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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jun 25, 2009 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison of the uncensored Director`s Cut DVD by MGM (RC1 Director`s Edition) and the uncensored theatrical version by MGM (RC1). The Director`s Cut (DC) contains more violence and story than the theatrical version (TV) and has been recut at some places to secure a plot running fluid.

Time specifications refer to the Director`s Cut.


The time difference does not refer to how much the DC is effectively longer but to what has been changed in comparison to the TV, ergo it includes the recuts as well.
5:25 - 5:55 : Additional scene in the DC

  • A grenade explodes (TV continues afterwards at 5:55 with a grenade exploding – equalling the explosion from the DC - as well).

  • Soldiers fly through the air, burning.

  • A marine gets shot.

  • Enders and other soldiers run through the bushes, shooting.

  • A small Japanese group gets killed.

  • A marine stabs a Japanese soldier with his bayonet, Enders shots as well.

  • A big explosion.

  • Japanese soldiers marching through water.
Duration: 50 sec.

6:03 : Shot in the DC

Additional shot of the sword swinging Japanese guy in front of the sea of flames in the DC.

Duration: 1 sec.

6.04 - 6:23 : Extended scnene in the DC

The armstump - after severing the hand - is seen longer (0,5 Sek.). The TV follows this with a shot of Enders whereas the DC shows another soldier who looks shocked. Following this the Japanese guy gets stabbed two times with the bayonet instead of one time as in the TV. Then two marines look after the soldier with the severed hand. Blood gushes from the stump. Again we see the disgusted reaction of a marine.

Now the following happens:

The shocked marine shoots a Japanese, another one appears but a second marine hand to hand combats him. The first marine stabs the second Japanese two times in the back. Now the TV continues with a Japanese sneaking through the bushes.

Duration: 18 sec.

6:58 - 7:21 : Additional scene in the DC

  • Enders yells "Move!", and this is what happens in the DC:.

  • Explosion in a wide shot. Marines run around. The camera makes a 180° turn, we see marines who cover at a shore bank because they're being shot at.

  • Japanese come out of theri cover, the marines shoot them down.

  • Two fleeing marines take another grenade hit. Here the TV continues.

Duration: 21 sec.

7:25 - 7:27 : Recut

DC: In some kind of POV shot Enders shoots at a group of Japanese.
TV: same scene but the camera is more distant and shoots the scenery from an angle.

Duration: 2 sec.

8:04 : Exchanged shots

DC: Shot of a Japanese holding a rifle in front of a wall of fire.
TV: Shot of the explosion that came at an earlier point in the DC.

Duration: 1 sec.

8:22 : Additional violence in the DC

More footage of a marine being shot.

Duration: 0,5 sec.

8:37 - 8:40 : Additional violence in the DC

More footage of the shot marine falling to the ground. (<0,5 Sek.).

Only in the DC: Close-up of the soldier falling and the grenade explosion tearing his back open..

Duration: 2 sec.

9:50 - 11:00 : Additional plot sequence in the DC

The DC transists to a wide shot of the field hospital. Edners lies on a pallet, wounded, and gets awarded with a Silver Star by Gunny – for survivng. This is followed by a soft transition to the US flag as seen in the TV.

Duration: 70 sec.

11:08 - 11:36 : Recuts and extended military ceremony in the DC

The DC offers a different order of shots and aside from that a much longer and detailed ceremony of adjuration.

Duration: 28 sec.

24:25 - 24:50 : Brief additional plot sequence DC

Enders sits in his tent, smoking looking at a picture of his division..

Duration: 25 sec.

26:10 - 26:19 : Additional plot and recuts in the DC

Extended conversation between Yahzee and Enders about the latters home town Philadelphia as birth place of the nation and city of love. Yahzee sitting down on the balk is presented in a wide shot in the DC, the TV shows this in a close-up.

Duration: 9 sec.

26:44 - 26:54 : Extended plot in the DC

Enders asks Yahzee, if he ever fought before. Yahzee negates this but can't wait for combat to occur.

Duration: 10 sec.

30:56 - 31:37 : Recuts and reduction of the the mission breifing in the DC

In both versions the squad leader speaks partially off screen, his lines differ from time to time.

Basicallythe briefing hs been recut, the order of shots is completely different. There's a lot of new material. Long passages in which the objective is explained in detail have been shortened. A small scene with Sgt. Fortino has been added in the DC.

