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original title: Yatgo ho yan


  • International Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 20, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
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Altered Soundtrack
19:14 / 21:32

The driver's (who almost ran over Diana) unintelligible mumbling in the international version was replaced by a clearly understandable "Hey, watch out!"

19:26 / 21:34-21:39

Another slow motion shot of Diana walking.

Maybe this "nudity" was too critical for a PG-13? Since there are a few more shots surrounding this one that are smilar, we do not consider this censorship.

5 sec

Note: The folowing dinner-scene was entirely cut out of the Hongkong Theatrical Version and in the international version is almost complete. However, the Japanese version goes on a little longer.

Altered Soundtrack
19:55 / 22:08

During the meal, only the international version includes the off-screen comment: "Wow, this looks great."

20:17 / 22:30-22:48

The family has a longer discussion at the table. They talk about whether or not food is more important than love. Baggio is critical and says that his son Romeo had not lost his wife had he become a chef instead of a police officer. Lakeisha shortly comments on this.

18.5 sec

20:32 / 23:04-23:05

The shot of the father was extended a little longer.

0,6 sec

20:48 / 23:21-23:32

Romeo (critical): "Well, that's too bad you and Jackie's dad didn't bother asking him."
Baggio: "It is too bad my own son doesn't listen to me the way Jackie does."

11.1 sec

20:52 / 23:36-23:48

We see the kids again. The camera zooms in to Sonny who asks: "Dad, can I be anything I want to when I grow up?"
His father responds: "We'll talk about that when you get older."

11.9 sec

21:10 / 24:06-24:08

When being asked if she could drive Jackie to the airport, Lakeisha rolls her eyes.
Jackie: "Ah, come on!"

2.2 sec

21:12 / 24:10-24:12

After she finally agrees, Lakeisha says: "Have I ever turned you down?"
Jackie: "Thank you."

2.5 sec

21:36 / 24:36-24:44

Grank gets up from behind the window earlier and swears: "Son of a bitch. Son of a bitch! Oh, I'm gonna kill that bastard."

7.4 sec

Altered Soundtrack
21:38 / 24:46

After moving out of the frame, only the international version includes him saying from off-screen: "Giancarlo, you're a dead man."

21:42 / 24:50-24:52

The guy searches around a little longer during a half-long shot and swears while doing so.

1.9 sec

22:04 / 25:14-25:22

Sandy: "I want him dead, we all want him dead. But we gotta find a way to get to him. Then we wait for the right moment and then we kill the bastard."

8.4 sec

22:19 / 25:37-25:41

When being asked if he loves the girl, Jackie replies: "Of course."
Lakeisha: "How do you feel about me?"

4 sec

22:20 / 25:42-25:59

Jackie is shown longer. He replies to the above-mentioned question with "I like you."
Lakeisha: "We've been together a long time. How come you've never asked me out on a date?"
Jackie: "We work together, we eat together. That's enough. What's wrong with you?"
Lakeisha: "You know what's wrong..."
Jackie (confused): "I do?"

16.9 sec

22:46 / 26:25-26:26

Lakeisha is shown a little earlier after they left.

1 sec

24:07 / 27:48

Before Jackie's friend Miki volunteers, the shot is slightly longer.

0.5 sec

When the two bad guys enter the audience one by one, several shots are < 0.5 seconds longer each.

25:46 / 29:29-29:34

Lakeisha asks Baggio: "What shall we do?"
Baggio: "Call an ambulance."

4.8 sec

25:51 / 29:39

The demon-members are shown slightly longer.

4.8 sec

25:54 / 29:42-29:44

Sandy is shown earlier.

1.8 sec

26:22 / 30:12-30:15

A tracking shot through the audience begins earlier.

2.6 sec

26:30 / 30:23-30:24

Jackie rushes to the door longer.

1.4 sec

26:40 / 30:35-30:40

The followers rush down the escalator and Jackie comes down the stairs a little earlier.

5.4 sec

26:54 / 30:55

When Jackie walks to the next escalator, a shot begins slightly earlier.

0.8 sec

27:04 / 31:05-31:06

The escalator with the followers is shown a little longer after Jackie left the screen.

1 sec

27:27 / 31:29-31:31

A few more unnecessary frames during the beginning of a shot.

1.4 sec

28:10 / 32:14-32:15

Jackie and Miki are walking through the pedestrian area a little longer.

0.5 sec

28:19 / 32:24-32:25

The bad guys walk a little longer.

0.5 sec

28:29 / 32:34-32:38

An additional shot of the bad guys driving off.

3.8 sec

28:29 / 32:39-32:40

When Jackie looks behind, the camera actually moves wards the bad guys. The international version lacks the tracking shot.

1.2 sec

28:32 / 32:43

A random cut.

0.5 sec

28:35 / 32:46-32:47

Before Miki turns around, we see the bad guys walking.

1.3 sec

28:39 / 32:51-32:52

Another cut when the bad guys hang on.

1 sec

28:49 / 33:02-33:03

Ditto when Jackie is almost pulled out by his leg.

0.6 sec

28:52 / 33:06-33:08

Jackie grimaces a little longer after someone stepped on his hand. Then we see him from behind.

2.2 sec

28:58 / 33:14-33:15

Before we see Miki, the camera actually pulls upwards from a bad guy arriving.

1.6 sec

29:03 / 33:21-33:36

Miki does not immediately fall onto the horses. At first, one of the bad guys hits her by accident. She falls onto the carriage's roof. She screams for help and Jackie beats up two attackers and throws them from the carriage.

15.1 sec

29:08 / 33:41-33:43

Jackie gets hit in the back and on the floor gets ready to open up the roof with a kick (which is shown in the next shot that is also included in the international version).

2.2 sec

Alternative Scene / Re-Cut / Censorship
29:15-29:17 / 33:50-34:01

Interesting choice: After Jackie's kick, only the international version shows the fall into the fruit store from a longer scene again. As a result, it looks like THIS was the enemy.

In the original version his actual victim is slammed onto a table in slow motion. He dodges off of it and then hits a pedestrian. After that we see Miki dingling inbetween the horses.

Original Version 9.3 sec longer

Alternative Scene / Re-Cut / Censorship
29:25-29:27 / 34:09-34:19

Now the international version shows the short shot of Miki.

In the original version the horses instead are walking towards a tram. In the last possible moment, they dodge it. It is not clear whether this was taken out to trim the movie or because it might have looked too dangerous.

Original Version 8.8 sec longer

29:29 / 34:21-34:24

The horses trample on through the pedestrian area.

2.7 sec

29:32 / 34:27-34:31

Jackie dodges a sign but the bad guys are not as quick.
This was possibly taken out to shorten the movie, yet might also be censorship.

3.6 sec

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