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My Way

original title: Mai wei


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 21, 2013 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
My Way is the story of two men who couldn't be any more different. Jun-shik and Tatsuo, a Korean and a Japanese guy, who become major rivals in the course of life. When WW II starts, they both have to serve the imperial Japanese Army. In their first battle, a unit gets brutally battered and the two of them end up as POWs of the Soviet Union. From now on, they both have their own adventure going on. At the evening of D-Day, they meet again in Europe. Now they have a decision to make: putting up a good fight for the last time or finding a way home...

Compared are the BBFC 18 DVD and the German DVD (FSK 16).

Running time:
German DVD (FSK 16): 137:27 min. PAL (end credits included)
UK DVD (BBFC 18): 137:40 min. PAL (end credits included)

Total differnce: 13 seconds
Alternate Logos:
While the German DVD contains the logos of splendid film and AMASIA, the UK Version has the longer Universal Pictures logo.

BBFC 18 +9 sec

German DVDBBFC 18

Additional Audio in the German Version:
FSK 16: 00:01:21 / BBFC 18: 00:01:29
In the German Version, the English text boxes are being translated into German by Jun-shik Kim from the off.

no difference

Extended Scene in the German Version
Jun-shik Kim has been forced to join the Japanese Army. In an ongoing battle with the Russian Army near Nomonhan, Mongolian borderland, a Russian horseman gets hit by a rifle bullet. Falling off his galloping horse, he pulls the horse down as well. The horse spins over in the process and ends up on the back.
At the same, another horseman is going down with his horse in the background.

BBFC 18 -2 sec

The remaining difference results from a longer black screen at the end of the credits in the UK Version.