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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Nov 04, 2009 - Author: Wishmaster - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut from the rare American Signature Collection Laserdisc Box .

By now the Director's Cut has also been released in many countries on DVD.

Note: The screenshots have been shot right off the TV screen with a digital camera. Sorry for the poor quality.

24 cuts = NTSC ca. 13 min
11 min.

Ray tells his wife to do as he tells her since he is never wrong. He elaborates with an example from

their youth. He then starts kissing her.

22 sec.

12 min.

The horror continues as a plucked chicken walks towards them, illuminated from behind by a

lamp, which makes it cast a huge shadow. Ray and Lucy look shocked.

12 sec.

12 min.

Ray: I just don't want some goddamn spoon bender telling me what to do!

3,5 Sec

18 min.

Cyrus helps Stuart through the door and Stuart crashes into the stairs. He gets up, hangs his jacket

away and goes on to mope about their poor working conditions. Cyrus tells Stuart that he is too

soft and goes on to say that they should step up to Frank and kick his ass if their demands are not

met. When he says that, he stands with his head around a light bulb illuminating his entire head.

58 sec.

18 min.

Frank is in the shower as Cyrus appears through the floor between his legs, telling Frank to hurry

up because they want to have breakfast. Taking a look at Frank from below, Cyrus mentions that

the ladies would not be missing Frank. Frank retaliates by kicking Cyrus in the face until he

disappears down the drain again.

35 sec.

19 min.

Stuart starts talking about their working conditions again. Frank reaches right through him for a

can of bug spray and Stuart tells him not to reach through him while he is talking to him.

17 sec.

20 min.

Frank stands on his roof, sawing off some wood for the fire.

8 sec.

21 min.

Frank walks to the front door where Cyrus and Stuart greet him with a Grim Reaper costume;

Frank tells them to never do that again. Stuart suggests using a white sheet next time. Cyrus looks

up and asks whether he has lost his mind. The next morning, Frank opens a letter that has just been

delivered. Back inside the house he tells the ghosts to scare more people since the bank wants

15,000 $ for the expired mortgages.

84 sec.

The following scene is different in the DC

Stuart and Cyrus are standing in front of the house just like in the Theatrical Version, but Cyrus is

wearing shades and the two are discussing their strategy. As a woman walks past them, they cover

their eyes, this can only be seen in the Director's Cut. Cyrus takes off his shades and the discussion

continues like in the Theatrical Version.

Theatrical:17 sec.

DC:37 sec.

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut


align='middle' valign='left'>

23 min.

After a phone call with the judge, Frank gets in his car and drives to the house. He drives past

several hearses and barely manages to not get into an accident while the judge comments Frank's

driving skills. As they arrive at the house, Frank says that he would go ahead and that the judge

should calm down again. The Theatrical Version, on the other hand, only shows the phone call

between Frank and the upset tenant in a slightly different shot.

Theatrical: 5 sec.

DC: 85 sec.

Theatrical Version:

Director's Cut

24 min.

Cut to the punk (Peter Jackson) giving Frank the finger and calling him an asshole. The Theatrical

shows Frank going away longer instead.

No difference in running time

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

26 min.

Frank and Ray arrive at the cemetery. Frank says that it is not safe there for Ray, but he does not

listen and tries to open the door while constantly reaching through the handle until Frank pushes

him through the door.

13 sec.

53 min.

Lucy gets into her car, Ray is already waiting on the backseat. He accuses her of never listening to

him when he was still alive just like at this moment. In the Theatrical, the shot of the sheriff is

longer instead.

Theatrical: 2 sec.

DC: 37 sec.

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

57 min.

Cyrus and Stuart enter the police station looking for Frank. They find him eventually and want to

tell him about the situation but he pretends not to see them anymore. All the while, Frank is

observed by Agent Milton. A policeman looks over his shoulder and Dammers leaves after giving

his diagnosis.

102 sec.

58 min.

Lucy walks behind the counter and takes a look around. Ray finds a floor plan of their apartment

containing instructions for the ghosts and tries to tell Lucy that all this was planned from the


29 sec.

58 min.

There is an exclusive shot of Ray in the Theatrical Version.

+3 sec.

74 min.

Milton gestures around, a swastika can be seen on his right palm. When he notices that Lucy has

seen it, he tries to explain it to her by talking about his various missions and assignments. Lucy

starts screaming again, causing another outburst of Milton, who then gets out of the car. The

Theatrical Version shows the outburst as well, but in a slightly different shot.

Theatrical: 2 sec.

DC: 48 sec.

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut








74 min.

Milton talks about his undercover operations while showing off his scarred body. There are some

cuts to Lucy as well.

63 sec.

74 min.

More shots of it.

43 Sec

The normally clearly visible swastika in Milton's palm was removed in the Theatrical


Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

83 min.

In the kitchen, Patricia stabs Johnny repeatedly with a kitchen knife in order to prove that she can

kill. They both seem to enjoy it a lot, while Lucy can be seen sneaking up the stairs.

26 sec.

85 min.

Frank and Lucy, fleeing from Patricia, are hiding in the kitchen. She enters but leavers again when

she cannot find them. There is some alternative footage used again.

Theatrical: 3 sec.

DC: 49 sec.

Theatrical Version:

Director's Cut:

90 min.

Johnny, with an intercut to Frank, says that they have found a volunteer before he shoots the


4 sec.

91 min.

Milton: You just don't get it, do you, Frank?

3 sec.

92 min.

When Frank moves towards the chapel, Milton elaborates on his definition of Good and Evil. The

Theatrical Version shows the dialog scene with Milton that could be seen before in the DC.

Theatrical: 3 sec.

DC: 12 sec.

Theatrical VersionDirector's Cut

93 min.

Frank crawls along the floor and has another vision of Johnny and Patricia chasing each other and

making out between the corpses in the morgue after the massacre.

32 sec.

99 min.

Sheriff Perry tells Frank some details about the case and mentions that he has saved some money.

He then mentions the idea with the book.

26 sec.