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Gwendoline (aka The Perils of Gwendoline)

original title: Gwendoline


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Dec 20, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The R-rated version has been compared to the unrated version, both released by Severin Films.


Convent schoolgirl Gwendoline is travelling around Asia with her abigail Beth to search for her missing father, who disappeared during an expedition for a rare butterfly. As she is being captured and sold by human traffickers in Macao, the attractive adventurer Willard saves them. Gwendoline sees a chance to save her father in him. They make their way to Yik Yak, where they meet a tribe of amazons who have never seen a male before. A fight to the death among the bare breasted amazons is supposed to decide with whom Willard should father a male child. No problem for Willard, as he says himself: “Give me all your women, tomorrow, you will be overpopulated.“ The only downside: After the mating, the male is supposed to die.
Just Jaeckin, director of "Emmanuelle" shot the movie based on the scandalous comic book of the 40s as a pointless scenery-orgy. The "chariot race" is not as exciting as Ben Hur's, but definetly cult.


German VHS:

Runtime: without credits: 94:50

The only legal German release of the film is the VHS by Constantin Film. Except for two minutes of plot missing in the beginning of the film, the VHS is identical to the "Unrated Director's Cut".
There are no ending credits in the German VHS.

US theatrical version/R-Rated DVD:

Runtime: 88:39 NTSC (without credits: 84:53)

This version was shown in US-theaters under the title "The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak" and was also later released on DVD. This version misses even 16 minutes, most of the missing scenes are plot. There are little violence scenes during a fighting sequence missing in the R-rated version, but because the entire scene is missing, it cannot really be called a violence cut. Shortly before the end of the movie, the death of the scientist is missing, probably removed for continuity purposes.
More about that in the report.

Uncut theatrical version/Unrated Director's Cut:

Runtime: 104:35 NTSC (without credits: 100:46)

The longest version of the film was a.o. released in France and, as "Unrated Director's Cut", in the US.The BBFC 18 DVD is also completely uncut. More about that further along in the text.


Runtime: 97:03 PAL (without credits: 93:44)

Difference in runningtime: 3 Min. 4. Sek shorther then the uncut unrated version.

The film was submitted to the BBFC to be rated for a theatrical version by Enterprise Picture in 1984. 3 min. 14 sec. (at 24 fps) had to be removed to receive an 18+ rating. For unknown reasons, the theatrical release was cancelled, though. In 1986, the film was submitted again to the BBFC, this time by Embassy Home Entertainment. The reason was the upcoming video-release in Great Britain. Seemingly, there were even more cuts necessary compared to the already censored theatrical version.
At the end of the report BBFC 18 VHS <-> Unrated Director's Cut, there is a list of cuts in the theatrical version and the ones in the VHS-version. This list originates from the British BBFC 18 DVD. The break in which both lists differ is marked yellow.

There was a pre-cert-version of the cut British VHS at hand for this comparison, meaning this version had not been classified yet and thus, the VHS does not carry a BBFC rating. The BBFC 18-logo was only sticked on the VHS at hand later.


According to IMDb the UK DVD misses a short shot of Willard's private area.

"Despite being uncut, the movie is actually missing a brief shot of Willard's genitals when his g-string is torn off."

After having checked the British BBFC 18 DVD, it is clear, though, that it is completely uncut and equals the US unrated version. The addressed scene exists in all releases.

Technical details

The subtitles of the unrated version probably relate to the francophone version, which is why the subtitles do not exactly match the English dubbing. For example, Gwen and Willard talk about London and the statue of liberty in the English version, but the subtitles say Paris and the Eiffel tower. The German dubbing, in this case, sticks with the original French version.


1 longer logo in the beginning of the US DVD (9 sec. PAL)
26 cuts
1x alternative footage longer in the UK VHS
3x alternative footage without time difference
(= 175 sec. PAL total)
= 184 sec. resp. 3 min. 4 sec.

Cut lengths are determined in PAL.
Timecode: British VHS (PAL) / US unrated DVD (NTSC)


The intro of Roissy Films is shown on the US-DVD. The VHS starts the film immediately.

8.72 sec.


UK VHS: 9.72 sec.

US DVD: 8.28 sec.

In the British version, there was the beginning of a scene that had been shown earlier implemented here. A tracking shot through the casino takes place.

Gwendoline is shown a little longer on the US-DVD. Yuki then orders one of his men to interrogate Gwen. In the meantime, the other man plays with the Nuchaku and whirls it around. He accidently hits his knee at that. The black dressed man holds a knife to Gwen’s neck.

