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Gwendoline (aka The Perils of Gwendoline)

original title: Gwendoline


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Dec 20, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The R-rated version has been compared to the unrated version, both released by Severin Films.


Convent schoolgirl Gwendoline is travelling around Asia with her abigail Beth to search for her missing father, who disappeared during an expedition for a rare butterfly. As she is being captured and sold by human traffickers in Macao, the attractive adventurer Willard saves them. Gwendoline sees a chance to save her father in him. They make their way to Yik Yak, where they meet a tribe of amazons who have never seen a male before. A fight to the death among the bare breasted amazons is supposed to decide with whom Willard should father a male child. No problem for Willard, as he says himself: “Give me all your women, tomorrow, you will be overpopulated.“ The only downside: After the mating, the male is supposed to die.
Just Jaeckin, director of "Emmanuelle" shot the movie based on the scandalous comic book of the 40s as a pointless scenery-orgy. The "chariot race" is not as exciting as Ben Hur's, but definetly cult.


German VHS:

Runtime: without credits: 94:50

The only legal German release of the film is the VHS by Constantin Film. Except for two minutes of plot missing in the beginning of the film, the VHS is identical to the "Unrated Director's Cut".
There are no ending credits in the German VHS.

US theatrical version/R-Rated DVD:

Runtime: 88:39 NTSC (without credits: 84:53)

This version was shown in US-theaters under the title "The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak" and was also later released on DVD. This version misses even 16 minutes, most of the missing scenes are plot. There are little violence scenes during a fighting sequence missing in the R-rated version, but because the entire scene is missing, it cannot really be called a violence cut. Shortly before the end of the movie, the death of the scientist is missing, probably removed for continuity purposes.
More about that in the report.

Uncut theatrical version/Unrated Director's Cut:

Runtime: 104:35 NTSC (without credits: 100:46)

The longest version of the film was a.o. released in France and, as "Unrated Director's Cut", in the US.The BBFC 18 DVD is also completely uncut. More about that further along in the text.


The film was submitted to the BBFC to be rated for a theatrical version by Enterprise Picture in 1984. 3 min. 14 sec. (at 24 fps) had to be removed to receive an 18+ rating. For unknown reasons, the theatrical release was cancelled, though. In 1986, the film was submitted again to the BBFC, this time by Embassy Home Entertainment. The reason was the upcoming video-release in Great Britain. Seemingly, there were even more cuts necessary compared to the already censored theatrical version.
At the end of the report BBFC 18 VHS <-> Unrated Director's Cut, there is a list of cuts in the theatrical version and the ones in the VHS-version. This list originates from the British BBFC 18 DVD. The break in which both lists differ is marked yellow.

There was a pre-cert-version of the cut British VHS at hand for this comparison, meaning this version had not been classified yet and thus, the VHS does not carry a BBFC rating. The BBFC 18-logo was only sticked on the VHS at hand later.


According to IMDb the UK DVD misses a short shot of Willard's private area.

"Despite being uncut, the movie is actually missing a brief shot of Willard's genitals when his g-string is torn off."

After having checked the British BBFC 18 DVD, it is clear, though, that it is completely uncut and equals the US unrated version. The addressed scene exists in all releases.

Technical details

The subtitles of the unrated version probably relate to the francophone version, which is why the subtitles do not exactly match the English dubbing. For example, Gwen and Willard talk about London and the statue of liberty in the English version, but the subtitles say Paris and the Eiffel tower. The German dubbing, in this case, sticks with the original French version.


1 longer logo in the beginning of the US DVD (9 sec. PAL)
26 cuts
1x alternative footage longer in the UK VHS
3x alternative footage without time difference
(= 175 sec. PAL total)
= 184 sec. resp. 3 min. 4 sec.

Cut lengths are determined in PAL.
Timecode: Rated R / Unrated

The opening titles differ.
No time difference


Beth is shown longer at the wooden box in which Gwendoline was lying. She looks around questioningly and screams for Gwendoline.
6.24 sec.

Yuki is shouting at his translator. He says he didn't know the translation and starts crying. Yuki is annoyed and the translator leaves. He then also sends away all the other men.

15.42 sec.


The R-rated version misses a short view of Willard lifting his cap a little in a cool way after he has swung himself through the window.

2.3 sec.


The discussion between Gwendoline and her abigail Beth is only shown in the unrated version. Gwendoline asks her to fix her torn dress. She then gushes over Willard while Beth grabs the money. Gwen takes it from her because she doesn't want to steal. The R-rated version continues as they hear voices.

51.42 sec.


The R-rated version stops a bit earlier as the woman throws the white ball into the roulette.

1.33 sec.


In the unrated version Gwen talks to Willard. She says the dress was her mother's and that Gwen never saw her in it. Willard laughs. The R-rated version continues as Beth takes the conversation.

