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Release: Apr 08, 2017 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB

This is a comparison between the R-Rated US-Blu-ray and the Unrated DVD.

A pretty young Mark "NCIS" Harmon, a much younger Meg Ryan in a minor role and an at this time already pretty old Sean Connery are unable to make more than a mediocre movie out of an actually pretty solid military crime film. At first, the movie does pretty well, yet gets too distracted with sideplots only to climax with an exciting, yet too short action finale. It's a movie for a rainy sunday afternoon.

"The Presidio" became one of those prime examples of censorship, which you could sum up with the proverb "things always seem to happen when you least expect them". Originally, this report was supposed to compare a German TV broadcast with what seemed to be an uncut broadcast - which in the end turned out to be cut as well. As a result, we took a closer look at several broadcasts - one of them from American television - and the latest US-Blu-ray. It turned out that by now, there exist two official R-Rated Versions of the movie!

On the one hand, there is the R-Rated VHS we already used for a comparison, on the other hand there are all TV-broadcasts and the US-Blu-Ray, which - besides all the alternative footage from the R-Rated VHS - also misses out on the entire second sex scene between Jay and Donna.

Overall, there are two differences with a runtime of 112 seconds (= 01:52 min.)

Runtimes were taken from the German Unrated DVD.

31:01 min.
Here, both versions are different during the sex scene between Jay and Donna. A more exact comparison of this cut can be read in the report from the link above.
46.60 sec. Unrated longer

01:12:21 min.
On the US-Blu-ray, there is a hard cut to the next scene, while the Unrated Version fades over to a second sex scene between Jay and Donna.
65.40 sec.

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