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Release: Oct 22, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Many of the famous serial killer franchises got a sequel or reboot in recent years. The quality wasn't always that intimidating for other colleagues and so it was just a matter of time until murder doll Chucky got a new entry in his legacy. Entering the stage for the first time in 1988, we can now add Curse of Chucky as the sixth installment to the series. It is the first direct-to-video production of the franchise but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is of low quality. Instead, the film offers several hommages to the original, has a still sarcastically commenting Chucky (with Brad Dourif's voice, of course) and delivers an explanation of the killer doll's background to today's generation of horror fans that didn't grow up with the character.

In the US, Curse of Chucky came out in two versions. While the Unrated version is uncensored, it is accompanied by a censored MPAA cut that got an "R" rating (for bloody horror violence, and for language). The latter is no alibi version like e.g. the rated cut of Street Kings 2 was. It has substantial cuts that take away some of the intensity of the gore scenes. Since it also omits the after credits scene, it is all the more useless for fans.

Comparison between the R-Rated Version and the Unrated Version (both included in the US Blu-ray/DVD combo set by Universal Pictures).

5 differences, consisting of
3 cuts
1 scene with alternate material
1 additional scene

The Unrated Version runs 154.84 sec. or approx. 2 minutes 35 seconds longer than the R-Rated Version.
0:27:24: Blood spurts from the priest's torso.
2.16 sec.

0:50:43: Jill's electrocution is longer.
5.16 sec.

Alternate Material
1:01:26: As Chucky stabs Barb's eye with the knife, only the UR has the bloody details. The R-Rated stays longer in the distanced shot that shows Chucky stabbing Barb.
The UR runs 1 sec. longer


1:12:22:Chucky looks again at the severely injured Ian.
5,32 sec.

Additional Scene
1:34:46: After the credits, the UR has a new scene. Six months later, a man gets a package delivery. He carries it up the stairs and places it on the table. His mother calls and he is in the back of the room when a knife cuts open the package. The camera pans to an old photograph that shows a boy with his mother. Experts will now have an aha experience. It is Andy from the very first film. Chucky already looks like he's up to no good because he's planning to tie up another loose end by killing Andy when suddenly Andy sticks a shotgun in Chucky's face. He says: "Play with this." and Chucky reacts shocked: "Andy...". Andy pulls the trigger.
141,2 sec.