6.44 sec.


The R-rated version cuts off in the middle of Gwen's line as she talks to Beth and hints at how they could remember where Willard's package was if he would help them out of the water.

("Once we're dry and we've found my father...) don't you think we can make an effort to remember were we put them?"

Gwen continues talking and then Beth and Gwen laugh. The two versions run in sync again as Willard gets angry.

11.54 sec.


The end of the conversation between Gwendoline and Willard is only featured in the unrated version. She apologizes for the trouble Willard has to go through with them. She then says he had to forget her kiss because it was to painful if something happened to one of the two. Willard answers that, if a man would say something like this, he would beat him up and tells Gwen to go back into her cabin.

29.66 sec.


After Willard has set Taouto's boat alight, you get two views of Beth and Gwendoline in the unrated version.

3.14 sec.


As Gwen leaves with Tom and tells Willard to take a bath because he smells, the R-rated version misses the beginning of Willard's shot. He yawns ostentatiously.

1.47 sec.


After Gwen has told Willard to get up, the R-rated version cuts off. It misses Gwen showing him the money and telling him there was no need to count it, everything was there. Willard answers that he would love to know where she had gotten it from but Gwen only answers that he would be disappointed if he found out.

11.04 sec.


As Willard leaves, you see him in the unrated version pulling the butterfly net over Tom's head, saying he did everything for science. The first few frames of the following scene are missing, as well.

8.07 sec.


As the three make their way through the high grass, the R-rated version cuts off.
The unrated version shows a longer scene in which Gwen shouts at Willard to hurry up. He is making fun of her by acting as if he was chasing a butterfly. The beginning of the next shot of them walking through the river is missing, too.

30.06 sec.


The R-rated version cuts off as Willard stands still while Beth and Gwen move on. The unrated version features a two-minute scene.

Willard shouts at them, telling them to stand still immediately and not move. He slowly moves towards them. Gwen and Beth do not move. Willard takes his machete and bows down, he demands the water bottle. He then shoves a stone away with the machete and a plant is revealed. He pours water on it and explains that the "Sapricus Orantis" could live for thirty years with only three drops of water. You see the plant grow, Gwen is getting angry. Willard says that they will go home when the two bottles of water were empty and they hadn't found the butterfly by then. Gwen continues to rant and says they had a contract and that Willard should first carry beth and then her. Willard shouts and Gwendoline and wants to get out. Beth is standing between the two as they fight and tries to persuade Willard to stay. Then, Gwen suggests Willard should count his money. As he gets out the bag, he notices there are only scraps of paper inside. Willard runs towards Gwen who then tells him that he would get his money when they have returned. Then, Gwen and Beth move on and let Willard stand there. At the beginning of the next scene, the two versions run in sync again.

121.35 sec.


When Willard goes away, the scene between him and Gwendoline continues. She follows him and asks if he was ever in love. He answers yes, in every woman in the world but her. He then lifts her up and tells her of a female panther he once owned and liked a lot, but which was killed by a hunter. He then laughs and moves on.

40.9 sec.


When the three face the Kiops, the R-rated version cuts off. Willard grins at the leader. A view of the Kiops is shown, then again Beth, Gwen and Willard.

4.74 sec.


Willard talks longer to Gwen as they lie tied up on the ground. He says that if Gwen managed to run faster then the Kiops' dogs, then she could make something out of the money due to him. Then she should kiss the money on behalf of Willard.
6.34 sec.


After Willard has told Beth they didn't have a chance, only the unrated version features Gwen telling him she was sorry. He on the other hand answers she could ask him for anything but that, and he at least wants to sleep well in his last night.

17.02 sec.


Willard asks Gwen if she thought of this journey as a pick-nick. He continues that he will curse her butterfly when the dogs tear them apart. Beth tells him to be quiet.

16.08 sec.


Willard also says he would have been proud of Gwen if he was her father.

12.95 sec.


After Gwen has said she was still a virgin, Willard means she couldn't die without having had sex before. Subsequently, the two try to move toward each other. Willard takes a straw with his mouth and strokes Gwen with it. After a short while, the straw breaks off in Gwendoline's mouth. She turns away. The R-rated version continues as you see Willard again, a few frames delayed.

66.57 sec.


Again, Willard talks longer to Gwen. "You can feel my kisses on your neck."

4.57 sec.


One more time, he talks lustfully to Gwendoline. She moans.

10.18 sec.


Gwen is shown longer as Willard talks.

4.3 sec.


After the three have managed to get themselves free, the R-rated version misses the beginning of the escape. Willard, Gwen and Beth carefully walk along the way, then they meet the Kiops. Gwen wants to surrender but Beth steps forward and shouts she had enough. Hysterically, she moves toward the leader and slaps him several times in the face. She doesn't want to move on and Willard supports her. The leader is standing dumbfoundedly there as they go away. He only then realizes it and the Kiops continue to follow the three. In the following scene, you see the followed and the followers running around every which way.

