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1.10 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)


  • TV Version
  • Blu-ray
Release: Aug 18, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the censored US TV Version on NBC and the uncensored Blu-ray Version (German Blu-ray by New KSM)

- 31 differences, including 2 scenes with altered audio & 7 scenes with alternate footage
- Length difference: 250.4 sec (= 4:10 min)

Compared to the two other characters he is famous for, Fox Mulder and Hank Moody, David Duchonvy plays a rather nice L.A.P.D. cop in Aquarius. Here, he has to deal with the hippie community of Charles Manson. The initial situation is quite interesting and the characters evolve during the first season. Similar to the Netflix shows House of Cards and Daredevil, the entire season was made available in May 2015. But contrary to the two mentioned shows, Aquarius also aired on NBC at the same time. These TV Versions are als the versions one got to see online. As the topic already implies and as seen on Hannibal recently, some things were too explicit for US TV - especially the sexual references.

While the differences on Hannibal are rather redundant but with Aquarius, the situation is entirely different. Here, there are absurd alterations like removing swear words such as "God!"/Jesus!" or bare breasts but in addition to that, a lot of further alterations for the TV-14 rating have been made. Also, the TV Version lacks a few plot scenes. For that reason, it is quite delightful that the uncensored versions are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Episode 10 ("It's Alright Ma. (I'm Only Bleeding.)") is roughly four minutes longer. Most of the difference in time revolves around another sequence of Sam's unwilling LSD trip. It is possible that Sam's rather funny acts along with the humorous dialog between Brian Kristin might have toned down the effects of drugs and therefore have been to much to show on TV. Additionally, there is some censored audio (not only done via muting the audio but often also through cutting sequences short) as well as some harmless alternative scenes in the nightclub.

Time index refers to
TV Version in NTSC / Blu-ray
At the beginning, the TV Version includes a recap that we will not talk about any further. This addition explains the additional difference in time.

03:50 / 03:44

Joe's reaction was shortened: "Christ, (you signed out an hour ago.)"

0.6 sec

Alternative Scene
04:39-04:53 / 04:33-04:59

When Mike and Brian enter the room, we can see a couple having sex. For the TV Version the producers used an alternative take during which the girl wears a bra.
Subsequently there is another cut the Blu-ray shows more shots of the people celebrating.

Blu-ray 12.5 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

05:25 / 05:32-05:36

Guapo says to Brian: "More like stranger. I've known you a week and not that well."

3.9 sec

05:41 / 05:51-05:55

Another shot of Mike and one of Brian.

3.5 sec

06:14 / 06:28-06:33

Guapo takes another sip and notes: "So you served your country." This sentence is heard erarlier on the TV Version, after all, we do not see his mouth anyway.

4.9 sec

06:55 / 07:14-07:19

Joe walks from his car to the street.

5.2 sec

07:03 / 07:26-07:34

Joe looks around and then walks away.

7.4 sec

07:55 / 08:26-08:38

Charles adds: "All I really care about is the safety and happiness of my friends. You'll grok that when-- When we're friends."
Rick (hesitates): "That's great. Yeah, friends."

11.6 sec

Alternative Scene
08:32-08:34 / 09:15-09:17

When the flower girl walks to Rick, the TV Version is obviously zoomed in and thus does not show that the girl is actually topless. The breasts cannot be seen on the Blu-ray, yet it becomes quite clear that she is half naked.

No difference in time.

TV VersionBlu-ray

Alternative Scene
08:44-08:46 / 09:27-09:29


No difference in time.

TV VersionBlu-ray

Alternative Scene
08:48-08:58 / 09:31-09:41

When Charle's grabs Rick's crotch, the Blu-ray version shows this more explicit thanks to a cut. The last shot of the flower girl is different, too.

No difference in time.

TV VersionBlu-ray

Alternative Scene
09:01-09:07 / 09:44-09:50

Rick and the girl get it on.

No difference in time.

TV VersionBlu-ray

09:12 / 09:55-10:04

Charles turns to the side and Emma walks away. In the background we can see some group sex going on.

9.1 sec

09:16 / 10:04

Only the TV Version at this point shows a longer black screen (which was disregarded for the difference in time). After that, the shot of Brian at the police station begins a little earlier.

+ 0.5 sec

09:20 / 10:08-10:10

Brian's superior's dialog is longer: "(Bri,) I've been behind you. I'd like to stay behind you, but (I need results.)"

2 sec

09:21 / 10:11-10:12

The following shot of Brian begins earlier and the superior says: "It's time to close this. (You get time...)"

1.6 sec

09:25 / 10:16-10:17

Another cut: "(...and we get) a bust-- (A big fat bust.)"

