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Release: Jun 01, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version [in this report mentioned as "T.V."] released by Columbia (PAL without Columbia logo): 1:55:49 (without credits) and the US RC [in this report simply mentioned as "RC"] (NTSC without Columbia logo): 2:09:56 (without credits).

Because of permanent fast-forwarding and rewinding the tape, there can be minor mistakes regarding the time designations that now have been corrected; these mistakes will be mentioned in this report whenever they occur.

It is possible that minor differences were overlooked.
The opening is completely different in the RC. You see other background images; the whole sequence where Dracul departs from Elisabeta to go to war was not included. From time to time you see story board images when the narrator tells the story. After that, Dracul receives his Last Supper from a priest. Dracul crosses himself, the priest prays.
The battle begins in the middle of the scene in the RC.
Difference in time unknown.

In the RC, the scene where Elisabeta falls to her death after receiving the message of Dracul's death misses entirely.
RC: -14 sec

The priest's conversation with Dracul is longer when he kneels in front of Elisabet.
RC: +7 sec

When the priest talks to Dracul, the scene is shown from different angles; other shots are shown a little longer. I spare you the details, since they're irrelevant for the movie.
11 sec different

After Dracul knocked over the baptismal font, he screams a little longer because of Elisabetas death. He gestures in front of the priest and shouts at him.
RC: +18 sec

When Dracul attacks the priest, a short brawl is missing; then he shouts at him again.
RC: -3 sec

When Dracul draws his sword, he shortly screams.
RC: +3sec

When Dracul stabs his sword into the cross, the RC shows it from a different angle. The different shots were cut close behind one another. After the second stab you see blood dripping on the cup.
5 sec

In the RC, the sceene with the bleeding candle is missing.
RC: -2 sec

After Dracul drank the blood, there's a missing close up of the blood-dripping cross. Then you see Dracul, who is dashed with a load of blood. The T.V. continues when he backs off.
7 sec

In the T.V., the blood approaches Elisabeta very slowly. In the RC, she is bathed and literally drowned in blood (unfortunately it's hard to see it on the pictures).
8 sec different

The titlescren looks different. Then (in the RC) follow the opening credits (Duration: 48 sec). In the RC follows a scene where Van Helsing reads Dracula's chronicle (Duration: 58 sec). This scene is shon later in the T.V.!

This seems to be the transition to London (in the T.V. it says "London 1897").

Then you see Mina writing her diary on her typewriter. She dreams of children and marrying Jonathan Harker. Then she rummages in a sort of Kamasutra book. When her friend Lucy enters the room, she shuts the book rapidly. Lucy sits down and the two have a little talk. When Mina gets up, the book falls down and Lucy teaes her for it. Eventually they leaf through the book, marvel at the sex practices and talk about Mina's visions of the future. This scene is also shown later in the T.V.!

Then the butler enters to announce Jonathan's arrival. Jonathan stands in front of the house, while a narrator tells the viewers about the task he was given by his agency. Mina comes down the stairs and kisses him. She asks him if he drank something; he tells her about the partnership with his firm. Both are happy about it and she kisses him again.

The mood changes when Jonathan tells her about his trip to Transylvania. She tells him about the wedding and he says that they will marry when he returns. In between their conversation, he kisses her.
(290 sec)

The overlay "London 1897" and the conversation in the agency are not included in the RC.

During Jonathan's train ride you sometimes see different pictures. Also, some shots of the RC are a little longer.

1 sec. diff.

In the RC, a scene where Mina writes something in her diary was not included.
RC: -18 sec

Before the carriage stops to let Jonathan get out, you see the people inside of it. The woman who gives him the cross says something to him.
9 sec

The ride in the carriage is a little difference. The wolfs walking aside the carriage are missing in the RC, instead you can see Jonathan. In the RC, the co-driver reaches Jonathan a bottle of Slivovitz (right bevor the driver asks him if he's ready). Unfortunately it's hard to see on the pictures, sorry.
4 sec. different

In the RC there is no carriage driving along the path. Instead you only see the path.
No difference in time.

Before the carriage stops, you see Jonathan inside it. He swings back and forth.
7 sec

Different angles.

In the RC there now can be seen a black background and a countdown (this is only relevant for the comparison of the running time).
20 sec

Jonathan gets his luggage from the carriage before it leaves.
2 sec

When Jonathan's standing in the courtyard, the RC shows a storyboard picture of the castle.