DC: 41 sec.
TV: 62 sec, ergo 21 sec longer

36:45 - 40:15 : Additional long plot sequence in the DC

Party at the beach. Soldiers are dancing. Ox leaves the group, leans at a palm tree and plays tha harmonica.

Cut to the night sky, transition to a car in which Enders and Rita are sitting. Rita asks Enders to write her back if she writes him. Enders doesn't know what to write. She puts his arm around her shoulders, Ox still plays the harmonica off screen.

Rita says the world's a beautiful place. Enders can't agree and wants to go. Rita gets mad and mentions his trauma which he should leave behind and that it's not his fault that he survived while others did not. Hesitant Enders allows her to caress his cheek. The kiss.

In the end there's a scene of a photo session with several main actors shooting keepsake photos. Enders doesn't want to join. Whitehorse asks Enders to take care of Yahzee.

Duration: 210 sec.

44:09 - 44:12 : Extended scene in the DC

More footage of Enders in a frenzy after shooting a Japanese in a burrow. His facial expression looks crazy.

Duration: 3 sec.

44:42 - 44:43 : Additional violence in the DC

Additional shot from the back, we see the burning Japanese being shot by Enders.

Duration: 1 sec.

44:47 - 45:36 : More violence and emotion in the DC, partially recut

On a rampage Enders shoots several burning Japanese. The TV only offers a short, little drastic version and much less violence. Intercuts in the DC show the shocked reactions of Yahzee, Chick and others.

Duration: 49 sec.

46:02 - 46:04 : Additional violence in the DC

Two marines drag a wounded comrade. One of the two and the wounded comrade take bloody bullet hits.

Duration: 2 sec.

46:25 : More plot in the DC

Another marine jumps over the comrade pushing down the barbed wire.

Duration: 0,5 sec.

46:46 - 47:02 : Recut / extended scene in the DC

The scene of the soldiers at the fence getting shot is longer in the DC (reactions of the onlookers have been inserted) and is partially seen in different shots.

Duration: 16 sec.

47:28 - 47:38 : Additional violence in the DC

Advancing marines come out of theri cover, shooting. A grenade explodes, a soldier (not recognizeable if marine or Japanese) falls into a burrow.

Duration: 10 sec.

53:03 - 53:42 : Extended scene and recuts with more violence in the DC

The scene in the trench has been recut and little passages have been added in the DC showing bullet or bayonet victims of Enders.

Duration: 39 sec.

56:16 - 56:28 : Extended plot

  • Wide shot of the marines in the trench

  • Ender's ear hurts while under cover, he has to throw up.

  • Close-up of Yahzee

  • Enders prepares himself for setting off the charge.

Duration: 12 sec.

57:20 - 57:34 : Recut for stylistic reasons

The DC misses the shot of the map as well as the off-screen radio messages and parts of the bivouac shots. Instead we see the moon.

DC: 14 sec.
TV: 25 sec., ergo 11 sec longer.

1:08:50 : Recut for stylistic reasons

It takes 5 seconds until the Jeep enters frame in the TV. In the DC it appears instantly after the transition. In the TV a radio message is played in those 5 seconds whereas in the DC we only hear the music by Whitehorse and Ox.

DC: 0 sec.
TV: 5 sec, ergo 5 sec longer.

1:09:00 : Recut for stylistic reasons

The DC misses 5 seconds of the trucks passing by.

DC: 0 sec.
TV: 5 sec., ergo 5 sec longer.

1:11:32 - 11:50 : Additional plot in the DC

The scene of Enders smoking on the truck is longer. He looks at a picture of his old comrades that he keeps in his cigarette case.

Duration: 18 sec.

1:12:11 - 1:12:13 : Extended scene in the DC

The truck keeps driving a little further after being shot by artillery.

Duration: 2 sec.

1:12:25 - 1:12:27 : Recut

TV: Shot of another soldier screaming "Let`s go".
DC: Front shot of soldiers running.

Duration: 2 sec.

1:13:21 - 1:14:04 : Recuts, extensions and plot changes in the DC

The friendly fire scene has been recut a lot and even the plot has been changed. Especially Enders sticks out. Contrary to the TV he completely loses it in the DC, he's laughing and enjoying a cigarette while the division is under constant fire. For the DC some shots have been replaced and new ones have been added.

Duration: 43 sec.

1:14:09 - 1:14:20 : Extension in the DC

Some brief shots have been added to the DC while one shot of a cool looking Enders is now missing, presumably because it didn't match the plot anymore (see the previous description).