Blu-ray 1 sec longer

09:55-09:56 / 10:47-10:51

The superior laughs before he walks past Brian.

In the TV Version, the following shot begins a little earlier (not illustrated below).

Blu-ray 2.9 sec longer

10:00 / 10:55-10:58

Another shot of Brian sitting around.

3.2 sec

13:06 / 14:04-14:06

Charles lies down on his bed a little earlier.

1.5 sec

13:10 / 14:09-14:11

He is lying on the bed, face down.

1.3 sec

13:21-13:22 / 14:22-14:30

Emma talks to Charlie some more: "I love you, Charlie. I love you so much. And (I-- I hate my father.)"

On TV, the following shot begins slightly earlier (not illustrated below).

Blu-ray 7.1 sec longer

13:41 / 14:49-14:58

Charles encourages Emma some more: "You're from a magical breed. You look like your mother was a deer and your father a prince."

9.3 sec

15:27 / 16:40-18:58

After the Scene of Charles and Emma, only the Blu-ray shows a concluding phase of Sam's LSD-trip. He is at Brian's and Kristin's place and they talk some more about his condition.

Kristin: "How do you know it's LSD?"
Brian: "I've taken it."
Kristin: "You've taken it?"
Brian: "I told you, in Nam, we tried everything to cut the boredom."
Sam (suddenly gets up): "Chicago. A poem by Carl Sandburg. Hog Butcher for the World. Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat. Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders."
Kristin: "Is he dangerous?"
Brian: "No. He wouldn't let me drive. Kept trying to steer."
Sam: "I have seen your painted women. Wom-en-en-en-en."
Brian: "Sam, your eyes are closed. You can open them."
Sam does so.
Brian (praises): "There you go."
Sam (lies down on the floor): "Oh. Pretty. Shafe has pretty. Shafe has pretty. Scrambles."
Brian: "Scrambles?"
Sam: "My puppy. Yeah!"
Brian: "That's a-- that's a rug, Sam."
Sam: "Mm, smells like potatoes."
Kristin: "Sounds like he's sort of happy."
Sam: "They tell me you are crooked..."
Kristin: "What does it feel like?"
Brian: "Oh, it depends where your head's at, but it's like you're dreaming awake. And it's good to have a sober guide, someone to keep the dreams happy."
Sam (while getting up and walking to the christmas tree): " proud to be alive and strong and coarse and cunning-- Cunning. Samson Hodiak. Miss Fisher's class. Oh, you should have seen it. Ah, I did it perfect."
He fell back down on the carpet.
Brian: "You thirsty, buddy? Cold?"
Sam plays around with his fingers.
Brian: "You know, I was wrong about that thing he asked me to help him with."
Kristin: "You mean the missing girl?"
Brian: "I thought he was doing it because Pop had a lot of juice, but, no, it's the mother. He's carrying a torch for her."

137.9 sec (= 2:18 min)

Censored Audio
15:29 / 19:00

During the following (in both versions identical) scene, Sam's first comment was re-dubbed.

TV: "What do I have to do to get a cup of coffee around here?"
Blu-ray: "Who do I have to fuck to get a cup of coffee around here?"

16:24 / 19:55-20:00

After Sam said, that he will take care of it, Brian comments: "How? With your fists? That was fun."

4.7 sec

16:48-16:49 / 20:23-20:31

In Sam's apartment we can see him playing guitar in a close-up shot.

On TV, the following shot is shown a little earlier.

Blu-ray 6.3 sec longer

18:14 / 21:56-22:01

Off-screen, Joe continues to talk: "No bullshit, Sam. A lot of guys say they love their wives--"
Sam (earlier): "I believe you."

4.6 sec

Alternative Scene
19:03-19:05 / 22:50-22:57

A longer conversation was cut out thus the TV Version includes an alternative shot of Sam.

Sam: "Did you tell Salazar that Maggie and the kids don't know?"
Joe: "I guess he assumes they do. (He promised me that if I alert...)"

Blu-ray 5.2 sec longer

TV VersionBlu-ray

Censored Audio
21:32 / 25:24

Only on the Blu-ray Sam comments "Oh, shit." - on TV, the swear word was muted.

28:20 / 32:04-32:05

Sam comments on Joe's pain: "No, that's bullshit. (First of all...)"

1 sec

Alternative Scene / Umschnitt
31:32-31:38 / 35:16-35:25

After Joe put the gun back to his head, only the TV Version shows Sam at first.
On the Blu-ray, this cut happens a few seconds after the shot of Joe. Subsequently we see the ongoings in an additional long shot (which is the only image we included for this cut).

Blu-ray 3.2 sec longer