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  • European DVD / BBFC 15
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 17, 2009 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Unfortunately, the fourth season of the "Deep Space Nine" was not released uncut in Europe. This applies among others to the countries Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy and Great Britain. The 23th episode "To The Death" contains a small cut.

A pity, knowing what has lead to this censorship - at last instance the ever increasing globalization. In almost all of the above mentioned countries the episode could have been released uncut. I Germany, for example, the uncut episode was aired on TV in the afternoon, rated suitable for viewers of 12 years of age.

Unfortunately, the uncut release was in the way of Paramounts business plans. In order to save tons of money the DVDs are produced in one single factory for the whole of Europe, only labeled differently for each country.

One of these countries is Great Britain. To avoid a BBFC 18 rating the 23th episode of the fourth DS9 season was censored. So several million viewers all over Europe can enjoy a cut episode that most likely could have been released uncut in their country.

For the not so informed reader: DS9 is not the first case of a European DVD version being cut due to the British rating and the greed of the publisher. Other examples are "Dragon- The Bruce Lee Story" ,"The Frighteners" and "Darkman". - The respective censorship reports can be found on our site as well.

Comparison between the cut German DVD from the Fourth Season Box from Paramount and the uncut German VHS from Paramount

Time indexes are taken from the DVD.
Escalation in the canteen

Worf has an argument with the second officer of the Jem`Hadar. For insubordination the Jem`Hadar is promptly executed by the first officer. The following is missing:
The "First" gets behind the "Second" and grabs his head. Then he breaks the mans neck. - Appalled murmuring is heard among the Starfleet members.

The scene wasn't just cut, but replaced by a shot of Worf. Not an additional shot, however, but a shot that is seen in the uncut version after the execution. So the cut version contains the same shot twice. This is especially noticeable because Worf does the same head movement twice now. Honest to God censorship. The duplicated shot has the advantage that the cut itself is barely noticed if one doesn't know it is there - jump cuts are neither visible nor audible.

The cut is no longer than two seconds. Really, only the neck snapping itself is missing. - The commander grabbing as well as releasing the mans head is contained in the cut version. Why various sources ( among others) claim the cut to be six seconds long is anyone's guess.
A difference in running time is not noticeable anyway since the shot of Worf acts as a replacement.
2 Sec.

The following part is missing:

The following shot of Worf has been put in although it is shown a bit later as well:

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