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Shimmy Shimmy Ya

artist: Ol' Dirty Bastard


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Feb 02, 2013 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: DaxRider123
The whimsical music video for "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" (made in the style of the 60's) by Wu-Tang-Clan member Ol`Dirty Bastard (R.I.P) was censored in order to be aired on MTV - several swear words were censored, some scenes were censored, and other scenes were digitally altered.
However, it's quite striking that none of the censored scenes really include controversial material, and the digital blurring of ODB's mouth also seems unnecessary.

The recording we used for this report was aired during a longer MTV interview (aired during a light-night program and with a runtime of roughly 90 minutes) with most of the Wu-Tang-Clan members. This exclusive interview was aired on MTV in the year 1996, just after the release of the second "big" Wu-Tang album ("Wu-Tang Forever", double-disc). However, the commercial success for the Wu-Tang-Clan happened a few years later with the release of the third album and especially because of the hit-single "Gravel Pit". For most of the older fans the album was a disappointment because of the overall mainstream sound of the album.
Unfortunately, MTV didn't air the full-length video, thus the last 15 to 30 secnonds couldn't be compared.
In the clean version, 2 scenes were replaced by 2 other ones:
ODB kneels down and puts 2 of his fingers in front of his mouth - the gesture looks as if he smokes a joint.

In the censored version he simply dances around a little and then moves his foot towards the camera.

Subsequently, you in the uncensored version see the lower parts of 2 women who are dancing. One of them wears a pretty short miniskirt, while the other one shakes her ass and touches her buttcheek.
Its' unintelligible, why this scene was cut out, after all, the women still wear clothes and just dance around.

In the censored version, this sequence was replaced by a shot of one woman (?). She also wears clothes and also just dances around, howver, this time with a man and a little further away from the camera (so you see more than just the lower part of her body).

Even though the censored version uses alternative footage, there's no difference in time. The 2 altered sequences have an overall runtime of 5 seconds.

Again, they replaced a scene: this time, it's a scene of 2 dancers, dancing through a row of dancing people:

After the two of them danced through the "hallway of people", the uncensored version cuts to a girl wearing shiny hotpants. She moves her ass to the side in slow motion - it's quite saucy, but still not offensive!

In the censored version they instead just continue to dance.

No Difference in time; the exchanged scene has an overall runtime of 1.5 seconds.

At this point it's getting quite ridiculous. There's a close-up shot of ODB saying something: "She *mumble mumble*..." - You can't even really tell what he's saying and it wasn't even deleted from the soundtrack (which is quite a common thing whenever you hear swear words). Instead, they simply blurred his mouth!
You can only guess to why they did this: Maybe his mouth looked too aggressive or maybe the mumbling WAS a swear word and you wanted to "protect" those who are able to do lip-reading...
No Difference in time.

And they actually did it again: The original line is "For the Ladies who know me, tell `em who the fuck I be" - in the censored version he says "For the Ladies who know me, tell `em who the WHAT I be" (at least that's what it sounds like, it's possible that he's saying something else - too bad that you can't really tell because again it's rather mumbling than really rapping...).
Additionally, they blurred his mouth when he says "Fuck", again being overly kind to any lip-readers.
No Difference in time.

Ditto! The millions of professional lip-readers again have no chance:
WHen ODB raps "For the NIGGAS who know me, tell `em who the fuck I be" - so we have 2 swear words in one line. What they did was just using the exact same line that you just read above ("For the LADIES who know me, tell `em who the WHAT I be") and also again blurred ODB's mouth when he says "Fuck":
No Difference in time.

And another one. But it's getting better every time: this time, the mouth is blurred, even though ODB doesn't even say anything. Even though it sounds like they deleted something from the soundtrack of the music video but in fact he doesn't say anything, neither in the censored nor in the uncensored version! Still, they decided to blur his mouth.
No Difference in time.