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Family Guy Vol. 6 [Unrated]


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Family Guy

6.03 Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Mar 27, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the extended DVD Version (both included in the DVD Box "Volume 6").

* 7 new/extemded scenes (one of them with alternative footage)
* 2 scenes with auditory censorship
* 5 additional alterations with alternative footage

Difference: 47.7 sec

Family Guy is a very successful show aired on FOX. Since some jokes are simply too rude to air them on national television, the producers have to censor/cut scenes from time to time. However, they sometimes also cut some jokes away in order to reach the appropiate length for a TV-episode. Therefore, not all the changes that were made are a result of censorship. Nevertheless there still are enough hilarious, outrageous jokes in the show - fans will be in for a good time, weven when watching the TV Version on FOX. (I'm speaking from experience.)

BTW, it airs every sunday evening on FOX. That's really nice because you can also watch the new American Dad episode as well as the new episode of The Cleveland Show. So you've got a terrific triple feature. If you're watching FOX anyway, you can also watch the latest Simpsons episode. After all, what's better than spent your whole evening laughing your ass of while watching the latest episodes of the series by Seth MacFarlane plus some new adventures of Homer & Co?

The 3rd episode of the 6th season - "Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air" - offers several little alterations in the DVD Version (most of them were taken out of the TV Version for lack of time). The last alteration, however, was probably done for reasons of censorship (since it talks about masturbation). Same goes for the shorter black screen where you in the DVD Version hear Joe having wild sex with Bonnie.
Then there's the standard auditory censorship and a mitigations (via alternative footage - they left the additional title of Peter's clubhouse out of the TV Version).

Time index refers to the TV Version.

Before Quagmire comments on the picture of Lois' feces, Peter in the DVD Version says: "She should've handed out cigars after that one!"

2.6 sec

Alternative Footage / Auditory Censorship

Cleveland's self-ironic sentence "I hate shows that cut away from the story for some bullshit" was mitigated for the TV Version. There, his last word is "bullcrap".

No difference in time.

TV VersionDVD Version


For whatever reason they cut out Joe affirming what Shamus said ("You know, I kind of agree") before Cleveland does so.

1.3 sec


The leg transplantation training-video goes on a little longer before Joe screams.

Jamie: "First off, what's your name?"
Dr. Hartman talks to the TV: "Dr. Hartman."
Jamie: "Great name, but I'm gonna call you 'pal'."

5.8 sec


Bonnie responds to Cleveland: "My Joe is a fighter. He'll come out of this."

2.9 sec


The black screen is a little longer in the DVD Version.
Joe (aroused): "Get some, get some, yeah! Sex! Sex! Sex!"

5.6 sec


Peter: "And what did you do with your old wheelchair?"
Joe: "I gave it away."
Then the episode cuts to Chris rolling down a hill with the wheelchair. At the bottom of the hill, he falls over the pavement and lands in Adam West's flowers.
Adam West: "My tulips! You dick."

10.9 sec

Auditory Censorship

The last sentence of Joe's blond new friend (Parker) was slightly altered.

TV: "I'm gonna do sit-ups till I poop myself."
DVD: "I'm gonna do sit-ups till I crap myself."

No difference in time.

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version, Peter is shown a little earlier inside the bar. He says: "It was awful. He just left Bonnie..."

In the DVD Version the previous scene in front of Joe's house goes on a little longer. Peter wants to confront Joe.
Peter: "Joe, what the hell? You're leaving Bonnie?"
Joe: "Out of my way, Peter. Me and my new friends are gonna go surf-gliding and try to somehow work a mountain bike in there."
Peter: "You've changed, Joe. Like I did when I went through puberty."

The episode cuts to Peter as a little boy. With a high voice he says: "Hey, you guys feel like playing some base..."
Suddenly, his voice gets deeper and he immediately reacts to this change: "..ball? Excuse me, I'm gonna go masturbate."

Then follows an exterior shot of the Drunken Clam.

DVD Version 18.6 sec longer


Another broadcast of the episode from FOX that was also available for this report had another small difference compared to the DVD Version.
There are 5 scenes where the animation was changed (due to censorship) and they probably just forgot to include this scenes in the bonus material of the DVD.


In the TV Version, the additional sign that says "No balls, no entry" was deleted on Peter's clubhouse.

No difference in time.

TV Version (Fox)DVD Version


Again, the "No balls, no entry"-sign is missing.

No difference in time.

TV Version (Fox)DVD Version



No difference in time.

TV Version (Fox)DVD Version



No difference in time.

TV Version (Fox)DVD Version



No difference in time.

TV Version (Fox)DVD Version