83.88 sec.


Willard talks longer to Gwendoline as he lets Beth down on the rope into the cave. Gwen wants to show him London (subtitles: Paris). Willard negates and says she should not already write the invitations to the wedding, just because they had spent one romantic night. At that, Gwen gets angry. The R-rated version continues as Beth moves toward the butterfly.

18.75 sec.


Beth is being drawn into the bushes. As Willard and Beth start climbing down the boulder, the R-rated version cuts off. Gwen calls for Beth.

3.67 sec.


Gwen badmouths Willard longer. She says he was a coward and wouldn't care for others' feelings. Willard replies that feelings were for wussies. Gwen continues talking at him.

18.65 sec.


Gwendoline watches the device which dips the amazon again and again headfirst into the water.

7.77 sec.


(Willard is being kept at bay by the amazons. Queen: "You're not in a position to make demand.") She asks D'Arcy for his opinion, who only answers "You're superb."

2.87 sec.


The queen asks Gwendoline if she could forget everything Willard says. Gwen nods. The queen asks if she came to chase butterflied. Gwen says yes and that the butterfly was for her father. The queen remembers the scientist and she asks D'Arcy if he was reminded as well. He says he remembered anything she forced him to do.

22.67 sec.


The women grab Willard longer. The queen explains that the women will fight to the death to then mate with him.

6.51 sec.


After Willard was dragged upwards again by the chain, the queen says "Perfect." in the unrated version. The first frames of the next scene are missing, too.
2.27 sec.


After the "chariot race" and as Willard thinks Gwen was dead, the R-rated version misses a short dialogue between D'Arcy and the queen.

D'Arcy: "I saw the whole fight. It was splendid. Unbelievable. Supernatural."

Queen: "Please, will you be quiet, D'Arcy?"

D'Arcy: "Too bad for you."

11.68 sec.


D'Arcy talks much longer to Gwendoline in the unrated version. She says he murdered her father. D'Arcy blames the queen for it. He was only a tiny physicist, but he was crazy for the queen. She used that to force him to illegal deeds, but he had found a way to control the vulcan's energy and thus control the queen. He wants to return to the normal world where wealth would lead to power.

54.42 sec.


D'Arcy sits down and lets the fights start. In the unrated version, a more than two minutes long fight scene between the amazons takes place, one of which is Gwendoline. The women face each other. Gwen has the colour green. She is being attacked by the woman in yellow and can hardly put up a decent fight. The queen, who doesn't know it's Gwen, gives her no chance to win. A sequence „blue“ vs. "red" takes place. The queen wants to bet with Willard who was going to win. Willard says "green". Then you see "yellow" and Gwen fighting again. Willard and the queen talk to each other again.
In the meantime "yellow" has noticed that "green" is none of them. She tries to rip off Gwen's helmet, but she defends herself and fights her. Then you see "blue" killing the woman in red. She then attacks "yellow", but she wins the duel and kills "blue". The queen is bored and the fight is being canceled. The queen talks to D'Arcy and hopes, the next round will become more original. The R-rated version continues at round 2.

143.11 sec.


D'Arcy says: "Green is superb... I mean Yellow is superb." The first frames of the following scenes are missing, as well. Gwendoline and „yellow“ are lying on the ground, fighting.

3.6 sec.


After the death of „yellow“, Gwen falls to her knees. The R-rated version cuts off, here. The queen tells Willard he had won the bet and the girl. That night would show what kind of gentleman he really is.

5.54 sec.


In the unrated version, there is an additional scene between Gwendoline and D'Arcy. Beth is with Gwen. As they hear a noise, Beth hides. Gwen puts on her helmet again. D'Arcy steps into the room and warns Gwen that she was going to die. He offers to bring her away. Gwen says that he cheated everyone and should get lost. D'Arcy gives her a bag full of diamonds, but Gwen refuses. She wants to fight. D'Arcy begs her to love him, but Gwendoline wants to be let alone. Then Beth joins ins and kicks D'Arcy in the crotch. The next scene takes place, the two versions run in sync again.

65.5 sec.


The unrated version features an additional scene with Beth and D'Arcy. Beth ties him up and points some sort of huge arbalest at him. He asks Beth to untie him and says that he started the timer for the explosion of the entire complex. Beth asks how much time they had left. Then there is a cut to Willard and the R-rated version continues again.

24.06 sec.


Only the unrated version shows that D'arcy is getting killed by the spear, because the previous scene is missing the the R-rated version. His painful face is shown.

2.4 sec.


The beginning of Gwendoline getting up is missing in the R-rated version.

2.14 sec.

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