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Prince of Persia


Censored Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Oct 21, 2013 - Author: kurisuteian - Translator: Mr Miau
Prince of Persia is a Jump'n'Run with action adventure elements by developer Brøderbund and was released in 1989 for the Apple II System. The game received good reviews and was ported to many systems (DOS, NES, Amiga and so on). The special elements of the game were the rotoscoped animations and the fencing fights against the palace guards.

During the absence of the sultan, the great wezir Jaffar reigns the land with an iron fist. However, there is a problem for Jaffar if he wants to keep power: the Sultan's pretty daughter is in love with an adventurer from a foreign country, so the wezir orders him to be incarcerated. Jaffar gives the princess two hours to concede to marrying him – or die instead. Imprisoned in the palace tower, the princess hopes to be rescued by her adventurer, but it is a long way from the deepest cellars...

The Super Nintendo Version
Prince of Persia was ported to many systems, but the version for the SNES was extended. Not only were the graphics improved significantly, the the amount of levels and their size was increased as well. Instead of one hour for twelve levels, the player now has two hours to beat 20 levels. 'Super' Prince of Persia can be seen as a very good port, both technically and in respect to the gameplay. It was programmed by Arys Software (known, among others, for the first Gran Turismo) and published by Masaya (Japan) and Konami (western versions). The Konami versions were altered a bit, but these changes do not have any negative impact on the game.

Title Screen of the Western Version:Title Screen of the Japanese Version:

Comparison between the censored western Super Nintendo Version and the uncensored Japanese Super Famicom Version.
Both versions show the young prince being dragged away by the guards, but only the Japanese version features the guards beating him and dragging him into the cell where the game starts.

Pictures only from the Super Famicom Version:

Training 5 and Level 19: Pentagrams on Doors

Several pentagrams on doors were replaced by decorational patterns.

Super Nintendo Version:Super Famicom Version:

Level 19: Throne Room

At the end of the 19th level, all of the previous bosses have to be fought against again. The big pentagram on the wall was removed, however, the demon head above is still included in the censored version.

Super Nintendo Version:Super Famicom Version:

Level 20: Final Fight

The huge pentagram on the floor of the room in which the player fights again Jaffar was removed as well.

Super Nintendo Version:Super Famicom Version:

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