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Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters

original title: Keung si dai si doi


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Singapore Extended Version
Release: Sep 23, 2010 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The latest Vampire movie from Hong Kong is not nonsense like "Mr. Vampire" but rather a dark and atmospheric horror movie. It is very recommendable, even in its shorter (international) version!

The Singapore version will probably stay an exceptional case regarding its length and appearance. Back in the days, it was the first release of the movie ever. The picture quality is slightly green and overall just colorful and dark. Altogether, compared to the international version (that offers a very light and clean picture) the Singapore version is more logical. Unfortunately, many scenes were either cut out or re-arranged; even the subtitles and the score were altered.

Both versions run in the same speed; the US-DVD probably is a PAL-transfer.

US version

Singapore version

Singapore VCD: 107:47 min PAL (25 frames)
International version (US-DVD): 89:36 min NTSC (23,9 frames)

Cut scenes: 18:39 min
The US version offers opening credits by "Destination Films".
+13 sec

Now follows an introduction that is not included in the Singapore version.
15 sec

While the opening credits roll, in the Singapore version the vampire convolves and the urns fidget around.
14 sec

The vampire hunters ride out of the fortess; a voiceover gives an introduction. Then follow the actual opening credits (just like at 1:45 min).
19 sec

The scene of the torches being extinguished takes a little longer. The master shouts something to his students from his grave.
10 sec

The master cautions his students against the vampire. The latter flies through the air with his chains and trails behind some hunters. He kills them by sucking their blood. Eventually he hovers head over heels, being held by the chains. The sequence of the hunters are getting caught in the chain is included in the US version, but without the other scenes it (of course) does not make any sense.
50 sec

Before the hunter swings his sword, he (in the Singapore version) says "Use the Magic to catch it."
4 sec

Previous to his "flight" you see the hunter walk/climb up the tree.
3 sec

08:44 The vampire goes on sucking blood from his offender, but the latter is saved by Wind. A hunter jumps off the tree and pulls a bag over the vampire who is able to get free and flies up in the air.
30 sec

Now follows a part of the scene from 08:14 min: The vampire flees and trails behind some hunters.
12 sec

The vampire lands and again is held by some chains. 2 hunters produce their swords.
7 sec

2 persons are dragged across the floor a little longer.
2 sec

After the explosion the students call for their master who probably died in the flames. The students are very sad.
40 sec

The buisnessmen go inside the mortuary and talk about several deaths of brides right after their marriage. There are rumors about vampires in the mansion.
75 sec

Lightning looks through his telescope. There's a rustle in one of the trees and all of a sudden a bird flies up in the air. Seconds later, he lands on the tree again. You can see the three others talking in the backgrounds.
25 sec

The 4 students wash their hands. The boss is surprised at the disappearance of two workers who can't be found.
23 sec

The conversation is a little longer.
9 sec

After their discussion with the boss, the 4 hunters are standing around a little longer. Something snaps at the bird in the tree.
15 sec

The vampire hurtles through the air. He catches one of the robbers and lets his head explode.
7 sec

A short view of the hall.
2 sec

You can see their feet a little longer.
2 sec

Dragon decoys the loan shark with his school. He tells him, that he would even work for him. The loan shark shortly considers the deal and then agrees to it.
15 sec

The survivor sees his dead master. Dragon asks him if he wants to go. When the question is affirmed, Dragon says "Ok, you can leave but your head has to stay!"
8 sec

The scene of the 4 hunters running through the woods lasts a little longer.
5 sec

One of the 4 stands around, scratches his head and thinks about something - without result!
18 sec

One of the 4 meets the mortuary's owner's daughter. He talks about marriage. They enter the mortuary and the guy keeps on oozing charm. He tries to kiss her but is distracted by a noise on the roof.
67 sec

In the US version now follows the same scene for about 20 seconds; the difference is that here he's not trying to flirt but tells her about the fight with the robbers.

Sasa takes off his shoes and wants to lie down. She gets back up to pull the bodkin out of her hair but her shoes are gone! She sees another pair of shoes but these aren't the ones she's looking for. Her shoes are under the bed. She crawls under her bed and discovers a little gap in the floor; she takes a look.
69 sec

Wind repairs the compass.
8 sec

The 4 scoot and try to close the door. Then they ask themselves - how could the vampire enter if the door was closed? Solution: the vampire was not in the house! Inside the mortuary: the buisnessmen have a round of talks again. One of them hired an actor who should figure the vampire. Suddenly there's a scream outside! They all run out and see the vampire who stoops over his victim. They think it's the actor. But since the vampire has no feet and hovers, they're disabused. There are some "splatter-noises" off-camera.
106 sec

A missing sentence during the conversation between Dragon and his servant.
2 sec

The zombie wrangler wants to leave but he still has to comply with his orders. Change of scenery: Thunder approaches Sasa. The husband (covered with wax) sits next to her. She's gloomy, she doesn't want to end this way. He says "I wouldn't mind if you were sitting next to me like that." For this she throws him out of the house!
89 sec

The magician does an incantation. The wax starts to melt; Sasa aerates the husband-corpse. Suddenly, the husband gets up and runs away. This also happens with the other wax-corpses.
56 sec

Here follows the incantation-scene in the US version.

The vampires jump around a little longer.
7 sec

A close up shot of the vampire's face.
7 sec

The master asks Lightning if he's married, too. They look at the vampire. Apparently, all the buisnessmen became infected. The 5 of them start to saw the coffins to get some sawdust. But they're running out of time, the victims will soon change into vampires. The daughter is worried about her father's healing. A vampire asks Thunder if he still wants to marry Sasa when she changes into a vampire. Thunder gets annoyed at the vampire. Thunder approaches Sasa and takes care of her. They have a short talk. The master interrupts them and tells them to confine the vampires (including Sasa) before nightfall. Thunder promises to keep an eye on her so that they won't have to confine her with the rest of the vampires. The master wants to ride to the town with the others to check if everything is in order. When they arrive, they're halted by the police. They reveal themselves as being vampire hunters. The police is thankful for their help.
263 sec

Thunder looks around a little longer.
2 sec

Sasa asks where the noises come from. Thunder tells her that the confined vampires make these noises.
10 sec

Wind finds some pieces of cloth and a piece of gold. According to the master this is a trace that leads to the Jiang house and therefore to the final battle. He tells the police to evacuate the town in case of their failure. He then splits his students into 2 groups.
51 sec

The vampire's fired at with fireballs but he repels them nonchalantly. They hit the cage.
6 sec

The master has a flashback. He sees some images of the first fight where he lost many men.
7 sec

The movie doesn't end here. Sasa narrates the epilog: Thunder and Sasa leave the town and won't meet their friends ever again. The police chief gains a reward for the relief of the town; everybody thanks him, the vampire hunters are left out in the cold. Lightning, his wife Ling and the two others stay in the Jiang House for the rest of their lives. Ling never answered Sasa's letters. One day, Ling has an accident in the kitchen - one of the walls collapses. Behind the wall there's a huge army of vampires...
81 sec

The final picture with the army of vampires can also be seen in the US versions (it lasts about 3 seconds).