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New York Ripper, The

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Night Killer

My Sassy Girl

original title: Yeopgijeogin geunyeo


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 17, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Of the most successful romantic comedy from South Korea that brilliantly manages to mix hilarious comedy with serious undertones far away from typical western stereotypes a Director's Cut was released on DVD in Korea. For the comparison the Double DVD from Hongkong has been used where the greater part of the scenes are found among the bonus features.
Most scenes are not important for the movie but the balcony scene towards the end (and the scenes referring to that scene) should not have been cut out of the Theatrical Version. Apart from Ji-hyun Jun acting absolutely wonderful and the camera staying focused on her face for more than two minutes the things said by Gyeon-woo are very important for what is to come in the movie after that scene.

Theatrical Version: 123.25 Min
Director's Cut: 137.33
Difference: 19 scenes with a running time of 14,24 Min

The remaining difference derives from different changeovers between scenes that are not listed here.
12.52 Min
Gyeon-woo registers himself in the guest book. The clerk looks over his shoulder and repeats everything Gyeon-woo is writing, which visibly irritates him. Then he walks to the bed where the girl lies and looks at her necklace.
62 sec

14.53 Min
Gyeon-woo is imprisoned by the policeman and begs to be set free since he's innocent. When he sees the convicts he's supposed to share a cell with he panics. As soon as the guards are gone the other inmates start to bully him.
83 sec

15.07 Min
Gyeon-woo leaves the prison, thanking everyone, including the gangsters who are eating at the moment. Outside he meets the girl.
54 sec

25.46 Min
After Gyeon-woo comes back from the apothecary he of course walks into the wrong hotel room.
18 sec

42.25 Min
After Gyeon-woo has accidentally hit on his own girlfriend in the city he drinks something with his friends. The movie jumps back an hour and we see his girlfriend walking through the park and speaking to him on the phone. She wants to finally meet his friends but he refuses and she again threatens to kill herself. He hangs up. We ten follow her through the city. Because she helps an elderly woman she misses the subway and has to put up with a somewhat retarded taxi driver who finally crashes into another vehicle. She leaves the taxi and eventually meets Gyeon-woo who thinks she's a different girl and hits on her.
175 sec

47.12 Min
Gyeon-woos girlfriend grimaces longer as she beats him up in prison.
3 sec

47.28 Min
Despite of his mangled face Gyeon-woo keeps trying to have a look at his soup. His girlfriend tells him that as long as he is good to her they will be happy. He grimaces and tries to smile politely.
21 sec

48.05 Min
When Gyeon-woos father controls whether his son is looking at pron on the Internet (the man is 25 years old!) it happens twice in the Director's Cut.
33 sec

52.37 Min
When Gyeon-woo says to the deserter that he and the girl are only friends the deserter says that she can be his girl then.. She starts to freak out and demands an apology.
20 sec

68.01 Min
After Gyeon-woo has given the subeditor the script for the Martial Arts movie the subeditor runs to the toilet and starts to vomit.. Gyeon-woo, who is on the toilet as well, witnesses the event and starts to feel sick himself.
38 sec

70.43 Min
After the soldiers have marched through the subway, the girl explains to Gyeon-woo how life works around her. The sky is not blue because of reflections or anything but because she wants it to be blue. And that's just the way it is with Gyeon-woo. He was born exclusively for her. Him being a year older than her doesn't matter. In the end he again realizes that he cannot compete with her.
51 sec

80.59 Min
Right before Gyeon-woo makes his way to his girlfriends school in camouflage he meets his mother who mistakes him for a burglar and starts to clobber him. When she recognizes her son she beats him up anyway, demanding to know why he hasn't visited his aunt yet.
39 sec

84.28 Min
After they have put on their old school uniforms they make a pit stop in a bar before going to the disco.
44 sec

92.21 Min
When Gyeon-woo visits his ex-girlfriend at her first Blind Date he leads her onto the balcony and talks to her about her boyfriend before his time. He assumes that she has not left him but that he has died which is why she still longs for him. He gives her advice how to proceed with the next man in her life. Above all she should try to compromise once in a while instead of always wanting to have things her way. The whole scene is shot in one single take and while the camera slowly zooms in on her face we can see how she eventually breaks into tears.
178 Sec

103.11 Min
They both walk down the hill where they have buried the time capsule.
10 Sec

107.00 Min
The changeover to the tree in the future is a bit longer.
4 sec

107.45 Min
Gyeon-woo picks up the time capsule.
9 sec

While she reads the letter we see two short flashbacks of him saving her at the subway and meeting her on the balcony of the restaurant.
4 Sec

In the end we see her standing at a lake and throwing her necklace into the water to find peace once and for all.
18 sec