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Tromeo and Juliet


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Directors Cut
Release: Jun 20, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
comparison between the cut Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Director's Cut (Unrated) (both from TROMA USA)

Of Tromas very free interpretation of Shakespeare's classic a slightly cut R-Rated version was released for the big screen and on VHS in America. A bit later an Unrated Directors Cut was released both in America and Great Britain. Apart from a few splatter effects numerous sex scenes are missing.

Time indexes are taken from the cut version.

R-Rated = 104:11 Min.
Unrated = 107:00 Min.

Duration of cuts = 2:49 Min,
Longer scene in the R-Rated = 1,5 Sec.
16:56 Ness caresses Juliet and kisses her nipple.
8,2 Sec.

17:14 Juliets wanders between Ness' legs, followed by a scene of the couple in bed.
7,5 Sec.

17:16 Shot of Tromeo masturbating in front of the computer.
3,5 Sec.

Only Tromeos face is visible in the R-Rated.
1,5 Sec.

17:29 A few shots of Juliet and Ness are missing.
22,1 Sec.

17:42 One kiss of the two is a bit longer. A shot of the monitor and Tromeo is missing as well.
7,8 Sec.

17:46 Beginning of a shot of the masturbating Tromeo.
2,6 Sec.

21:05 In Juliets dream: Two shots of the penis monster as well as an intercut to Juliet looking astonished and disgusted at the same time.
10,9 sec.

25:41 After Sammy Capulet has cracked his head open on the hydrant he picks up bits of his brain and tries to stuff it back into his skull.
14,4 Sec.

50:55 Beginning of a shot of Tromeo kissing Juliets breast.
7,2 Sec.

51:13 The sex scene of the couple is longer.
15,3 Sec.

51:18 Dito.
15,5 Sec.

51:30 Dito. Both reach their climax.
23,2 Sec.

51:41 A black screen as well as th next shot of the city are longer in the Unrated.
2,5 Sec.

57:42 A phone sex ad has been blurred in the R-Rated.

Unrated Version

The beginning of the shot of Juliet calling the sex hotline has been shortened. The Unrated shows her feet under the magazine in which the ad was placed.
5,5 Sec.

The following shot of Juliet masturbating has been zoomed in so her hand between her legs is no longer visible.

Unrated Version

60:30 The camera moves from a building to the streets. We see Tromeo and Juliet making out rather heavily. His pants are down
9,1 Sec.

61:05 Due to the changeover in the R-Rated (simple cut in the Unrated) a part of the shot is missing in the Theatrical Version.
1,5 Sec.

65:59 The shot of Murray accidentally ramming the tattoo needle into the tattooists eye is a bit longer in the Unrated.
0,3 Sec.

66:01 Blood gushes out of the eye - followed by a shot from behind.
2,2 Sec.

69:24 Close up of Tyrones bloody stump.
1,9 Sec.

84:00 As the transformed Juliet lifts her skirt a shot of her dangling junk is missing.
2 Sec.

85:51 Cappy has his way with his daughter. He tells her: I'm going to kill you and fuck you at the same time!". The following shot of Tromeo going up the stairs is also missing.
4,5 Sec.

91:25 The R-Rated lacks a few shots of Cappys head in the television set. His eyes bulge out and blood flows. Intercuts to Tromeo and Juliet hugging each other.
3,3 Sec.