Duration: 11 sec.

1:14:30 - 1:14:31 : Recut

A shot of running soldiers (TV) has been replaced by a shot of artillery guns (DC). (DC).

Duration: 1,5 sec.

1:14:36 - 1:16:13 : Extended, recut attack of the Japanese position and a sniper, including additional violence

The scene with the attack on the Japanese position and the sniper has been recut, which means actions have been switched on the timeline and also have been extended with brief shots. There's also more violence, e.g. the head shot of a soldiers is now longer. Main reason for this changes might be heightend dramatics.

Duration: 97 sec.

1:16:29 : Additional shot in the DC

Additional shot of a firing artillery gun.

Länge: 1 Sek.

1:23:22 - 1:24:00 : Extended plot in the DC

Enders looks at Pappas who's grieving on the side of his girlfriend's grave.

Duration: 38 sec.

1:31:39 - 1:32:21 : Additional plot in the DC

The drunken Enders is hallucinating. He's hearing the voices of his fallen division and pours rice wine over the graves. Yahzee observes this.

Duration: 42 sec.

1:34:34 - 1:34:41: Recut for stylistic reasons

The DC misses the transparent shot of a map and the radio messages. The duration of the scene equals the duration in the TV.

Duration: 7 sec.

1:37:46 - 1:38:51 : Additional plot in the DC

More footage of Ox and Whitehorse playing music. Alternate takes of both of them. They talk about sheep.

Duration: 65 sec.

1:40:23 - 1:40:24 : Extended scene in the DC

Another shot of Ox nodding, satisfied.

Duration: 1,5 sec.

1:46:50 - 1:47:04 : Recut and extended scene

  • Close-up of Pappas shooting.

  • Shot of the flamethrower soldier protecting the girl, another soldier fires.


  • Wide shot of several firing soldiers

  • Here comes the shot of Pappas from the TV

  • Shot of Japanese soldiers at a stationary machine gun.

  • Another ultrashort close-up of Pappas followed by a wide shot of him jumping behind a wall fo tree logs

  • Japanese attack from a hill but the shot is different from the TV. The camera pans on two soldiers who take cover and fire their guns.

  • A soldiers fires, another throws a grenade.

  • The grenade tears a Japanese apart.

  • Now comes a shot from the TV with a Japanese grenade launcher.

Duration: 14 sec.

1:47:20 - 1:48:53 : Recut and extended plot of the death of the flamethrower soldier – very excessive depiction of violence

The flamethrower yells to the girl "Go! Run!". The TV only shows the "Go!" whereas the DC adds the "Run!". The following shot of the little girl crying ppears in both versions.

Then the DC grants us the following sequence:

  • Japanese soldiers attack a house

  • Ox jumps out of the house and fires.

  • He shoots several Japanese.

  • Another soldier shots from behind a pillar, he kills 2 Japanese.

Pappas and the flamethrower try to get the little girl out of the line of fire but the child is paralyzed in fear and cries. With a chocolate bar the flamethrower makes her go towards Pappas.

Now the death of the flamethrower follows. His napalm tank is hit by a bullet and he downright explodes which is depicted in lots of shots (old and new ones), mostly in slow motion. Aside from this lots of intercuts to the reactions of the other soldiers and a few new shots have been inserted.

Duration: 93 sec.

1:48:56 : Extended violence in the DC

The burning guy is seen a little longer.

Duration: 0,5 sec.

1:49:04 - 1:53:30 : Recut and extended village battle – with more violence!

The complete village battle has been heavily recut. Actions have been put in different order, often single shots have been parted and put into new context. There's numerous new brief shots and much more violence (dotzens more Japanese get killed). Overall the scene appears more intense and brutal than in the KF.

Duration: 266 sec.

1:54:30 - 1:54:39 : Extended scene in the DC

The wounded Ox and Whitehorse in a close-up. A marine is stabbed by a Japanese. He falls down into the courtyard, followed by another close-up of Ox and Whitehorse.

Duration: 9 sec.

1:54:43 - 1:54:58 : Recut and extension in the DC:

  • A marine and a Japanese have a sword fight.

  • Close-up of Ox from the TV but without Whitehorse turning to him.

  • Attacking Japanese

  • The other close-up of Whitehorse and Ox shaking heads.

  • The shot from the TV in which Ox draws his gun.

Duration: 15 sec.

1:59:39 : Missing radio message in the DC

Soldiers are running and a tank drives through frame. In the background we hear a radio message which is missing in the DC..

