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Battlestar Galactica: Razor


  • US Extended Version
  • German Extended Version
Release: May 30, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US Extended version and the German Extended version, both published by Universal.

Razor's timeline is at the same time after episode 17 and the second season and tells about the happenings on Pegasus which is under command of Captain Lee Adama. Shortly later a Raptor and the crew has gone lost and Lee receives the order to start a search & rescue mission. The movie is filled with flashbacks of the characters' past (e.g. Kendra Shaw, Admiral Helena Cain and Admiral William Adama).

For some time the DVD which contains both TV and extended version can be purchased in the USA and Great Britain.

Lately the DVD has been published in Germany as well and also contains both versions. A comparison between the German and the US version has shown that funnily the US extended version is shorter in one scene.

This scene is also missing in the TV version of the US DVD as you can see in this cut report: Cut Report

Finally one can say that the German Extended Version is the longest version of this movie. The US Extended Version lacks 10 seconds of material. The US TV version runs about 199 seconds longer but there is this scene missing, too.

Runtime of the US Extended Version w/o credits: 1:39:47 (NTSC) = 1:35:42 (PAL)
Runtime of the German Extended Version w/o credits: 1:35:52 (PAL)

1 cut = 10 sec. (both PAL & NTSC)

Big thanks to Herr Kömmlich, who gave me the German DVD and therefore provided the material for this cut report.
Time index: German TV version (PAL)/US TV version (NTSC)

After an conversation with Kendra in the kitchen Starbuck turns around and leaves. Here the US version stops. There is a scene missing how Kendra looks for Starbuck while she is leaving the room. She takes a gulp from her flask.
10 sec.