It was probably the Nunchaku that was not supposed to be seen on the UK-VHS.

+1.44 sec.



The final frames of the close-up of Willard are missing. After that, you also only see Willard facing the two men on the US-DVD. The smaller of the two swings his nunchaku as the other goes into a fighting stance. The first few frames of the man dragging away his little buddy are missing, as well, probably because the nunchaku is shown here for a short while again.

4.56 sec.


The man grabs his buddy's nunchakus and spins them around in front of Willard's eyes. The British VHS continues in the middle of this scene...

1.92 sec.


...but cancels after a few frames. The Chinese demonstrates his nunchaku skills furthermore. Willard is hardly impressed, then the Chinese attacks. The VHS continues as Willard does an uppercut on him.

8.8 sec.


Alternative footage was used as the man drops to the back for eight frames. The scene of the VHS is originally shown later in the movie.

No time difference



After the little Chinese has jumped Willard, the UK VHS misses the man trying to hit Willard with the nunchakus, but only hits his partner.

1.68 sec.


The Chinese continues to try hitting Willard with the nunchaku.

3.12 sec.


10 frames of Willard facing his opponent are missing.

0.4 sec.


Willard and the Chinese continue fighting. In the meantime, the other one grabbed his sword and steps onto the desk behind Willard, again you see Willard fighting. In this scene, the VHS continues.

3.44 sec.


The Chinese and Willard face each other. The beginning of these scenes is missing. The Chinese, again, has the nunchaku in his hand.

0.8 sec.


The end of the scene is missing as well. Both block each others hit, then the Chinese with the nunchaku strikes out.

0.8 sec.


After Willard has hit his enemy's stomach with the sword, a near second of the Chinese turning around is missing.

0.8 sec.


Half a second of Willard standing next to dead Yuki is missing.

0.48 sec.


Inexplicably, a view of Gwendoline that was shown earlier on the UK VHS was implemented here, even though Gwen is shown on the US DVD as well.

No time difference



Just a moment later, the VHS misses Willard walking towards the door past Gwen, it starts in the middle of this scene.

2.76 sec.


The British version cuts off during the view of the dead Chinese on the ground as the three men enter the office together with Beth and discover the bodies. The part in which the men notice Gwen holding the nunchaku in her hand is missing. The men think she had killed the others and run away.

4.32 sec.


The last frames of Gwen and Beth going away are missing. The beginning of the next scene, when Willard is sitting in front of the campfire, is missing, too.

3.88 sec.


When the Kiops strangle the amazon, the British VHS cuts off, several shots of the Kiops killing the amazon are missing. Gwendoline turns away.

7.36 sec.


Another view of the Kiops hurting the amazon, was removed.

2.32 sec.


A longer sequence of Gwendoline walking through the room with all sorts of machines and devices, is missing. You can see several naked amazons tied to different machines. One of the women is being dived into a pool of water time and again.

34.2 sec.


Gwendoline is sitting naked in front of the mirrors. The queen talks to her. "It's not very smart of you to refuse my friendship, Gwendoline. It's your only chance."

6.4 sec.


The queen demands Willard to tell her the legend of Pikaho. When he refuses, she helps him decide by triggering the device at Gwen's chest and a blade moves directly to her throat.

9 sec.


Gwen and Beth kneel naked and chained up on a pedestal. There are more naked women around them, too. A warrior amazon enters and walks to the two.

16.4 sec.


The amazons starting the chase are missing on the VHS.

3.84 sec.


Several shots of the chariot race have been removed.

10.88 sec.


An amazon jumps to Gwen's chariot.

1.16 sec.


The beginning of the fighting scene between Gwendoline and the other three warriors is missing. "Yellow" kicks her opponents twice and Gwen is also kicked by "Red".

8.64 sec.


After "Red" has been killed, a view of the queen is missing. After that, there war another bit of the fight removed. "Yellow" hits "Blue" several times and finally kills her by stabbing her in the back.

12.24 sec.


The fight between Gwendoline and "Yellow" is much longer on the US DVD. Gwen is being knocked over, but "Yellow" misses her as Gwen lies on the ground. She strikes back with several punches. The blood wound on "Yellow"’s stomach is revealed. Before the UK VHS continues, you see Willard and the queen again.

26.76 sec.


The view of the dying amazon, lying there impaled, was removed. The UK version on the other hand shows short shots of D'Arcy, Willard and the queen.

No notable time difference