DC: 0 sec.
TV: 0 sec. of images, but the radio message was 9 sec long.

2:01:04 : Missing transition in the DC

More footage of the soldiers walking in the TV. A transparent map of Saipan has been layerd over this, but it is missing in the DC.

DC: 0 sec.
TV: 7 sec., ergo 7 sec longer.

2:05:30 - 2:05:36 : Extended scene in the DC

Wide shot of the battlefield with wreckage on it. Then the camera pans which also happens in the TV.

Duration: 6 sec.

2:08:22 - 2:08:27 : Extended scene with more violence in the DC

Extended scene with Enders and other marines. 3 Japanese get shot.

Duration: 5 sec.

2:11:39 - 2:12:14 : Recut and extended scene with more violence in the DC

Basically the order of shots has been changed again and a fist fight of Enders and a Japanese has been added with Pappas eventually shooting the Japanese. In another new scene 2 Japanese are being killed with a grenade..

Duration: 35 sec.

2:12:21 - 2:13:20 : Extended / added plot in the DC (with recuts)

Aside from a different order of shots and some brief extensions a fight of Pappas and a Japanese in a net has been added. Yahzee shoots the Japanese in cold blood. Pappas is pissed off about that and freaks out because Yahzee could have hit him. Enders pulls both them into a trench.

Duration: 59 sec.

2:13:27 - 2:13:45 : Extended plot in the DC

The shot of Chick saying "Gunny's gone" is briefly longer in the DC (ca. 1 sec.).
Following this there's an exchanged take of the protagonists looking at each other and Pappas complaining that Yahzee could have killed him.

Duration: 18 sec.

2:16:37 - 2:16:40 : Extended violence in the DC

Burning soldiers and tank wreckage.

Duration: 3,5 sec.

2:18:09 - 2:18:54 : Extended plot with more violence in the DC

In the DC Enders gets stabbed with a bayonet in the hip and Yahzee takes a bullet in the leg. Enders shoots the soldier who stabbed him. Partially there a different shots in the transitions from DC to TV.

Duration: 45 sec.

2:19:02 : Edit in the DC

The close-up of Enders is about one second shorter in the DC.

DC: 0 sec.
TV: 1 sec., hence longer.

2:19:13 - 2:19:18 : Extended plot and recut in the DC
The shot of Enders grabbing a radio is longer in the DC. The following shot of Yahzee has been replaced by another one.
Duration: 5 sec.

2:19:25 - 2:19:27 : Extended violence in the DC

The shot of the TV continues in the DC. Enders turns left and shoots another Japanese.

Duration: 2,5 sec.

2:19:37 - 2:19:40 : Additional violence in the DC

More burning soldiers appear in the DC.

Duration: 3 sec.

2:20:16 - 2:21:35 : Recut with more violence and extended plot in the DC

The conversation of Enders and Yahzee (content: Enders shall fulfill his duty and kill Yahzee) is longer and has some different lines. Enders shoots some Japanese in a close-up. Again some shots are in different order.

Duration: 19 sec.

2:22:11 - 2:22:19 : Extended plot in the DC

The shot of Enders saying that nobody is gonna die anymore is 3-4 sec longer in the DC.

Duration: 8 sec.

2:23:20 : Missing shot in the DC

The DC misses a close-up of Enders pulling Yahzee.

DC: 0 sec.
TV: 2 sec., ergo 2 sec longer.

2:23:27 - 2:23:39 : Plot extension with additional violence in the DC

In the TV Enders pulls Yahzee into a burrow and then collapses without obvious reason. In the DC he is shot in the chest while pulling Yahzee. Enders explains his death afterwards. The shot after the hit in the chest equals the one from the TV.

Duration: 12 sec.

2:26:10 - 2:26:30 : Additonal off-screen lines in the DC

In the DC Enders reads an imaginary letter to Rita off-screen in which he confesses that he loves her and that she was right. No change occurs in image material.

Duration: 20 sec., but no physical difference.

2:28:05 - 2:28:21 : Recut

In the TV, text, a US flag and Enders runninghave been inserted. In the DC the camera moves through the mesas before the screen fades to black.

DC: 16 sec.
TV: 16 sec.

2:32:43 - 2:33:15 : Additional credits

Additional DC credits.

Duration: 32 sec.

Total of altered scenes in the DC: ca. 27 min. 22 sec.

Total of additional scenes in the DC: ca. 19 min. 11 sec.