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Uncut US DVD

How To Seduce A Virgin

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There Is No Sexual Rapport

Patrick Still Lives

original title: Patrick vive ancora


  • US DVD (General Release)
  • German VHS
Release: Apr 22, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US DVD by Shriek Show (Unrated) and the uncut German VHS by Astro.

There's missing:
1 minute and 10 seconds = 11 scenes.
1 alternative scene = 2 seconds.

The slightly better sequel of the original film "Patrick" was released in two versions in the USA. Apart from the uncut DVD by Shriek Show there exists a cut DVD by the same label too. This version has a "General-Release-Edition" remark on the cover, while on the cover of the uncut version it says "Uncut-Release". There are no cuts due to violence in the cut version. But all scenes/shots with explicit material of genital areas or masturbation were removed.
60 min.
The iron bar comes closer to Stella's genital area.
3 sec.

61 min.
Same thing again. In the cut version there's shown a shot of the iron bar instead.
R-Rated: +2 sec.
Unrated: 4 sec.


61 min.
The iron bar pierces bloodily into her vagina.
2 sec.

61 min.
Further close-ups/wide shots of the iron bar piercing in and also some cuts on Stella screaming.
10 sec.

66 min.
The naked woman is shown longer standing at Patrick's bed.
7 sec.

66 min.
The woman starts pleasuring herself by rubbing her vagina against the bed frame.
10 sec.

67 min.
As she lies on the couch she starts masturbating.
8 sec.

67 min.
The shot on her genital area was cut.
4 sec.

67 min.
Another part of her masturbation is missing.
8 sec.

67 min.
And again. After that she turns over to ly on her belly.
6 sec.

70 min.
The naked comatose persons toss and turn in the bed.
8 sec.

70 min.
Another shot of that is missing.
4 sec.

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