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Roger Corman forced to naked breasts

Although Roger Corman is 86 years old by now, he's still active as a film producer, recently mainly for cheap TV movies. One of these projects was the film Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader. Based on this title that was preset by the US pay TV channel Epix, he created a story around it. That didn't turn out to be that creative in the end. A scientific experiment goes wrong and a cheerleader, that initially only wanted to become more attractive, grows to immense heights after taking a serum.

Since Epix is a premium channel just like HBO or Showtime, naked ladies are almost a basic requirement and Roger Corman had to arrange that the final fight between two king-size cheerleaders includes that they tear off each other's clothes.

Roger Corman: "Epix wanted it filmed two ways.  One way is that inadvertently their tops come off during the fight.  And then I wanted another version in which the tops stay on.  I know that we have never filmed a picture with nudity in it for a number of years.  The only thing I can think of is that for a very long time a little nudity above the waist was startling.  Today there is so much nudity on the Internet it’s no longer startling.  For us this is the first time we’ve shot a first topless version because Epix wanted it."

While Epix and the upcoming DVD/BD are going to show the more revealing version of the movie, a moderate variant where boobies are taboo, is likely to be used for secondary usage on other channels.

Release: Jul 21, 2012 - Author: Bob - Translator: Mike Lowrey - Source: Collider

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