The T.V. has a real picture of the castle.

Before Dracula asks Jonathan in, there are 2 missing cuts in the T.V.
2 sec

The T.V. also doesn't have the sequence where Dracula shows Jonathan around (e.g. a scene where he's walking in front of Jonathan and then all of a sudden appearing behind his back).
42 sec

Jonathan drinks a sip of wine.
7 sec

Dracula's conversation with Jonathan is longer. Jonathan excuses his lack of knowledge. Dracula's response to this can hardly be understood.
48 sec

There's a missing cut to Jonathan while Dracula is talking. In the RC there's a tracking shot bottom-up to Dracula's face.

In the T.V., Dracula walking to the map and a camera panning to Reinfield's badge are missing.
4 sec

After Dracula took Mina's picture from the table, the conversation was partially shot from different angles and is shown a longer in the RC. The T.V. also misses the scene where Dracula flips the picture shut to give it back to Jonathan.
7 sec. different

After Jonathan sits down, the dialogue is shown from different angles.

After the conversation, in the T.V. now follows the scene with Mina and Lucy described at 5:20. Of course, the butler announcing Jonathan was not included.

After the conversation follows the party - in the RC there's no transition (a harp and the carriage driving to the castle). In the T.V. a small scene of Mina and Lucy making small talk was cut out.
13 sec

Morris is walking and looking around a little longer after putting something in his mouth.
3 sec

In the RC a shot of Mina is missing.
2 sec

After Lucy pulled the dagger out of Morris' body follows a different scene: Mina laughs on the quiet and Morris kisses Lucy.
1 sec

The scene of the butler opening the door for Jack is a little longer. They are in frame a little longer before we see Lucy and morris sitting on the couch, flirting.
Then we see Mina in close-up watching them. Lucy and Morris start making out on the couch. Then the butler introduces Jack to the others. The T.V. continues when Lucy jumps up from the couch.
9 sec

Some missing shots to Mina in the RC.

When Jack falls down, it takes him a little longer to get back up.
1 sec

You see Arthur a little longer when he's introduced to the others.
1 sec

There's a missing cut to Mina. Then you see Jack standing around. When he sits back down, he accidentally sits on Morris' hat. When Jack gives Morris his hat, the T.V. continues.
6 sec

When Mina says something about Lucy and watches the guys flirting, the RC shows some different scenes. Duration: ~10 sec

Lucy talks and beckons Mina over. Mina puts her off.

Two maids whisper secretly about Lucy.
Allegedly, Lucy lost her earring. While she tells it to the others, Arthur tries to put a necklace on her. When Morris and Jack are crawling on the floor to find the earring, the necklace finally is on Lucy's neck. She gives Arthur a kiss. In between you see mina watching the scene, obviously feeling awkward.

Then you see the maids again who ridicule the whole situation. When the butler clears his throat they both cringe. The butler crosses his arms.

The quest for the earrings continues until someone finally finds it. Then you see Mina turning away ashamedly. Duration of the scenes: ~43 sec

When something shadows the guests, the T.V. continues.

The scene of Dr. Sewards diary on May 30th is missing in the RC.
218 sec RC

When Jonathan shaves in front of the mirror, Dracula puts his hand on his shoulder. In the RC you can also see the hand askance.
1 sec

When Dracula shaves Jonathan and the cross reflects on the blade, it reflects horizontally. In the T.V. it reflects vertically.

When Jonathan touches the corss, you see it from a different angle.

In the RC, 2 short dialogues between Jonathan and Dracula are missing.

After Dracula left, Jonathan turns to the window - again shot from a different angle: In the RC you see it from the outside instead of the inside.

In the T.V. Dracula climbs up the wall a little longer. In the RC you see Jonathan watching him.

Jonathan writes something in his diary.
13 sec

Now you see Dracula climbing up the wall in the RC. After that you see a reptile.

Another countdown in the RC. When he enters a room whose door he just opened, the scene lasts a little longer. He walks down the steps. The T.V. continues just before he opens the box.
40 sec

In the RC he doesn't put away the candle.

When he sees the bottles in the box, Jonathan says something. But some other scenes were not included in the RC (e.g. when he closes the flacon).

When Jonathan sits down on the bead, this is shown from another angle.

The sex scene with the 2 women is different in both versions. Here's the description of the RC:

Jonathan is sitting on the bed. Then the sheet behind him moves; he falls onto the bed and crosses his arms. Then out of nowhere there appear footprints on the floor. Then he stretches himself out and some arms come out of the bed on both sides to clutch his body.

