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original title: Chik loh go yeung


  • Asian Export Version
  • HK Cat. III DVD
Release: Jun 08, 2012 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German VHS tape released by VMP (including the export version) and the new uncut HK DVD released by Mega Star (Cat III).
Probably the best piece of CAT III movie Wong Jing has ever done, "Naked Killer" had to be censored for other Asian countries - violence, a lot of sex and a few dialogues had to be cut out. By now, Megastar has released a DVD in Hong Kong which is even longer than the previous HK version.
In the Export Version Kitty is introduced as being an undercover cop and not a psychopath. Those scenes that display her as a psychopath were enitrely cut out, even though some of them might even fit in the Export Version and could have supported the plot.
The comparison of the runtime begins with the "Media Asia" logo. Thankfully enough, the German DVD also runs in NTSC speed.

HK Cat III DVD: 92:47 min
Export Version: 76:53 min
Additional scenes in the Export Version: 5:11 min
Export Version without these additional scenes: 71:42 min
32 scenes were shortened, which results in an overall missing runtime of 21 min and 5 sec.
The first Murder
When Princess slams the dumbbell against the guy's head, a very gory shot was cut out.
0.5 sec

Kitty Flirts With Tinam
When Kitty and Tinam flirt in front of the car, she fondles him way longer.
20 sec

After Tinam threw Kitty against the car, he buries his face in her breasts.
10 sec

Kitty's Revenge
Kitty wants to avenge her father's murder and angrily thus walks into his office. After a short wrangling someone is able to vanquish her. In the Export Version we miss out on 2 scenes - in one of them Kitty is kicked in the crotch twice.
2 sec

When Kitty fights back, there's another missing close-up shot of her stabbing a pen into the murder's testicles.
1 sec

Shortly after the explosion of the 2 cars there's a missing shot outside the subway.
5 sec

Cindy and Kitty
The first rapist falls head first on the steps.
1 sec

After Kitty was able to get out of the cellar she runs up to Cindy. There's a missing dialogue about the "arms of women". Then you see both of them training with a knife. Shortly after this you don't see Cindy massaging Kitty and philosophizing about strange weapons (e.g. a toothbrush). Then she touches her breasts.
142 sec

Shortly after the training sequence the Export Version continues. Kitty and Cindy are lying on a sofa and talk about how to get some information about their missions. During this scene, Cindy constantly fondles Kitty.
159 sec

Murder Victim Without Penis
There's a missing scene where a penis falls into Tinam's food. After this we don't see how Tinam's colleague tries to explain to the English policeman that the penis disapppeared. Since he tries to avoid the word "penis" he doesn't really manage to tell the policeman what he wants to say and rather makes a fool of himself.
44 sec

Tinam's colleague picks a sausage (=penis) from the breakfast table to get even for the cigarette Tinam borrowed. While a colleague finds the victim's testicles, the other guy tries to put the "sausage" in his mouth, which apparently isn't that easy. A piliceman recognizes, that the sausage has the same color as the testicles. However, the other one doesn't want to be bothered while eating and simply continues.
22 sec

After the English policeman left, Tinam's colleague makes fun of the missing penis and wonders if someone in the room accidentally ate it.
16 sec

Disco and the Murder in the Pool
While the others dance, a few scenes where a man and a woman have sex were cut out. In between there are some more shots of the happenings in the disco.
7 sec

When Princess stabs the Japanese guy's head, there's a missing shot of Baby who half-nakedly swims underneath them.
1 sec

Princess and Baby fondle each other a little longer and more explicitly in the blood-soaked pool.
53 sec

While Princess fondles Baby's breasts, they talk about their next mission where they are supposed to kill Kitty and Cindy. Baby worries whether or not they're skilled enough.
50 sec

Tracing Kitty

When the two policemen enter Kitty's house you don't see the housemaid telling Kitty about the guests and reaching her something to dress. The two cops watch this.
15 sec

After David was run over you see Tinam dreaming of getting to know that Kitty was nonfatally shot. He immediately drives to the hospital and Kitty tells him that she in fact is who Tinam thinks she is. He opens her blouse and starts touching her. She reaches for a gun and aims at his head. Then Tinam wakes up.
60 sec

Tinam tells his colleague of his invirility and that only Kitty would be able to heal him.
39 sec

You see Kitty masturbating in the bathtub. There are some cuts to her thoughts of Tinam lolling on the bed.
45 sec

Kitty and Tinam Come Together

There's a missing conversation between Tinam and Kitty about their true identity. She still denies it but later on she tells him via beeper to come to her house.
77 sec

There are 2 missing sex scenes. In one of them Tinam and Kitty have sex, in the other one it's Princess and Baby. The movie constantly cuts from one couple to the other. It's striking to notice that Kitty (Chingmy Yau) tries not to show too much. This (sort of) game of hide-and-seek is pretty strange. With Baby it's very different - everything is very revealing but also very brutal. Does that imply that Japanese women are less prudish than women from Hong Kong?
160 sec

Kitty lies in bed with Tinam a little longer.
9 sec

There's a missing scene of Kitty and Tinam inside a car. He tries to pick up a weapon but has to throw up. Kitty is worried.
32 sec

Cindy's Death and the Final Showdown
Both guys who want to rape Cindy fondle her legs.
8 sec

Tinam talks to his colleague.
30 sec

When Kitty arrives at Princess and Baby's place, she watches them cuddling for a while before she talks to Princess.
94 sec

After Kitty left the room she goes to the pool and sits down at the side. Princess follows her and fondles Kitty for a while before she jumps into the pool. Baby watches them and then leaves disappointedly.
68 sec

The showdown in Cindy's house was edited with a blue filter for the Export Version. On the HK DVD the colors look normal.

After Kitty's bones were broken, Princess touches her breasts a little longer.
8 sec

After Kitty and Tinam kiss for the last time, the whole house explodes out of nowhere in the Export Version. In the uncut version you see what was missing: while Tinam and Kitty kiss, he pulls his gun out and fires a shot at the gas range. It explodes along with some other stuff in the kitchen. In the Export Version you only see the last 3 seconds of the explosion without knowing what caused it.
10 Sec

You see how Tinam's colleague walks towards the flames with a horrified look on his face.
3 sec

In the Export Version, the credits roll in front of a black background. On the HK DVD, however, you instead see Tinam who is holding Kitty in his arms. The scene is surrounded by flames. The credits are a little longer, too.
15 sec