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Game Over


Censored Version
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Region: Spain

Release: Sep 18, 2011 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Tony Montana
Game Over is a pretty middling jump'n run released by the Spanish programer team Dinamic in 1987. The biggest problem is: the hero seems to have bad feet because he walks with a speed which is just pathetic. A further problem is jumping with the character. It's a mixture of misbehavior and fortune. So what makes this middling different from others?

Maybe the censoring. The Original Versions of the game were produced in Spain. Unfortunately, one came up with the idea to move the distribution for the remaining European countries to a company called Imagine in the UK. Big freaking mistake. As you should know, some censoring in the UK is (let's call it) odd for the people in other countries (and also for the people in the UK?). And so it did happen.

Compared are the C64 Version from the UK (which represents any European Version except for Spain) and the Spanish C64 Version.
Censored Cover

The people from Imagine were pretty bugged by the image on the packaging: Arko's female buddy reveals pretty much of her body, nipple shot included. That's why a screenshot from the actual game was superimposed on it. Very bizarre.
Spanish VersionUK Version

New Cover Picture

The cover picture of the actual game equals the one on the packaging (it slowly scolls upwards) which is why it also was a thorne in the eyes of the people at Imagine. But in comparison to the packaging, Imagine did the job properly by using an entirely new cover (which is static). The new cover looks much worse than the original. Anything looks kind of narrowed and the colors are paler as well.
Spanish VersionUK Version

Altered Ads

And that wasn't even the whole nine yards. The ad for the game was altered, too. Looks like there were some restrictions that needed to be complied. I don't know the details but doing the same they'd done with the cover was impossible (cover and ad had the same motive). End of story: the boobs were altered and two metal plates were added.

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