He startles, then a woman appears between his legs. He turns aside when another woman comes out of the bed. Then you see a woman with a snake on her head, followed by stroke units and kisses. For the RC, a lot of small scenes were cut out. Besides that many scenes were shot from a different angle. After the bite in the RC, the bed is shown from above. The image blurs (as a mixture of different scenes) and turns. The same blur is also used to mix different sex scenes.

Duration of the sequences from the scene when Jonathan sits on the bed until Dracula shows up:
T.V.: 116 sec
RC: 79 sec

A (in the T.V.) missing cut to the woman on the wall.
2 sec

The woman crawls down the wall; Dracula watches her..
6 sec

When Dracula gives the baby to the women, in the RC he turns around in a close up shot.

He talks to the baby and looks over to Jonathan with a gleeful grim.

He hands the baby to the women who take it to a private corner in the room.

Jonathan does (in the RC) not scream and fall down but pushes himself back and then falls over.

Now in the RC follows the scene "Dr. Sewards diary" from 22:51. But two sequences were cut out at the forefront: the nameplate on the institution's wall and Renfields ID.
13 sec

After that you see another recording of the conversation with renfield that was taped in the cell. It provides the same content but different scenes - he does not eat the bug before he eats the maggot. Also, some recordings were switched and are shown from a different angle.
Duration of the whole sequence:
T.V.: 151 sec
RC: 182 sec

On our own account:
Due to constantly forwarding and rewinding there was an error rate of about 1 minute. To avoid any more deviations, the time designations are updated from the next specification on.

For the RC, the scene where Jonathan jumps in from the side and then looks out of the window was cut out. Instead you see workers who shovel and pull rocks.
22 sec

When the scene ends, Jonathan turns away and continues to explore the castle in the RC. Then you see workers with shovels, digging.
40 sec

Jonathan's investigations go on. In between some more scenes of the workers. Jonathan discovers Dracula's coffin.

24 sec

Before he stands up, there are some more scenes cutted in.
4 sec

The following scenes are missing in the T.V.:
After Dracula stood up, Jonathan steps back through the water.

He's pulled up by the women, then Dracula gets back into his coffin which is closed thereafter.

The T.V. continues when Mina comes down the steps.
26 sec

In the RC there's a missing dialogue between Mina and Lucy when they sit on a bench in the garden.
9 sec

On the ship: Some scenes during the storm are missing here, but are shown later in the movie.
approx 6 sec

When Lucy and Mina walk through the maze during the storm, there's a missing sequence of the ship.
3 sec

During the tracking shot of the zoo there are some missing sequences of the monkey and the escaping wolf (again, the scenes are shown later in the movie). After that follow the scenes from 36:30. The image of the bloody sail was cut out of the RC. In the RC you only see the stormy ocean (in the T.V. the ship was added digitally). Then follow the scenes from the zoo. There's some additional footage of the wolf howling at the moon.

It is hard to explain what happens, since many scenes are shown from different angles or were arranged in a different order.

Inside the insane asylum: A guard strikes an inmate a little longer.
1 sec

You don't see how Dr. Sewards talks into the microphone in the RC. Instead, you see him picking up a small bottle of morphine.

The next scene where he draws up a syringe is slightly longer. Then we see him on his chair, talking. He rolls up his sleeves and continues dictating. Then he shoots up the content of the syringe.

In the RC, parts of the tracking shot towards Lucy's room are missing. Also, we don't see her walking down the steps.
32 sec RC

Rectified time designation!

A missing shot of a tree.
2 sec

After the vampire bit Lucy, the wound is not shown.
1 sec

The transition to Carfaxabbay is different.

The scene where Renfield screams something out of the window is missing in the RC.
8 sec

In the RC, Dracula does not jump out of his coffin. Additionally, some newspaper reports are left out.

At this point a third countdown is displayed. Directly after it you see the map of London, which was shown earlier in the T.V.
The RC continues with some shots of a road.
12 sec

When Dracula barges against Mina and asks her the way, she (in the T.V.) tells him, that he could buy a city map for only 6 pence and then passes him on the left side.
Duration: 3 sec

In the RC, the conversation is longer and she passes him on the right side. He talks about lost souls and she replies that if he was looking for lost souls, she would recomment the Westimnster Church. Then she tells him about the city maps for 6 pence and after a short reply she passes him on the right side.
Duration: 27 sec

When she appologizes to Dracula, the scene is shown from a different angle.

