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As Tears Go By

original title: Wong gok ka moon


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • US version
Release: Aug 30, 2009 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
GB (original with English subtitles): 1:32:13 / 1:33:28 (including end credits)

US version (represented by a recording from German television): 1:32:32 / 1:33:17 (including end credits)

The several film tears in the UK version will not be mentioned here.
After Fliege has demolished Tony's car and the guys kicked him Tony throws a glass bottle at Fliege's back.
The impact is missing.
1 sec

Tony hitting Wah's shoulder with a baseball bat ia missing.
0.5 sec

Tony hits Wah's torso with the bat.
3 sec

He keeps beating Wah. Wah spits blood.
When Tony wipes the blood from his face the UK version sets in again.
6 sec

Tony hits Wah on the head and then on the knee, after that a shot is going off.
The knee and the shot can be seen.
5 sec