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The Rowdy Girls


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Release: Apr 29, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Jam3s - external link: IMDB
Comparing the R-Rated DVD and the uncut and unrated DVD both released by Troma shows 14 differences with a duration of 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

12 cuts = 1 minute and 58 seconds
1 different scene = 32 seconds
1 re-cut = +25 seconds

The movie is a rather boring mix of western, sex and trash. The only bright spots are the two bonny actresses Julie Strain and Shannon Tweed. For receiving Rated R various nude and sex scenes had to be removed. Besides this version of The Rowdy Girls also a completely uncut and unrated edition was released both on VHS and DVD.
5 min
Mick turns around to Joe. Her bare chest can be seen.

5 min
Mick grabs a bottle of whiskey and puts it to her mouth.

5 min
Now she lets the liquid run over her breasts. Cut to Joe.

5 min
The Whiskey keeps running over her breasts.

5 min
Nude scene with Mick.

6 min
Mick keeps pouring whiskey over her breasts while Billy licks it from her body.

6 min
A huge part of the sex scene with Billy and Mick is missing.

6 min
Again a part of the sex scene is missing.

6 min
Mick's breasts can be seen.

6 min
The sex continues on the floor and also finishes there.

68 min
The love scene between Velvet and Joe is longer. You can see her breasts.

68 min
Another part of the love scene is missing. The Rated R version shows a different shot.
R-Rated: +2s
Unrated: 34s


69 min
In the Rated R version some missing sequences were included.

69 min
Joe kisses Velvet's breast. The beginning of the next scene where Velvet leans back is also missing.

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