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Uncensored Volume 11 (NTSC / Region 1)

Stendhal Syndrome


Kong: Skull Island

The Lost City of Z

Family Guy

10.17 Forget-Me-Not


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 10, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD Set "Volume 11".

5 differences (among them 2x censored audio track, 1x alternate footage)
Length difference: 34.5 sec

The numbers are still confusing but at least one DVD set now contains an entire season instead of episodes from two seasons, as it used to be the case with previous DVD releases. As a result, "Volume 11" (US) / "Season 12" (UK) contains all the episode of Season 10. Compared to the TV Versions, the DVD Versions are uncensored and uncut.

Episode 17 ("Forget-Me-Not") contains more than 30 seconds of new footage, none of which is really worth pointing out. At least, the scene with the sexual reference with Brian and Peter in the car could be considered censored. But then again, it's not that harsh - compared to other gags - so it might as well just have been removed fpr briadcast in order to reach the usual length.

Before they fall off the roof in the background, Peter says: "I need to go find a screwdriver and some lighter-fluid."
Brian: "What?"
Peter: "Come on!"

3.1 sec


The TV Version only contains a little scene of our heroes in the car.

So does the DVD Version but Brian immediately starts complaining: "You know, how dare they question our friendship? We're friends, right, Peter?"
Peter: "'Course we are, Brian. Friends with benefits."
He presses Brian's head in his nether rehions and says with a smile: "Just kiddin', buddy. Wow. You really got into it, you weirdo."

DVD Version 8.5 sec longer

Censored Audio Track

Joe's comment is more direct.

TV Version: "Yeah, I got hit so hard, it knocked my pee into a bag."
DVD Version: "Yeah, I got hit so hard, it knocked my piss into a bag."

Screenshot for the sake of orientation


The guy have another beer while trying to talk about the old times. Due to a lack of experience without successful. There'a also a poop joke at the end.

Joe: "Well, while we're all here, we might as well grab some beers."
They sit, Peter says: "So, what do you guys wanna talk about?"
Joe: "I don't know. Maybe we could relive old times."
Peter: "Hey, remember back at the hospital?"
Quagmire: "Yeah, that was cool."
Brian: "I remember that."
Joe: "Classic."
Peter: "Hey guys. I have another one of those things comin' out of my ass."

22.9 sec

Censored Audio Track

Quagmire uncensored: "Shut the fuck up."

Screenshot for the sake of orientation

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