In the RC there's a missing shot of mina during this conversation.

Dracula takes a bow - again shown from a different angle.

The scene where Dacula and Mina disappear in the crowd of people is a little longer. In the next scene, the butler goes to the door and opens it.
6 sec

Jack draws up a syringe for Lucy and approaches her.

13 sec

Jack kisses Lucy's hand.
2 sec

After Arthur and Quincey dismounted their horses, they walk into the house. Now, the T.V. continues.
14 sec

Quincey, Arthur and Jack enter Lucy's room. When Lucy is in frame, the T.V. continues.
3 sec

In the T.V. there's a missing shot to Lucy in her bed.
1 sec

In the RC, the screening in the cinma as well as parts of the tracking shot to Dracula and Mina were cut out.
25 sec
In return, there are shown some black and white pictures of a carriage for about 10 seconds.

When Dracula and Mina "seclude" themselves, many scenes are a little longer in the RC (e.g. the conversation is longer, she is shown earlier when running through the foyer; BUT some short sequences of her escape were cut out).
Duration of this scene in the T.V.: 60 sec
Duration of this scene in the RC: 85 sec

The wolf wanders through the cinema a little longer.
10 sec

A short sequence of the telegram is missing.
1s ec

The transition to Van Helsing looks different.

After Van Helsing had a little speech, there in the RC is a missing transition to a carriage.
43 sec

The transition to Lucy's room is longer in the RC. There are 2 additional tracking shots.
10 sec

In the RC there's a missing shot to Dracula.
1 sec

In the T.V., there's a missing sequence of Lucy soliciting Dracula with her legs spread out.
2 sec

When Lucy gets a transfusion, this is shown from different angles.

Another Countdown in the RC. Then follow some scenes that definitively don't belong here (they were already shown). A mistake?
48 sec

Before Lucy opens her eyes you can see Dracula in the window.
1,5 sec

When Dracula and Mina drink absinth, their conversation is shown from different angles. Also, the transitions are different.

When Mina and Dracula talk about his princess, Elisabeta is shown from a different angle. A shadow runs across her face - in the RC it comes from above, in the T.V. from the side.

During the splitscreen scene, the sequences in the background are missing. Instead, they are shown in between (without using the splitscreen effect).

Jonathan climbs up the castle a little longer; then he falls into the water. Both versions continue when Dracula and Mina start to dance.
33 sec

They dance a little longer and there are some additional sequences of Jonathan in between the dance sequence.

The scenes, where Jonathan arrives at the abbey and is welcomed by the nuns are missing in the RC. In return, Mina reads the letter in the garden before she starts running.

After Lucy gave the ring to Mina, the RC uses different takes of these scenes which are pretty much identical to the T.V. (there are some minor mimic differences - e.g. Mina's smile before she kisses Lucy looks a little different).
5 sec different

Mina puts the flowers on Lucy's nightstand from a different angle. Then she leaves.

When Lucy reacts on the garlic and the 3 men approach her to calm her down, in the RC there are some missing sequences of Van Helsing. In return, everything is shown from a different angle.

Lucy is lying on her bed - again a different angle.

Now you can see the scene with Van Helsing (from min. 5:20!).

Mina's letter for Dracula has a different font in the RC. Also, there's nothing dripping on the pages. When Mina throws some letters into the water, you don't see them floating.

Mina stands around with no movement a little longer before she puts the glove on her cheek. The transition to Dracula lasts a little longer in the RC. Then you can see some candles.
5 sec

The scene where Van Helsing reads a book about vampires was cut out of the RC.
19 sec

When Mina and Jonathan step into the carriage after their wedding, you don't see the cabby closing the door.
3 sec

Rectified time designation!

Another countdown in the RC.
9 sec

Van Helsing's conversation with Jonathan is longer. He shows him his book and also talks about it. The T.V. continues, when he puts the book away.
18 sec

In the T.V. there are some missing sequences of men lighting their torches. The scene of Renfield looking out of the window is shown later in the T.V.
3 sec

Rendielf (the maniac) shouts something.
2 sec

Sewards and Mina enter the room (missing in the RC).

Some sequences of the boxes being smashed were cut out of the T.V. (e.g. a close up of Dracula after the first hit on the box; directly after it there's a missing pan shot).
approx. 5 sec

3 missing sequences in the RC: You neither see the third candle and the cross being thrusted in the ground, nor Van Helsing opening a book.
7 sec

Mina schlägt in der RSF zwei mal mehr auf Dracula ein.

