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Frighteners, The


  • Old European DVD / BBFC 15
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 08, 2009 - Author: Wishmaster - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut European DVD from Columbia TriStar and the Uncut Version from Universal.

In order to be rated BBFC 15 in Great Britain the Theatrical Version of "The Frighteners" had to be censored slightly. This version was then released on VHS and later on DVD. Unfortunately, Columbia Tristar releases its DVDs in only one version for whole Europe, so the very same DVD is sold in most European countries, only with different covers - but the DVDs are identical. However, the cuts have been made with great skill so especially the second cut is easily missed by the viewer.

The director's Cut that has been released in Great Britain and numerous other European countries does not contain these cuts and is on top of that several minutes longer in terms of the storyline.
The dead mother is seen a bit longer.
1 sec.



Miltons head is shot to pieces and the head of his spirit appears where his real head has been just moments ago. Then frank breaks through the floor.

European DVD:

Here the head shot is shown as well, but Frank breaking through the floor has been put in between.
No time difference

Left: Uncut / Right: European DVD.