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Harry Potter - New complete box

Theatrical versions, extended cuts, 2D, 3D

Even though it's safe to assume that Potter fans already have one of the previous box editions with the films (hopefully not only one of the numerous ones that came out when the franchise wasn't complete yet), once or twice a year, there's something new to discover and this is the chance for late starters to fall for the Potter mania after all.

The possibly most beautiful box including a wand, which came out last winter, has been sold out in the meantime and some retailers tried to sell it on Amazon for prices of 700 Euro and more. Therefore, a new variant is more than welcome. On September 7th, 2012 (USA) and September 10th, 2012 (UK), the new Harry Potter Wizard's Collection will hit the shelves and comes along with all 8 films and 31 discs in total.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (comparison) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (comparison) are included in their extended versions, while Harry Potter 7.1 and 7.2 are on board in both 2D and 3D variants. And those who don't want to watch it on DVD, can do so on Blu-ray.


The bonus material is as extensive as possible and includes everything from the previous editions and introduces never-before-seen featurettes, as well.

This new limited and numbered 31-disc collection contains all eight Harry Potter movies on Blu-ray, DVD and UltraViolet Digital Copy and more than 37 hours of special features including all previously released materials and more than 10 hours of new to disc bonus content, and 5 hours of never-before-seen material. (

The other specs of the box set according to the product description on Amazon:

Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection Bonus Disc
Nearly 4 hours of features including: All New! “The Harry Potters You Never Met” - Watch how thrilling stunts from the films were performed, and learn about the tricks behind the major stunts in the series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Bonus Disc
Over 2 hours of features including: All New! “Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 7: Story”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Bonus Disc
Over 4 hours of features including: All New! “Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 8: Growing Up” and All New! Extended “A Conversation with JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe” with 15 minutes of new footage.

Label Collection
This 32 page, 5" x 7" perfect-bound collection of prop labels from the films was designed exclusively for this collection by MinaLima Design. The book includes labels from potions, memory vials, Honeydukes and Wheasley's Wheezes.

Harry Potter Catalogue of Artefacts
This 48 page rigid book was created by MinaLima Design: Eduardo Lima, Miraphora Mina and Lauren Wakefield, former graphic designers on the Harry Potter films. Filled with their favorite props from the films designed in "shadow boxes," this stunning catalogue can only be found in the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection.


US: Pre-order the box set at

  UK: Pre-order the box set at

Release: Aug 01, 2012 - Author: Bob - Translator: Mike Lowrey

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