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Lizard in a Woman's Skin, A

original title: Una lucertola con la pelle di donna


  • US DVD
  • Italian DVD
Release: Jun 12, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD from Shriek Show (2nd edition) and the Italian DVD from Federal Video.

Short overview of the existing releases: The first US release was in February 2005 from Shriek Show, containing the US Version in anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) on the first DVD and the Italian Version with Italian dialogue and English subtitles (hardcoded) on the second. The master, however, had been an Italian tape so the picture quality was not pretty. So one had the choice between the cut version in good or the uncut version in bad quality.

In 2006, the film was released in Italy by Federal Video on DVD. It contained the uncut version in good quality but only in Italian with Italian subtitles. Also, the bonus footage contained an additional scene.

In February 2007, Shriek Show released the movie again, this time uncut, with Italian and English audio tracks, optional Italian subtitles, most of the bonus footage from the Federal Video release and the additional scene re-integrated into the movie. The overall picture quality was good, although with some differences in quality along the way.

Shriek Show

Federal Video

Each version contains scenes that are not in the other version. Also, the dream sequence is different in both versions. The Italian version uses additional filters, making the picture blurry.
The Shriek Show release is overall longer and offers English audio while the Federal Video release is better in terms of quality.

The Italian DVD has some film tears that are not explicitly listed here.

Red marked scenes are in the US release but not in the Italian release. Green marked scenes vice versa. Blue marked scenes are alternative footage.

Carol is caressed by Julia a bit longer.

20,72 Sec.



No cut. Carol remains visible.

2,08 Sec.


Carol writhing in her bed, then Carol in her imagination.

3,32 Sec.


Julia walks through the room towards a man and kisses him passionately.

17,20 Sec.


The dream sequence is different in both versions. The Italian version uses additional filters, making the picture blurry to emphasize that this is a dream.

118,44 Sec. (1:58 Min.)

The scenes differ here:


Julia, kneeling before Carol, is seen longer.

0,72 Sec.


Carol pulls back the bloody knife.

2,12 Sec.


Additional shot of Carol looking at the knife.

2,04 Sec.


Carol runs through the hallway naked.

1,72 Sec.


Carol falls.

0,4 Sec.


Julia is see on the bed a bit longer.

0,28 Sec.


Before the boots are visible we see Frank enter the apartment

3,68 Sec.


A shot during the sex scene with Frank and Deborah is missing.

2,16 Sec.

Film tears:


When the camera pans to the couple there is a jump cut in the US version.

0,72 Sec.


The police car is seen earlier.

0,92 Sec.


The late is seen earlier.

0,88 Sec.


Carol and her father are seen longer.

2,20 Sec.


The tape recorder is seen earlier.

0,64 Sec.


The door is seen longer.

0,92 Sec.