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  • Old BBFC 15 VHS
  • German DVD
Release: Aug 05, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut BBFC-15 VHS released by Guild Home Video and the uncut German DVD released by Kinowelt.

Overall there are 12 differences with a runtime of 26 seconds.

The old British Theatrical Version had to miss out on 2 scenes with a runtime of 8 seconds in ordeer to receive a BBFC-15 rating. The scenes show Sarah Connor beating down the carer with the broken broom stick a little longer, and how she later hits Dr. Silberman in the back of his knees with a bat. The two cuts were later also necessary for the release of Guild Home Video's and Front Video's BBFC-15 VHS, both based on the Theatrical Version. In addition to those two cuts, additional scenes with a runtime of 18 seconds had to be cut out, as you can see in the following report. The BBFC-15 VHS released by Polygram (T-1000-Edition) contains the same cuts, but unlike the other tapes was not based on the Theatrical Version. Instead they used the longer Special Edition as a basis. From 2000 onwards, the movie was released on VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray. The rating stayed the same, but the movie was finally released in its uncut version.
8 min
When the rocker burns his hand on the hotplate and screams, the scene runs a little longer in the uncut version.
2 sec

8 min
The Terminator rams the attacking rocker a knife in the shoulder. In the UK Version you don't see the knife entering the shoulder.
1 sec

45 min
Sarah puts two hair clips in the doorlock.
8 sec

46 min
When the police officer gets stabbed in the eye by the T-1000 and we see a front shot of this, the twitching of the police officer was slowed down.
No difference in time.

47 min
The carer touches his broken nose. Sarah subsequently hits him three times with a broken broom stick. The last hit happens off-screen.
6 sec

49 min
After Sarah broke Fr. Silberman's hand the BBFC-15 version doesn't show how she hits him in the back of the knees with a bat.
1.5 sec

50 min
The Terminator shoots twice in the guard's knee- The first hit was cut out of the BBFC-15 version, while the second one was included.
0.5 sec

53 min
The carer smashes with his head against the wall, after the Terminator pushed him forwards.
1.5 sec

56 min
When the police officer smashes with his head against a pole of the underground garage, the BBFC-15 version is slightly shorter.
0.5 sec

99 min
A SWAT officer gets shot in the knee.
0.5 sec

99 min
Another SWAT officer gehts shot in the knee and falls to the ground while screaming in pain.
2 sec

99 min
Another shot in the knee was cut out.
2.5 sec

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