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Mass Effect 3 - Extended Cut arrives this week

Prolonged end for fans

As reported earlier, Mass Effect 3 will get an Extended Cut. On June 26th, 2012, the additional video sequences and cut scenes will be available for free as a download for XBox 360 and PC. The PS3 version follows on July 4th, 2012.

The 1.9 gigabyte of new data will not change the ending but only extend it in order to give some disappointed fans a little bit more of the otherwise brilliant sci-fi trilogy.

Der optimale Einstiegspunkt für das erweiterte Ende ist ein Spielstand (Text markieren)

The perfect entry point for the extended ending is a savegame (mark the text)

SPOILER shortly before the attack on the Cerebrus HQ /SPOILER.


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Release: Jun 27, 2012 - Author: Bob - Translator: Mike Lowrey

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