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Multiple Maniacs

One Million Years B.C.

Dead Or Alive Trilogy

House: Two Stories

Untold Story, The

original title: Bat sin fan dim ji yan yuk cha siu bau


  • HK VHS
  • Japan LD
Release: Oct 12, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: matze_hg - external link: IMDB
Although both versions have been cut, they have been edited differently.
Runtime HK Tape Cat III without credits: 1:28:02
Runtime Japan LD (NTSC) without credits: 1:33:46
with credits 1:34:54

The HK DVD is uncut.
When Wong starts gutting the first corpse, a shot of him pulling out the entrails is missing.
1 sec.

He keeps on dismembering the body before putting the flesh into a meat grinder.
11 sec.

Wong gags the waitress with her own panties.
8 sec.

A few shots of Wong hurling some cups after the waitress are missing.
3 sec.

The scene in which Wong pours boiling water over her fingers is missing this shot:
2 sec.

Wong slams her head two more times onto the table.
2 sec.

He grabs her breasts a bit longer.
2 sec.

The rape has been expanded, he grabs her breasts again and twists her nipple.
15 sec.

He sticks some chocksticks into her vagina.
1 Sec

When he pulls the chopsticks out, the table can be seen from below and blood drips down.
4 sec.

When Wong gets beaten up in prison, a scene is missing in which a fellow inmate urinates onto Wong's neck for quite some time.

7 sec.

Wong slashes his own arm, close-up of him during the process.
5 sec.

When his cellmate confronts him with his self mutilation, a shot of Wong ripping flesh from his own wrist by using his teeth is missing.
4 sec.

Wong kills Cheng's family:
He bites off a piece of the woman's cheek and spits it into Cheng's face. His children are forced to watch it.

He shakes a child until it bleeds and then tosses it to Cheng.
3 sec.

Cheng can be seen lying on the floor with a knife in his neck for longer period of time.
2 sec.

A child falls backwards and blood flows from its back.
3 sec.

Wong beheads one child on the table (In the OFF).
9 sec.

Wong cuts off an arm.
1 sec.

Wong keeps on dismembering the bodies. Bloods splashes into his face and into a fan. He wipes the blood off his face and glasses.
7 sec.

Wong keeps on slashing and sorts the body parts into boxes, he then walks past the parts.
28 sec.

In prison he opens his arteries with a can opener.
4 sec.

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