In the T.V. Van Helsing and his companions start a fire, then you see Mina and Dracula.
In the RC they smash some boxes and throw them on a pile of wood. One of the companions pours some spiritus on the pile; then, hundreds of rats come out of one of the boxes towards the men. A few of them fasten onto Jack. Afterwards there's a missing dialogue between Mina and Dracula.

In the RC, Dracula whispers something into Mina's ear before he bites her.
14 sec

Now, in the RC follows the scene from 1:34:25 (the pile being lit).

When Dracula cuts his chest, the RC shows a "normal" cut, whereas the T.V. offers some special effects.

Before Mina kisses Dracula's stomach, you see Dracula telling her about his blood she is supposed to drink.
19 sec

Missing sequence of Dracula's face (RC).
1 sec

Before Dracula says that Mina now is his bride, there are two missing sequences of him and Mina.
2 sec

Again, a countdown in the RC.
12 sec

The transition from Mina's picture to Mina herself is different. In the RC, the camera zooms to Mina's picture in the fire, then you see her standing next to Van Helsing. Their conversation is shown from a different angle. Dracula appears and disappears on a different spot. When Van Helsing skims over her eyes, both versions are synchronic again.

During the hypnosis scene, many sequences are shown from a different perspective. Also, there's a missing shot of Mina in the RC.
T.V. 3 sec longer

In the RC there are three missing cuts during Jonathan's conversation with Mina.

In the T.V. you can see a ship; Homewood comes into Mina's compartment to hand her a telegram.
In the RC, everyone sits around in the compartment, waiting (the ship is not included). Then you see Jonathan journalizing.

Someone suddenly produces a knife to carve a stake.

Then you see Van Helsing.

Now Jonathan is in picture again.

When Homewood comes in the compartment, the two versions are in sync again.
20 sec

In the T.V. Homewood says something before he leaves.
3 sec

Rectified time designation!

In the RC you don't see them making the plan.
22 sec

A part of the carriage ride was cut out at this point of the RC...

... only to be included now. But you only see the path, the RC was digitally added later.

After the image of the map you don't see the camp from bird's eye perspective in the RC.
Again, a part of the carriage ride is missing. Then you see Dracula, spookily appearing in Mina's carriage and talking about the "Warrior of the Earth".
36 sec

Again some missing scenes in the RC after Mina is wooed by fad.
Duration of the T.V.: 37 sec
Duration of the RC: 33 sec

Van Helsing almost succumbs and kisses Mina - again shown from a different perspective. Then he touches her breasts and kisses her.
Duration of the T.V.: 14 sec
Duration of the RC: 17 sec

The scene where Van Helsing decapitates the women was cut out of the RC.

Before he throws the heads down the abyss, they are shown in close up. Then the camera pans to Van Helsing's face.
6 sec

A part of the carriage ride (where Dracula telepathically talks to Mina) was cut out of the RC.
30 sec

When Van Helsing watches the carriage with his binoculars, the "binoculars-perspective" is missing in the RC. The pictures are instead shown from a different spot.
1 sec different

The camera zooms to Mina (looking through the binoculars) a little longer.
3 sec

The chase-scene in the carriage was cut entirely different - about every second scene is either switched or shown from a different angle. There are just too many differences to mention them all.
RC approx. 40 sec longer

When Dracula is stabbed with the knife, he is shown a little longer before he hits Quincey.
5 sec

In the RC there's a missing scene of Dracula talking to Mina. The RC continues when she kisses him.
27 sec

When Dracula dies, the RC shows different scenes. Mina strokes his face and he talks to her, gasping. "Where is my god?" Then you see the old Dracul.
18 sec different

Again, the old Dracul is shown, coughing. In the T.V. he transforms back to Dracula.

When Mina stabs Dracula, the RC shows different sequences.

After the knife comes out of his back, there's a short close up of his face.
0,5 sec

The ending is a little different. In the T.V. she decapitates Dracula.
In the RC, Van Helsing opens the door and enters the chapel; Mina kneels in front of Dracula.

She gets up and leaves the chapel; she walks towards the carriage.

Then you see the dead Dracula. It's a pan shot over his body towards the altar.

The final image:

Duration of the T.V.: 68 sec
Duration of the RC: 115 sec