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Playstation Version
Rating: USK 12
Region: Europa

PC Version
Rating: USK 12
Region: Deutschland

Release: Mar 03, 2013 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: -Der-Tribun
Descent, which came out in the year 1994, was something completely new in the 3d shooter genre. Instead of just walking around, it was possible to fly around freely. That on one hand opened up new ways of playing, but on the other hand also disoriented many people.

In the game the space mining corporation PTMC is in deep trouble. Their mining robots are running amok and have taken over their solar sstem mines. Only way to clear the mines is to send someone in to damage the reactor system so that the following explosion destroys all conamination. As the "Material Defender" it is your job to go into the mines with your Pyro glider and clear them out. MD doesn't know PTMC has other plans as well...

The game was originally released for the PC and was ported to the Playstation in 1996. The game stayed the same, but there were some other improvements. Music was now CD quality, intro and outro were movie cutscenes now and the robot- and planet briefings now had voiceovers. Sadly, there are cuts in the intro where there is no technical excuse for them

Compared are the PC-Version with the Playstation-Version

The briefing originally consisted of stills with music and text. On the playstation it became a fully fledged CGI-movie, complete with the voices of Material Defender and Dravis from Descent 2. Here a comparison how different that looks on two scenes.

Missing Parts in the Briefing, Part One

In the first part of the briefing, some parts are missing on the Playstation.

Dravis tells the MD that they are giving him a Pyro-GX and MD thinks that he is not someone to worship his hardware, although he finds the Pyro impressive. He lists somedetails and then thinks sarcastically if he's supposed to remember the serial numbers.

A little later, Dravis explains to MD, that additional weapons have been smuggled into the mines, but warns that a possible counterattack of the robots could be fatal. MD thinks that he at least got some help, since he hadn't expected any at all.

The following explanation about the reactor got shortened. On the PC, Dravis also explains that normally they could blow the reactor from orbit, but all signals are blocked. He also adds on the PC, that "system-wide" means complete vaporization.

Missing Robot-Briefing

Dravis now goes on, that information on the enemy is still sketchy, leading to MD making a sarcastic thought. That's missing on the Playstation.

The introduction of the robots got massively cut. On the PC, Dravis give detailled information to all known robots, while on the Playstation there are just some background pictures. There is now excuse or technical reason, since the voice files for the briefing are on the disk and later obots do have a briefing. It's not even shown before the start of level 1.

Below a comparison, but only two of the six of the robots from the PC-briefing are shown.

Missing Parts in the Briefing, Part Two

The second half of the tro was cut down severely. Most of it is missing.

Dravis continues that they will constantly update their database during the mission. He warns new robots are being developed but that MD will see soon enough. MD wonders, how PTMC can be this encouraging. Dravis reminds MD of his performance at striking down the "Humans First" strike, but MD is not impressed. While he admits that he has killed people, he is no idiot and would love to hit Dravis for this.

Dravis reminds MD that he gets triple the normal pay, which makes MD mistrustful at how serious things must actually be. Dravis then warns that fame alone won't help him and give more mssion details. Material Defende notices that there was no mention of reinforcements and wonders who got sent first before calling him.

Now Dravis explains about experimental weapons which had been tested in the mines. Material Defender by now thinks cynically, the Dravis is only doing all this to save his salary.

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