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Split Second

Girl Blood Sport




original title: Xin Shao Lin Si


  • BBFC 15
  • German BD
Release: Aug 09, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK-DVD by Cine Asia (BBFC 15) and the uncut German Blu-ray by New KSM (FSK 16)

- 4 cuts
- Length: 12.6 sec

- 5 scenes with recuts in the UK Version
- Length: 12.6 sec

=> no difference

This not uninteresint martial arts epos with Jackie Chan in a minor role needed to be censored for its release in the UK. As often, the reason were the scenes with the horses going down forcefully. The BBFC explained it in their Pdatabase entry like this:

Cuts were required to remove scenes of animal cruelty, in this case horses being tripped and made to fall dangerously. Cuts made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy.

It's not clear how they came up with the mentioned difference of 7 seconds. As a matter of fact, the UK Version lacks almost 13 seconds of footage and at the end of day, there's no length difference at all. To avoid any kind of anomalies, one came up with the idea of using trivial footage from before or after the actual cut as replacement for the removed footage.

Regardless of one might think about violence to animals, the cuts are annoying but the censored version is well watchable anyway. Furhermore, the UK releases contain a very informative audio commentary by Bay Logan.

Because this comparison focusses on the censored footage, the footage that has been used as replacement won't be illustrated as alternate footage in its usual way. Instead, it will only be described via smaller cursive letters and screenshots after the actual cut.

Running times refer to the time index of the
UK DVD / German Blu-ray
Extended black screen at the beginning of the UK-DVD.
+ 1.3 sec

03:27 / 03:35-03:36

After the gunshot, a distance shot of the horsemen going down with their horses follows in the Uncut Version.

1.1 sec

The UK Version on the other hand contains a previous close-up of trampling horse (03:11). As a result, the difference in running time is entirely canceled out by that.

+ 1.1 sec

03:29 / 03:37-03:43

Ater several gunshots in both versions, the movie actually continues with two close-ups of the horses going down.

5.6 sec

The UK Version contains alternate footage, this time from an upcooming scene (03:42). But in comparison to the first difference, this shot is way shorter than the actual one in the Uncut Version.

+ 1 sec

Only a few moments later, the difference has been compensated in a very rough way.

The close-up of General Huo Long on his horse simply ends earlier and recycled footage follows:
- A shot of him from another perspective (03:17)
- Again (!) the shot of the trampling horses (03:11)
- And finally the close-up of Huo Long on the horse from the front without any interruption (03:30). It's exactly 1 second long so that the versions are on balance again.

+ 4.6 sec

07:08 / 07:25

Two shots of Tsao Man und his horse falling down the stairs.

3.2 sec

In the UK Version, the cut is being compensated by a shot of Huo Long and the monks, originally taken from 08:54 when General Hou Jie is talking to them (the original scene is longer).

+ 3.2 sec

101:55 / 106:15-106:18

The monks have strained a rope to take down the horsemen. A close-up of the horses getting stuck is also in the UK Version, then comes the cut: actually, a slow motion shot of the horses hitting the ground with the head first and the follows. The horsemen are falling frontwards, too.

2.7 sec

As usual, the UK Version contains alternate / recycled footage here:
- A shot of a monk (101:48)
- The men are riding across the smoky Shaolin village (101:44)

+ 2.7 sec