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original title: Jing Cha Gu Shi Xu Ji


  • Export version
  • HK Theatrical Version
Release: Nov 10, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Export Version (source: the German DVD released by Splendid) and the uncensored Hong Kong Legends DVD (included on the re-print of the German DVD).

For the export version of the movie, the intro as well as several funny scenes were cut out. This export version was (among other countries) released in the UK and the Netherlands on VHS.

While most Hong Kong DVDs offer quite a good quality, this one here is not recommended since the image is overall a little too dark and additionally was cropped. There's not too much bonus material included on the DVD - just 2 trailers, a 30-minute Jackie Chan documentary and an interview with Benny Lai.

Today, most of the DVDs worldwide include the uncut version. We recommend either the Hong Kong DVD Box by IVL or the US re-print by Dragon Dynasty which actually includes an Extended Cut of the movie which previously was only included on the Japanese Laserdisc. To see the differences between the uncut "regular" version and the extended cut, check out the respective report on this webpage!

13 differences = 639 Sec

The British Eureka! Blu-ray (released on 20th August 2018) contains the extended cut in a new 4K restorarion and both the Hongkong theatrical cut plus the export version as a bonus in SD. The export cut on this Blu-ray was also compared and has exactly the same differences mentioned in the following report.
The Intro
00:00-00:13 / 00:00-02:32

In the old version you see the Pacific logo at the beginning while on the uncut DVD you at first see some company information.

Then follows the actual cut: The uncut version of the movie begins with a flashback of the first Police Story movie - you see a few spectacular scenes accompanied by the theme of the previous flick.

Uncut 139 sec longer

The Credits

The opening credits are shown during different scenes; the export version does include the scene where you originally see the opening credits which is why you might get the feeling that nothing's happening for no particular reason.

No difference in time.

00:54 / 03:13-03:16

Two additional shots of trucks.

3.5 sec

00:58 / 03:20-03:39

The superintendent and uncle Bill are inside the office with Jackie. The superintendent complains about the damage Jackie caused in the shopping mall (which happened in the first movie).
After that there's another missing shot of the trucks from the front.

19.1 sec

01:08 / 03:49-04:06

A short shot of Jackie quickly passing the camera, then he's back in the office. He says that everyone knows that a police operation is not alyways cheap. The superintendend responds that people shouldn't have to pay only because someone wanted to play the hero. Uncle Bill also says something.
Afer that there are two missing shots of Jackie behind the trucks.

16.8 sec

01:27 / 04:25-04:27

A short missing shot of Jackie from one of the truckdrivers' perspective.

1.5 sec

01:34-01:36 / 04:34-05:01

In the export version you here see the shot which originally was cut out at 00:54 / 03:13-03:16.
In return you miss out on several cuts back to the office: They keep on talking to Jackie. Bill says that he's happy that he wasn't fired. The surperios still want to call Jackie to account for taking the superintendent as a hostage. Jackie is thankful.

Uncut 25 sec longer

01:55 / 05:20-05:38

The superintendent says that Jackie has to wear a uniform again. Bill is not happy about it but can't do anything. Jackie thanks his boss again and leaves.

18.5 sec

21:28 / 25:11-25:32

After the bomb planter's call and before the conversation between Bill and the superintendent in the hallway you at first see a briefing in the police station: the superintendent is highly praised for his exemplary behavior during the last risky situations (i.e. Jackie's actions).

20.8 sec

25:59 / 30:03-35:23

A longer scene was cut out after the plane left without Jackie.

Jackie drives up in his car and tells uncle Bill that he should come out of the restroom. When the latter comes out he says that he probably ate something bad. They go to the firm of the blackmailed buisnessman. When they take the (highly crowded) elevator up, Bill farts which makes all the people in the elevator hold their noses and get out immediately. When Bill gets out of the elevator he asks Jackie if he didn't have any manners - of course, everyone now believes that it was Jackie who farted. When they finally arrive at the right floor, Bill tells him, that he thought that Jackie was going to take the blame anyways. Bill distracts the secretary so t hat Jackie is able to enter the conference room. Suddenly, a lot of buisnessmen enter the room and Jackie quickly hides under the table where he plants a bug. While all the buisnessmen look at charts on the wall Jackie leaves the room. After that, Jackie and Bill enter the elevator again but Jackie immediately leaves it and says that he's going to take the next one.

319.7 sec

28:12 / 37:36-37:44

May remembers a similar situation (which took place in the first movie) - you see a flashback of Jackie holding her bag which ultimately makes her fall off the moped.
Because of this, she tells Jackie to let go.

8.2 sec

NOTE: Jackie's sentence where he tells her to take the helmet off can be heard during the following shot of Jackie. In the uncut version, however, you hear it while May falls to the ground. The following shot of Jackie has different subtitles when watching the movie in it's original soundtrack.

35:58 / 45:30-46:37

After the brawl on the playground the superintendent holds up a newspaper which reports about exactly this incident. Jackie says that it was him. The superintendent isn't mad but instead tells Jackie that they have a new special unit. When Jackie leaves the office, Bill asks him if he got any trouble.

66.5 sec


The bloopers are identical to those in the export version, however, the uncut version includes the original credits, while the export version has all the names listed in English.

No difference in time.