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Can't Hold Us Down

artist: Christina Aguilera


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Oct 02, 2012 - Author: KoRn - Translator: Roughale
Comparison was performed between the slightly cut version shown on MTV and the uncut version.
Two scenes were blurred to hide Christina's insinuating behaviour. Almost not enough to mention.
Alternative material:
Time code: 03.01

Christina moves her hand back and forth on a garden hose.
no time difference

censored version:
uncensored version:

Alternative material:
Time code: 03.46

Christina has put the hose between her legs and now moves her hips back and forth.
no time difference

censored version:
uncensored version:

New material:
time code: 04.06

An additional shot of an older woman.
2 sec.

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