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The 100: The Complete Fourth Season

A Fish Called Wanda


Stendhal Syndrome

Untold Story, The

original title: Bat sin fan dim ji yan yuk cha siu bau


  • Japan LD
  • HK VHS
Release: Oct 12, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
Although both versions have been cut, they have been edited differently.
Runtime HK Tape Cat III without credits: 1:28:02
Runtime Japan LD (NTSC) without credits: 1:33:46
with credits 1:34:54

The HK DVD is uncut.
Murder of the waitress:
All shots showing the waitress' pubic hair during the rape have been removed.

Some shots of him grabing of her private parts and opening his pants have been removed.

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