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Cold War Creatures

One Dark Night

Dead & Buried

Two Evil Eyes

Protector, The


  • HK Version
  • Japanese Laserdisc
Release: Aug 22, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Beside the regular version (the so-called 'US-cut') which is the basis for most releases in other countries, there exists a so-called 'Hong Kong cut', made by Jackie Chan himself. For the release throughout Asia, he created several alternative plot parts and removed sexual content. Further, some scenes were changed and filmed again. The Japanese LaserDisc is based on this Hong Kong version. Additionally, it contains some more scenes and differences which are listed in the report below.

The runtimes given are taken from the Hong Kong DVD, the lasting time of the cuts from the Japanese LaserDisc.
You can see a bit longer how they are all leaving the room. After that, there is a scene where one cop is talking with Billy and Garoni. He tips them off to the sauna which they examine next (this scene is included in the US-cut and therefore in most other releases, too).
59.5 secs.

Billy and Garoni can be seen once more walking away and talking (included in the US-cut as well).
16.5 secs.

The scene of Benny Garucci arriving in Hong Kong is a bit longer: The driver gets in the car and starts driving. Then there is a short conversation between Benny and Ko's henchman (this scene ias missing in the US-cut, even exclusive to the Japanese LaserDisc).
28 secs.

Benny arrives at Harold Ko's office. They talk about their businesses being threatened by the two cops (can be seen in the US-cut, too). The Hong Kong version shows a shot of the harbor instead.
70 secs.

The Hong Kong version continues with the movie a bit during the end credits. The Japanese version shows some exclusive making-of footage and outtakes instead.
- secs.