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Secret of Monkey Island, The


Special Edition
Region: Worldwide

Original Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Aug 24, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Mr Miau
In 1990, "The Secret of Monkey Island" became a video game classic. Because this game series never lost its charm, a graphically enhanced reissue was released in 2009. This way, the game was made available to a new generation of gamers. A calming feature of for retro fans: a button switches between old and new graphics any time you want. The characters can now also be heard talking (no matter which graphics you are using). Unfortunately, a tiny alteration had to be made, but it certainly does not remove anything substantial from the game.
Copyright Censoring - Missing Allusion
The Original Version features - as other LucasFilm Games - some allusions to other titles. On the island in chapter 5, there is a big monkey rock (cave), in front of which several sculptures can be seen. Among others, the characters "Sam & Max" are clearly there. Sam carries his little friend on his shoulders. LucasArts does not own the rights for Sam & Max anymore, therefore the statue was replaced with one tentacle statuette alluding to the Maniac Mansion series. The rights concerning Sam & Max are back with their creator Steve Purcell.

Original Version 1990 mit Sam&Max:Special Edition 2009 mit Tentakel:

Graphic Comparison "Original" VS "Special Edition 2009"
This is a small selection of the same screens in the two versions that are supposed to display the improvements made to the graphics.
Example 1: Title Screen

Original Version 1990:Special Edition 2009:

Example 2: Melee Island Street Salesman

Original Version 1990:Special Edition 2009:

Example 3: Ghost Pirates

Original Version 1990:Special Edition 2009:

Example 4: Cannibal Camp

Original Version 1990:Special Edition 2009:

Example 5: Guybrush and his Crew

Original Version 1990:Special Edition 2009:

Example 6: Guybrush and Elaine

Original Version 1990:Special Edition 2009:

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