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Life, The

original title: Yo Puta


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 04, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated DVD by Screen Media Films and the uncut Unrated DVD by Screen Media Film.

A total of 10 minutes and 58 minutes are missing in 32 scenes.

The quite interesting movie documents the everyday life of prostitutes all over the world. Both female and male prostitutes talk about their sometimes really hard job and the mix of drugs, danger, sexual pleasure and dreams that come with it. For some it is a filling job, for others a trap without exit. Besides these interviews, the movie also features a small side plot showing Rebecca (Denise Richards) getting into prostitution because of money problems. She receives help from her neighbor Adriana (Daryl Hannah), who is also a prostitute.

In the US, the movie was released as "The Life" in both a cut and an uncut version.
0 min
The prostitute adds: "to fuck her, you know?"
2 sec

2 min
Prostitute: He told me to suck him and...
3 sec

3 min
The naked prostitute is walking towards the camera longer.
9 sec

4 min
Conrad: She must be a randy pig! If not, she's a bad whore! Since I like randy pigs, I love prostitutes!
7 sec

17 min
A prostitute introduces herself and talks aber her sexual preferences. While she is talking, her clothes are ripped from her one by one.
29 sec

19 min
Prostitute: In one night, with a girl, three... three good fucks!
7 sec

19 min
Prostitute: The weirdest request I've had... I was in the police force, and a girl wanted me to be uniformed and carry police stuff! I say: "Okay, no problem for me!" But then she says: "No, I don't want you to fuck me! I want your billy club inside me! I was... Is that what you want? If that's what you want, no problem! Fully dressed I'd masturbate her with my club, with my billy club! That was the weirdest!
34 sec

20 min
A naked prostitute can be seen during an interview.
2 sec

25 min
Prostitute: Once they converse a bit, and see the girls, they go to fuck! A prostitue is having sex with a client. Prostitute: No, the girls don't teach them how to fuck! Foreign girls to straight to fuck substituting it with gestures, with caresses, with touching them, with... Cut back to the prostitute having sex, then the other one continues: embracee them, and...
30 sec

26 min
Prostitute: Normally, what men most ask for is a blowjob, and then a screw! They usually never change! They want nothing weird! It's me!
14 sec

27 min
Prostitute: (Well, I ask her for different positions,) oral sex! Prostitute (Carlos): I like to be sucked a bit, to get me ready, that's all!
6 sec

27 min
Prostitute: Oralsex is what most men like the most, of course! Prostitute 2: Of course! anal sex! Yes!
8 sec

27 min
Prostitute: All I, all I do is fuck and undress!
5 sec

28 min
Carlos: What she doesn't cover is that! I like anal sex!
4 sec

28 min
The male prostitute is asked whether he likes anal sex. He answers: If they want, why not?
Carlos: Come here, I'm gonna bust your ass!
Prostitute 1 (laughing): No!
Carlos: Cool, okay, okay!
Prostitute: At first, anal sex hurts a bit, that's normal!
15 sec

29 min
Rebecca reaches for her crotch and masturbates.
12 sec

29 min
The prostitute tells a story about when a woman had reached into his trousers and then smelled her hand.
11 sec

30 min
After Adriana has put the condom in her mouth, she is also opening Pierre's trousers in the Unrated.
12 sec

33 min
Interviewer: You like to suck your boyfriend? Prostitute: Yeah! Interviewer: You like to eat his sperm? Prostitute: No! Interviewer: Do you like anal sex? Prostitute: No!
10 sec

34 min
Prostitute (Denisse): You know what I like best? She sucks her finger and then continues: I love to suck! I do it with my finger cause I have nothing else to suck! I also like to ride! I love it! But not horses! Men! I love to feel a cock up to here! Sitting like this! Everyone has a hobby! Well, that's mine! My hobby is to fuck people! My fat neighbor is envious of me! The broad is bitter! I love to provoke! Denisse strips a bit. Denisse: You know, I'm told my mouth is made for sucking cock! Yeah, but not everything that fits here, fits here! I'm not a nymphomaniac! Don't think... All I ask is to shoot their sperm on me when they come! It's okay on my face, on my tits, as long as I get it! I hope I won't get wet! I have a friend who's never sucked a guy! Once I showed her how to suck cock with one of my dildos! First with a carrot, then a banana! After, a cucumber! Then all my dildos, cause there are different types of cocks! I always start like this! I don't know, I like it! She licks her banana and pushes it into her throat. Denisse: I taste to know if I want it in me! I do this and if it's not cool, I put... ?: Whenever there's sexual contact, either oral or up the ass, a condom should always be used! Always! Denisse: No! ?: If she doesn't want it, and I don't need anal sex, I won't have anal sex! Denisse: That has nothing to do! You can fuck wearing a condom! Suck with a condom, but shoot sperm! I don't have to swallow! Guy: The guy gets up, takes off the condom, and comes on the girl's face! Officially, it's okay but, actually, it's rather terrible because if she get semen in an eye there's contact with the sperm! If he's HIV-positive, he infects her directly! But no one knows!
143 sec

34 min
The complete scene in which several young naked women are photographed and filmed for a casting is missing.
153 sec

36 min
The blonde lists her preferences.
8 sec

39 min
While the prostitute is talking about her client they can be seen having sex.
2,5 sec

40 min
Prostitute: A client who paid for two fucks! He got them, and then wanted me to give him back his money! I don't get it!
9 sec

40 min
Prostitute: That client? I couldn't get his cock up for two hours, although I did everything possible with my mouth and hands!
10 sec

41 min
Prostitute: And if he pulls a whip, I shove it up his ass! I don't like it!
5 sec

42 min
Prostitute: From crawling around with a candle in his ass to whipping him 'till his back bleeds!
8 sec

43 min
The man is enjoying his masochistic pleasures by being treated like an animal by his mistress.
16 sec

49 min
Prostitute: I don't like to fuck, I show off!
3 sec

53 min
The young woman removes her slip and is filmed doing so. The camera man says: I'd like to ask you something! Go to the sofa and show me your butt, for the camera! And look at me at the same time! The woman, hesitating: "Okay! I can't do this!" She sits down and asks "Can you stop the camera now? Seriously!" The guy stops the camera and talks to her "I think your problem is you don't know enough about sex!" Woman: No, that's not the problem! Guy: What is it? Woman: It sounds crazy and I don't know why I must be naked! Guy: You unterstood what I said? You okay to try? Woman: Well, just... I don't know! How could you promise me that I could be happy, being naked here? Guy: Because in 5 minutes I'll stick my dick in your ass and I will make you get the biggest orgasm of your life! Okay? The woman looks sceptical and answers "Okay! Thank you!"
82 sec

59 min
Prostitute: He fucked my ass and left me in the fuckin' lurch! "I'll pay you now!"
8 sec

66 min
Rebecca can be seen having sex with a client.Man sieht noch, wie Rebecca Sex mit einem Freier hat.
4 sec