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original title: Musa


  • BBFC 18 International Version
  • Uncensored International Version
Release: Jul 08, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the UK DVD by Premier Asia (Contender Entertainment) and the US DVD by Sony Pictures.

Both DVDs contain the international version of the film and the UK DVD had to be cut according to BBFC guidelines. As often, these cuts involve horse falls during fighting scenes.

The image section varies slightly in both versions.

Picture comparison:




UK: 00:00:00
US: 00:00:00
The US DVD starts with an additional logo by CJ Entertainment, while the UK DVD contains a longer black screen at the beginning.
UK: 3 sec.
US: 16.5 sec.

UK: 00:06:17
US: 00:06:47

One of the Yuan riders falls during their attack on the prisoner transport.

2 sec.

UK: 00:06:53
US: 00:07:27

In the thick of the fight, one of the Ming soldiers brings down one of the Yuan soldiers.

2 sec.

UK: 00:27:13
US: 00:28:39

The effects of Jin-Lib's second bow shot during the liberation of the princess and Yeo-sol are missing.

2 sec.

UK: 00:27:58
US: 00:29:27

Shortly after, Gna-nam makes another rider fall and then commands an attack on the horses.

3 sec.

UK: 01:19:34
US: 01:23:15

During the attack on the fortress, Jin-lib issues the firing order, followed by the first hits.

7 sec.

UK: 01:19:49
US: 01:23:38

Yeo-sol hurls his javelin down the railing and hits one of the attackers. Jin-lib continues shooting his bow and gets the next one.

4 sec.

UK: 01:39:32
US: 01:44:13

General Choi rides back to the fortress with the princess and Yeo-sol confronts the attacking Yuan soldiers. He runs towards them and makes one of the soldiers fall from his horse.

1.5 sec.

UK: 01:39:48
US: 01:44:31

The general removes the princess out of harm's way and returns to Yeo-sol. He rides towards the opponents and attacks them with his sword. One of the Yuan soldiers manages to thrust his javelin in front of Choi's horse and both fall.

4 sec.

UK: 01:57:58
US: 02:03:30

During the final fight, the part with Choi Jung making Rambulhua fall is missing.

5 sec.

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