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Savages: Unrated version for home theaters

Oliver Stone actioner in a prolonged version later

Oliver Stone's new film Savages starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) and Blake Lively (The Town) among others, has started in US theaters early in July and while most countries still have to wait for a release (e.g. the UK, where a censored version hits cinemas on September 21st), the US can already expect the DVD and Blu-ray, which are due on October 23rd, 2012.

The announcement for the home video releases has a little something extra on top. Next to the R rated theatrical version, both the DVD and Blu-ray will contain a longer Unrated Cut of the movie. Time will tell if the UK and other countries are so fortunate to get the new version as well. If you are interested in the upcoming US releases, you can order both editions here.


Release: Sep 05, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source:

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