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artist: Eminem


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Mar 08, 2013 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana
Eminem. No doubt one of the biggest and most successful artists of our time. Apart from the music, he also became popular for his escapades and scandals. His music videos also caused controversies and it wasn't unusual that the music channels only played a censored version. One of those videos is the Space Bound video that attracts attention. Not only because of the appearance of ex porn star Sasha Grey but also because of a bloody headshot.

Compared are the Censored Version on and the Uncensored Version on

Even though the lyrics remain unchanged, the already mentioned headshot is blurred. All in mall, there are 4 scenes that are blurred in the censored version.
3:26 Minuten
Eminem pulls the trigger. Lots of blood gushes out of the back of the head.
no difference

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

3:30 Minuten
Eminem also gets a headshot in the alternate timeline.
no difference

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

3:33 Minuten
Another shot of him.
no difference

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

3:34 Minuten
When the hands of time are being turned backed, the headshot has been blurred again.
no difference

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

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