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Baader Meinhof Complex, The

original title: Baader Meinhof Komplex, Der


  • Theatrical version
  • Extended TV-Version Part 1
Release: Mar 28, 2010 - Author: Bob - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
As already announced when the movie was still on air in cinemas, a longer television version of The Baader Meinhof Complex was wished as a splitted-up-into-two parts version. The first part was aired on 11/22/2009.

This first part offers additional 10:41 minutes compared to the theatrical version.

One of the main point of criticism was that the plot, beside an extraordinal long runtime, to come off badly and that expecially the characters and their connections remain unclear.

Unfortunately the television version won't change much about this issue. Instead of expanding the actual plot just some scenes were slightly enlarged with trivial stuff. This concerns awkward cuts of the theatrical version (TV). Two completely new scenes (Molotow-cocktail and the escape from the reformatory) are misplaced.

Only the first expansion with Gudrun, Meinhof in the subway and the burning policeman support the story. This won't satisfy enough.

The new plot lines only offer an interesting view on the whole story, but still an extended background knowledge is highly recommended.
7:22 | 7:22
One student is being pulled behind some cars before the police starts beating him.


8:13 | 8:10
After Benno Ohnesorg has been shot one can see the medical supply. Other injured people of the riot can be seen, too.

Change of scenery to the party where Ulrike Meinhof is looking for her husband. When she enters the bathroom she observes him cheating her with a blonde. She seems to be shocked and tells them she did not want to disturb them and leaves.

Again a change of scenery where Gudrun Ensslin is told that Ohnesorg has been shot.

One protestor tells her that the policemen have shot one of them. Ensslin answers that they want to kill them all. This is the generation Ausschwitz and no one can argue with them. She adds that they have to arm themselves.

The scene with Meinhof in the studio can be seen a bit longer in the TV. -0,5s

The warehouse can be seen earlier.0,5s

14:07 | 12:42
The next morning the police knocks at Baader's door just before they arrest him for the assault.

17:02 | 15:23
Josef Bachmann is waiting for Rudi Dutschke in front of the SDS bureau and eats a Currywurst.

19:03 | 17:05
An elder passerby shows few sympathy for Dutschke and says that when it comes to death they always yell for mom and dad. Dutschke did not yell for his parents, he only told disjoint sentences because of his cerebral injuries.

The TV shows Dutschke a few seconds while he is lying on the ground and Bachmann who takes some pills. -1s

19:16 | 17:10
Bachmann has got some trouble with the pills and needs to puke.

The next take with Bachmann is a bit longer in the TV.-0,5s

19:35 | 17:24
The short gunfight between Bachmann and the police has been extended in the longer version for 2 scenes (0,5s + 3,5s) and two alternative scenes (7,5 ~ 3s) and (6,5 ~ 1,5s). In the last one, one of the policemen sends her colleque to the cellar. The TV shows them right there.
total: 13s

27:32 | 25:07
After the riot at the home for behavioural problems, Boock enters the house of Baader and Ensslin. The TV shows him when he is in the bathtub with Ensslin. This sequence has been cut in the TV. The longer version offers additionally 70,5s. 45s exclusively offers 9 takes.

The policemen and workers from the home are longer peed and pelt with things. Additionally one can see the policemen who is set on fire by Boock. In the TV it looks like only a barricade is burning. Afterwards one can see how the police throws teargas into the crowd.
70,5s | 14s

The TV shows an alternative take when Boock goes to the house of Baader and Ensslin (4,5s). 3s | 1,5s

When Boock goes upstairs to look for Gudrun, this take is mirror inverted in the TV.

29:08 | 25:36
Boock has a look in the wrong room and observes a couple while having sex. He moves on and knocks at Gudrun's door. When no one responses he opens it. In the TV it looks like he instantly opens it.

Peter can be seen a bit longer in the TV before he setps into the bathtub.1s

30:05 | 26:32
TV: Flashback to the riot at the home for behavioural problems. Again a flashback of the guys on their run after they evaded the teargas. Boock escapes through a hole in the ground. Suddenly he is in front of thugs who want to beat them.

30:41 | 26:37
Flashback: Boock is being beaten while he moves through the hallway.

The TV shows both a bit longer. -0,5s

39:41 | 35:33
Baader throws with two fellows some firebombs onto the building. Accidently the ground around lawyer Horst Mahler is set on fire. Baader is laughing and steals a Porsche.

One of the women can be seen longer after Baader is arrested.7s

45:48 | 40:56
Meinhof opens the windows at the "Deutschen Zentralinstitut für Soziale Fragen" where Baader's escape is planed. (Is closed by a policemen a bit later.)

47:28 | 42:22
Baader smokes a lot so the policemen has to re-open the window.

49:35 | 44:12
After Baader's rescue, before he moves on to Jordan, there are differences in the order. The TV shows Hanne and Meinhof's children at the German border. The longer version shows Meinhof first who writes an article.
3,5s | 3,0s

50:15 |44:32
The longer version offers the additional takes. Peter Homann meets Ulrike Meinhof in the subway. She tells him that he has to come with them to Jordan. Her husband Klaus has the custody for their children but Hanne takes them to friends in Italy.

51:30 | 44:23
Peter reminds Ulrike that she once told him she could not ever leave her children. The situation has changed, she hopes that he comes with her.

After the bank robbery there is a short alternative sequence where Baader tells Meinhof that he has to write something.3,5s | 2s

62:38 | 55:40
The radio tells that 97.000 Mark have been left in the bank.

62:53 | 55:42
When one of the women accidently fire a gun and the bullet impacts close to Baader both versions offer alternative material. Only the longer version shows a dancing girl because she wears headphones.
22s | 10s

Dutschke is reading the RAF leaflet a bit longer.1,5s

After the short scene at Sicily the TV shows Meinhof a bit longer.-1,5s

63:30 | 56:25
Baader visits Hanne because he thinks he is responsible for the disappearance of Meinhof's children. He threatens them with a gun. She admits that Peter told her where the children are. Baader drives to Peter's shelter. The fellow has to have a look if there is police around but betrays them and tells them that Baader has come to kill them all. Both men and their friends escape through the backdoor while Baader storms the flat.

66:28| 56:30
The TV shows the arson attack for 2,5s which has been shown in the longer version completely. Here the longer version shows a longer interview passage.
no time difference

69:12 | 59:15
The undersecretary stands up and does not want anything to know about the dragnet.

Extension of scenery where both are at the door.-1,5s

69:44 | 59:24
Herald talks to the undersecretary a bit longer when he says that only politics can prevent terrorism and not the police.

Short extension in the TV. -1,5s

71:14 | 60:45
The police is tracking down Petra Schelm and her partner. He notices that there is no way out.

At the end Baader can be seen a bit longer when he looks through the garage door. Credits of part 1 are following.1,5s + 47s