03

Again, the German Version misses out on a few frames.

0.8 sec

16:03 / 16:16-16:17

Soon after this, there is another “jumpcut massacre“. One can hardly understand the sentence.

0.8 sec

16:35 / 16:49

And another noticeable jumpcut after they complained about the female crew that was announced.

0.6 sec

16:44 / 16:58-17:02

This is getting exhausting… In between a shot of the women and a shot of Colonel price, several bits of the conversation are missing.

3.2 sec

17:19 / 17:39-17:55

After several small jumpcuts of under 0.5 seconds there is a longer missing sequence.

Colonel Price says that there will be no privacy. Marion replies that she does not expect any special privileges.
Price‘s superior subsequently introduces Marion and one of the astronauts whistles. Marion rolls her eyes and asks for her suits.

16.5 sec

17:29 / 18:05-18:06

Another longer jumpcut when they introduce Katie.

0.8 sec

German Version longer
20:03-20:06 / 20:41

Only in the German Version Price says that it will be only 30 more seconds.

+ 3.1 sec

German Version longer
20:42-20:44 / 21:17

Dr. Perry‘s suffering is shown slightly longer in the German Version.

+ 2.7 sec

German Version longer
20:50-20:52 / 21:22

While the counter in the US Theatrical Cut immediately jumps to 258, the German Version at first shows the numbers 255 to 257.

+ 2.6 sec

German Version longer
22:20-22:22 / 22:50

This shot starts slightly earlier in the German Version, accompanied by a comment about a disturbance on the screen.

+ 2.2 sec

German Version longer
22:36-22:40 / 23:04

The same happens during the following shot of the spaceship/another silly announcement by Price that is only included in the German Version.

+ 3.8 sec

24:58 / 25:22

Another jumpcut.

0.5 sec

German Version longer
25:52-25:55 / 26:16

Another shot starts earlier in the German Version and includes more announcements.

+ 3.4 sec

German Version longer
25:58-25:59 / 26:19

The transition to the next scene is shorter in the US Theatrical Cut.

+ 1 sec

German Version longer
27:02-27:04 / 27:22

In the German Version the shots start a little earlier, thus you can hear the order that they are supposed to unplug the connecting cable.

+ 2.3 sec

German Version longer
27:29-27:34 / 27:47

There is no dialog, still, this is worth a screenshot: The German Version starts way earlier and the camera moves upwards.

+ 4.6 sec

29:03 / 29:16-29:17

A shot of Price – along with his sentence – was chopped.

1 sec

29:13 / 29:27-29:35

The men stand together a little longer. Subsequently, the women are shown a little earlier.

7.4 sec

German Version longer
31:43-31:44 / 32:05

After Danny showed his appreciation for the ham sandwich, the following shot is slightly longer in the German Version.

+ 1.2 sec

German Version longer
31:55-31:59 / 32:16

In the German Version, the shot begins earlier and Georgina says that this spaceship is led by a crew of mixed genders.

+ 4.5 sec

German Version longer
32:18-32:22 / 32:35

After the next shot of space, the movie cuts to the inside of the spaceship a little earlier and Georgina says that space stations get damaged during atomic chain reactions.

+ 4.1 sec

German Version longer
33:02-33:03 / 33:15

There is a short shot of Danny walking away.

+ 0.8 sec

German Version longer
33:06-33:10 / 33:18

The spaceship is shown longer, followed by an earlier shot inside: The door is opened.

+ 4.3 sec

34:32 / 34:40

Jumpcut in the middle of the shot before Katie talks about her seminar.

0.6 sec

German Version longer
35:59-36:02 / 36:07

Marion is shown earlier in the German Version.

+ 3.5 sec

German Version longer
38:38-38:39 / 38:43

In the German Version two shots are slighly longer towards the end/beginning.

+ 0.8 sec

39:43 / 39:49-39:58

After a few small jumpcuts of less than 0.5 seconds the German Version misses out on parts of the dialog.

Georgina says that she would have been informed had their departed from their course. Also, professor Leonowski was her instructor, thus she knows him very well.

8.8 sec

German Version longer
40:53-41:18 / 41:08

The US Theatrical Cut misses out on a longer part. At first there are several shots of earth being destroyed before the German Version cuts to the inside of the spaceship. Price explains that the fuse bomb was ignited, resulting in a huge chain reaction on the entire planet. Ben takes a look for himself and comments with “Oh my God…”

+ 24.6 sec

45:48-45:53 / 45:41-46:09

Again, there are several small jumpcuts in the German Version (as you will notice when looking at the time designation). At this point, Georgina talks a little more. In the German Version you can no longer follow the conversation since there are very unfavorable jumpcuts – parts of a side view shot are still included along with a few pieces of the dialog but it is no longer clear what they are talking about.

In the US Theatrical Version you can hear Georgina saying that she would have been proud tob e the only women among six men in the class. Danny then asks her if she does not miss being female. Georgina answers that she likes him.
In the end you can see the “spaceship” again, followed by a shot of ben and Danny that starts a little earlier.

US Theatrical Cut 23.1 sec longer

German Version longer
48:01-48:02 / 48:17

In the German Version, Ben touches his head. The following shot of space starts slightly earlier.

+ 1.2 sec

52:07 / 52:22-52:23

Before walking through the room, Georgina is shown earlier in the US Theatrical Cut.

1 sec

59:30 / 59:45-59:52

Price is shown longer. There are also cuts to Marion and Georgina, as well as Danny. Subsequently the scramble between ben and Katie starts a little earlier.

7 sec

59:47 / 60:09-60:10

Katie screams a little longer in front of the door and Ben is subsequently shown earlier.

1 sec

59:59 / 60:22-60:24

Ben floats around earlier.

2.5 sec

60:03 / 60:28-60:32

Katie is shown longer. Ben is shown earlier.

3.6 sec

60:41 / 61:10

Jumpcut in the middle of a shot of Georgina and Marion.

0.8 sec

61:02 / 61:32-61:34

Some dialog went missing in the middle of the shot after Ben picked up the crate and asked what is inside of it.
Marion answers that it includes food supplies for five years. Ben comments that they apparently thought of everything.

Note: the dubbing of those scenes that were not “jumpcut” out indicate that this scene was included in the original German Version.

2.4 sec

61:08 / 61:40-61:49

The door gets closed longer and Ben pushes a button.
The following shot is shown earlier: Dr. Perry says that he has seen fragments of planet earth, thus they will probably soon reentry the atmosphere.

9.1 sec

62:04 / 62:45-62:46

Ben‘s sentence is cut up in the middle.

1.4 sec

Interestingly enough there are no more interesting/longer cuts during the last 15 minutes.